Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ron Paul Must Submit Articles of Impeachment Now Before Obama Disolves Congress with an Executive Order.

We cannot afford Obama to occupy the oval office one more day. This is not about playing politics in an election year. This is about the survival of our republic and the safety and security of the people of these United States. The President that is in office is the most corrupt and despotic leader we ever had. I thought Bush, Nixon and Clinton was bad. This man and his administration are over the top and brazen. This President will have the audacity to cancel the elections if he knew there would be no second term for him.

 President Obama has overreached and abused his office. He is supposed to execute the laws of congress, not make his own laws if congress says no. He has just signed an executive order giving agencies the authority to seize national resources, people and infrastructure. He could sign an executive order next dissolving Congress and there will be no way to remove him from office or keep him in check. Now I call on Ron Paul as his duty as a sitting Congressman to submit articles of Impeachment. This President is out of control and needs to be stopped and removed from office. We may not have an election to remove him if congress sits on their hands and does nothing.

 This is not playing politics in an election year to take out the top dog. This is about preserving the integrity of what is left of our republic. I do think it would hurt Ron Paul's chances seeking the GOP nomination either way. He has nothing to lose making this bold move. I think it enhances it because it would force the other candidates to answer the questions. I believe this will energize Ron Paul's support base and expose Congress to do something now instead of acting like a potted plant. This President is moving fast to clamp down on the people. Ron Paul has no choice but to submit articles of impeachment as a way to stop this President from circumventing anymore of our institutions. Obama can sign an executive order next week to dissolve congress and rule by decree with executive orders.

 I call on Ron Paul to do this. He cannot politically make a calculated decision dealing with the safety and security of this nation. It is about duty under the Constitution he must do this. This is not about politics; it is about removing a domestic threat inside our government. The threat comes from the White House and not from Syria and Iran. He has a long list of reasons to impeach the President he can use. I believe this time the American people will be behind this move this time. Congress needs to save what little credibility it has left after they have failed the people to follow through.

The Tea party candidates elected to congress have been a severe disappointment. They have failed to stop Obama's abuse of power to make war and laws without going through congress. They have passed laws giving him more power and not keeping him check. They have put the American people in more danger and not less. They have put themselves in danger allowing this President to circumvent the laws and the Constitution. Now their very position in Congress is now in peril if this President is not stopped very soon.

This is not about winning an election, or scoring political points. It is not about making calculations. It is about duty under the Constitution that Ron Paul Submit article of impeachment now. This man is a threat to the world and the people of the United States. He has over reached and will not stop unless congress acts to keep his power in check. This is the time Ron Paul as a Congressman does his duty to submit articles of impeachment as the Constitution mandates him to do.

The leadership inside the Party may not want to deal with it. However, feeling the pressure from the people to remove this corrupt President from office before he ruins this nation is a matter of life and death. I like what Ronald Reagan said about congress when he passed his Tax cuts in a Democrat Congress" They may not see the light, but they sure will feel the heat." This congress has to realize that in both parties. Obama cannot be trusted to make deals with anyone. He will betray his own as much as the opposition. Impeachment is not an option, it Congress's duty like it or not. Ron Paul must submit Articles of Impeachment Now! It is not about election year politics. It is about Preserving the Constitution is the reason why Obama now has to be impeached now!


  1. He should have been impeached long ago.
    So should Bush Jr.
    Hell, what's the point.
    The coup d'etat happened when they murdered JFK, and every SOB since has been an accessory after the fact.
    This is just the frosting on the cake they started baking 50 years ago.
    We SHOULD have fought back after they killed Kennedy. But we didn't. And we let them take us apart little by little year after year, decade after decade.
    When the water swallows the Titanic up to the fantail, it's a little late to start talking about getting more life jackets aboard.

    Remember: a man who won't read is no better off than a man who's not allowed to read, whether he owns books or not.


  2. Wow! You took the words out of my mouth. I met Mark Lane back in '64 when he was lecturing in New York about the JFK farce. As the years progressed and I realized what was happening, I came to the conclusion that 11/22/63 was indeed a coup d'etat. What is sad is that after Lane's book "Rush to Judgment" came out in 1966, a poll showed that 75% of Americans believed there had been a conspiracy, but when THAT 75% was asked what to do about it, 75% of THEM answered, "It's history, let's move on." Well, we've moved on and look where we are today. People like me were called scavengers back in '64 for doubting the Warren Report; the chickens have come home to roost and we have no one to blame but ourselves.