Thursday, March 22, 2012

Michigan State Police Under Orders From FEMA Blocked Aid in Tornado Affected Areas. Instead, Allowed Illegal Aliens in Posing As Red Cross Workers

A report from Mark Koernke who is part of the leadership in the Michigan Militia was knocked off the air due to severe storms that passed through Dexter Michigan on March 15, 2012. Mark's property was hit by a tornado sustaining heavy damage from the twister. As a result, his radio show is now knocked off the air ever since, with his friends filling in until everything is back on line. What Mark reported on should tell us, never trust FEMA to coordinate any recovery efforts.

Mark has reported that the state police under orders from FEMA and Homeland security has been blocking local churches and aid from coming into the tornado ravaged area. The checkpoint has blocked the telephone and cable company from coming in to make necessary repairs. It seems like the Federal government makes things worse and not better when it comes to natural disasters.

It is has also been reported by Mark that truck loads of Mexicans who are most likely Illegal aliens posing as the Red Cross to help in the relief efforts did no such thing. These outsiders came in and went on private property, They picked all the scrap metal they can find off someones private land, loading up by the truck loads cashing in at the scrap yard. They loaded three trucks loads of scrap metal. The state Police did nothing, unless you are American. Then they will be blocked from helping.

We seen FEMA and how well they did in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans cutting Police communication lines, confiscating the guns. FEMA blocked water, food, medical supplies and ice from  coming into the affected areas. We seen where ever the FEMA comes in, they hinder relief efforts rather them expedite them. FEMA under Homeland security is not here to help us. They exist today to wage war against Americans and to make sure they cannot recover from a natural disaster.

Before FEMA came into existence. People took care of their own when a disaster stuck. When the people in the community took charge of the recovery efforts. Evey thing returns to normal much faster.When FEMA comes in, everything turns to crap. They cause more damage then the storm itself. There is a guy down our block from where I live with a blue tarp on his roof FEMA put there almost four years ago. The blue tarp is still there and FEMA has not sent the check yet. If he would have allowed the people of the community to come in and repair the damage to his roof. His life would be different. He would not have mold in his home and life would be back to normal for him. He trusted FEMA so much. He turned down offer of free help to come in to repair the roof and tear down the molded drywall . He chose to believe FEMA instead. Still he has a hole in the roof. That is our government at work.

Another lesson why we should tell FEMA to go to hell, We are far better without them. Do you agree?


  1. FEMA got their start as enforcers for the Bush41 drug smuggling cartel, back before the 1980s. Don't expect anything out of FEMA except deceit and criminality. They "found no radioactivity" at the WTC GROUND ZERO just after 9-11, while NUMEROUS labs were able to isolate isotopes present only directly after a fission reaction and were present where the WTCs I, II, and 7 stood. They also told the NYFD and the NYPD that air conditions were safe. I can not believe how stupid America is about FEMA. This article is a good one.
    We should guide FEMA to hell. The devil does not share his toys.

  2. I live in Dexter and this is bullshit. My teen age son and husband helped clear trees right down the road from Kornke's property. Neighbors bent over backwards to help each other. My daughter and her friends organized a can drive, collected donations and in conjunction with the National Honor Society they provided free child care for the community at the school gym. Insurance claim adjusters were there immediately. The local Red Cross and local Sherrif Department helped coordinate the effort, but the FEMA and Mexican report is fantasy. Sorry to hear about the damage Mark sustained, but maybe he needs to get off the compound every once in a while to see the truth.

  3. This is what happens when you use hearsay as evidence realman. Why don't you just give up clogging the blogs with your uneducated BS and let thinking people share their thoughts? You seem to have figured out spell check, that's good. That grammar checker has you confused though. Give up now before your computer bans you from the internet.

  4. Since I am from Michigan and lived in nearby Ann Arbor where I went to the University of Michigan for 13 years, I still have friends in Dexter. If the MSP were at all interested in serving/protecting Michigan citizens, they would have REFUSED to co-operate with DHS/FEMA. Unfortunately, our police are now so miltarized/federalized that they just blindly obey, without thinking of the consequences of their actions, or, in this case, inactions.
    I also lived in New Orleans briefly and went through the Katrina debacle. Fortunately, I was able to "tuff it out," so to speak, in a third floor of a concrete and block building on the quarter, without any "help" from Our Loving Government! The fact the I had to hide from the looting NOPD thugs and the gun-confiscating National Guard (which were not to be found in the devastated areas where I was but were in the "high and dry" areas, busily confiscating weaponry). I'm just glad I had a "bug out bag" and enough food to last for 2 weeks!
    I hope that Mark K. is doing well; I did write to him while he was incarcerated, but haven't heard much from him since.
    Brian Brown, Ph.D.