Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Sincere Message To Black Americans About Treyvon.

I will say this to black Americans before these self-appointed Black Leaders suck them in into the race baiting getting angry stirring the pot. I will ask many black Americans to take step back and look. Think for a minute about what you are being told to think and feel. I understand that the death of Treyvon Martin is not something I wish on anyone. If George Zimmerman is guilty, then he will pay the price. I will not deny that racism was a problem in our history. It is a scourge forever to be in the history books.

Why I say, take a step back and think. Ask yourself who stands to gain and who stands to lose? Who will benefit and who will get the shaft? I will be honest and straight forward, black Americans will not gain anything. The only things they will get are more anger and further being disenfranchised with the divide and conquer game. Let me ask you, with all these self-appointed black leaders for the last few decades who claim to speak for you. Has your situation improved? Are you better off now if you get what you want? Is a guilty verdict of Zimmerman worth it at what price?

I implore Black America to take a step back. Obama is not your friend. He wants you to riot and stir up unrest so he can declare martial law. He will use you to enslave the nation. You will be far worse off and it might be too late when you all realized you have been betrayed by President Obama who promised to pay your mortgage and car payments to be elected. Since then he has not delivered. Do not believe him when he blames the middle class because they will not pay their fair share as the excuse why he cannot keep his promises. In reality, that is an impossible promise to keep. It is sad so many people want to believe the lies and false hopes.

Think about the unintended consequences demanding justice for Treyvon Martin having George Zimmerman being found guilty in a court of law. Be careful what you ask for. The worst thing is to make a criminal trial a political circus. Politicizing this criminal case with pressure from Black America if there is not a guilty verdict of George Zimmerman is not good thing to ask for. There will be riots. That kind of intimidation derails the accused rights to due process. For Black Americans to attack his rights, they are attacking their right to due process just for the outcome they want. This is a very dangerous precedent that can act like a boomerang that will come back to haunt them.

 It is very easy to get emotional and use the word racism as a reason for every injustice in America. I plead with Black Americans. If you want your rights of due process to be secured in the future, you have to make sure George Zimmerman has his rights of due process under the law protected. Sometimes it is not good to get what you want for the sake of keeping the integrity of the criminal justice system intact and not compromise it for the sake of political reasons or expediency. The fact is Black America is being used for a hidden agenda that has nothing to do with seeking justice for Treyvon.

Justice for Treyvon will not solve the economic ills nor will it help pay the bills. It is being used to shield Obama's failures of the economy and the nation. It may be a tragic and unfortunate. Good men die everyday having bad things happen to them. Dr Martin Luther King said" A man should not be Judged by the color of his skin, but the content of his character". It think it is time Black Americans take a step back think before they jump into a frenzy that helps no one. In the end, there are no winners and everyone loses if Treyvon gets justice or not.


  1. I have not seen or heard any solid evidence this was a so called "race crime", so exactly what is this about? the fact that this treyvon kid is black and younger than George doesn't make this a "race crime". his age or color has nothing to do with it. people who don't believe 17 year olds commit crime and kill are completely missinformed. I don't get this other than it being used as a distraction from real issues. right now at this very second many people world wide are being killed. lets talk about something important.

  2. Being black myself, I have to say that this whole Treyvon shooting incident has been blown all out of proportion for nothing more than political gains. If Zimmerman is truly guilty of wrong doing, even if a court finds him 'innocent', know that karma is NEVER fooled and what is in store for Mr. Zimmerman, he will get.

    The politics behind this shooting's publicity is so astoundingly blatant that I have to believe that Obama is raising on a busted flush here; otherwise, I might lose faith in my fellow black folk.

    We haven't heard a peep from the MSM regarding the Iraqi woman that was beaten to death in an obvious hate crime where the perps left a note stating "go back to your own country". Any national outcry over the Iranian woman that was shot in the head while pulling into her driveway a few months ago? How about the 7yr old girl that was shot in the head by Detroit police because they raided the wrong house?...etc etc

    I could go on and on but my point is that Obama is desperate. The government is desperate. The whole damn establishment is desperate and they would love nothing more than to derail all the progress that has been made in national awareness of their criminal actions by getting people caught up in a good ol'fashion race war.

    A word of warning, if this Treyvon shooting doesn't get the traction Obama and his master are hoping it will, know that there will probably be more incidents like it (even if they have to manufacture them). This cabal of criminals are relentless and they WILL keep returning to the same disgusting 'water well' as long as they believe there is still water to be had. It's up to us to prove to these dinosaurs that the well is dried up, and the best way to do that is by letting them all DIE OF THIRST.

  3. You speak as though racism is a thing of the past, that it is either extinct or a very rare occurrence. Maybe that's why you can look past the obvious and ignore the facts.

    Any objective, unbiased rational person would question the cold blooded murder of this child and the lack of accountability for the crime. If a Black man chased an innocent white child walking home and he was not arrested, there would be protests too. The only difference would be, that you wouldn't be writing to complain about it.

    You can't chase innocent children down with a gun and shoot them because they look different from you regardless of color.