Friday, March 16, 2012

Holding Fast to Integrety in a World Gone to Mad.

In these years of economic uncertainty not knowing when the dollar is no more. We see people have lost their jobs and homes. If a man cannot find a job, so he creates his own job only to find out he needs a special permit from the state to do business. It is against the law to feed our own homeless and poor unless we have the health inspector comes in to see if the kitchen is safe. It seems what is good and right is bad and what is bad is good. I see this insanity even in the work place. I seen hard working people get the shaft and the lazy derelicts get employee of the month with a cash bonus. I have to say to myself, "what is the use being honest or working hard when the duds get all the breaks doing nothing?" It is frustrating this world is turning upside down.

I seen good people have their reputations ruined by false allegations. They are raked over the coals while they never check the credibility of the accuser making the accusations who has much to hide We become good Samaritans trying to help people in distress only to be slapped for a lawsuit being sued. This victim mentality of creating victims out of nothing is tearing our society apart. It just seems lying and deceit pays and being good trying to be honest in all things is now a liability. So what do we do to stay sane in a world gone mad? Can we keep a clear conscience and our integrity intact in a world of dishonesty?

We see trickle down corruption since the banks and government cheats people and gets away with it. Then it must be ok to defraud people because the government and corporations do it. People are embracing the corruption thinking it OK to do it because the people at the top are doing it. So it must be OK. They lie, steal and cheat their clients. So it must be alright if the goverment is doing it. This is now becoming the norm in society.

I see people being on edge and apprehensive. I see people taking their frustrations out on the store clerk. I see adults get into fistfights at youth sporting events and even at Chunky Cheese Pizza. I have seen adults bully the staff at business establishments for a free dinner. I have seen first hand people putting roaches in the food to pull off such a swindle… Management is too scared to make them mad saying it is bad for business. How sad we have become. People are becoming brazen doing desperate things just to survive even if they steal from someone else.

I read about people stealing gas and breaking into homes at a staggering pace. I read about them drilling holes into gas tanks now since most gas tanks have a goose neck to prevent siphoning gas with a garden hose. I see drive offs at the gas pumps. Now city councils passed resolutions and sheriffs sent out directives telling Gas Stations, they will no longer go after or investigate drive offs because it is a preventable crime. Things are coming apart at the seams. It is sad many people have given themselves over to crime as a way of surviving when there are opportunities to provide for themselves without doing wrong to others if they look around.

I cannot blame the economy for the moral decay. I blame the moral decay for the economic decline. During the Great Depression, a good strong Christian ethic held society together in hard times. Therefore, we cannot blame the economy for the crime and the break down in society. Poor morals have contributed to our economic decline. The dependency of the Welfare State and Entitlements has been major contributors facilitating the immorality. We kept sending the same corrupt people back into office or failed to hold those in office accountable. We looked the other way too long because we failed to put morality before our wallets.

For those of us who know better. Those who know what is right and what is wrong. We have no excuse to allow this to go on any further. We have to start saying this is unacceptable when people act in the wrong way and do immoral things to other people like stealing. We have to call it out no matter how difficult it maybe. It is time good people stop sitting on the sidelines being silent. We have to act and start reversing an immoral society we live in before it turns into a living hell.

 We can still provide for ourselves, for our families while still keeping our integrity, dignity and self-respect intact. We can still help our fellow man as long we use discretion. If we pray and ask for guidance from our Creator being thankful for the blessings he gives us. If we do that, we will live a life with a clear conscience in a world gone mad.

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  1. Integrity does not include losing your home to bankers and waiting for Jesus or superman.The world has not gone mad. Look at all the domestic groups loyal to England and the Vatican and how they have been backstabbing Americans by the looting of Wall street and selling heroine and cocaine to kids. Time to clean house. Simple if you bother to take a good look.If you are too lazy to do this, you can always get a job with the DHS murdering civilians with some of those 450 million rounds of .40 ammunition they just bought.
    Don't ask the average person to believe this. They will never. British royalty is NOT genius. They just lie alot and sneak and murder whenever it is expedient.