Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forget Kony! Who is Speaking Up For America's Invisible Children?

America is a generous nation; we care about our fellow human beings around the world. We give money thinking we are doing a good thing really helping people in need. When it comes out after the fact, we have been scammed. We are suckers when our heartstrings are tugged on so we can reach into our wallets and give. Now we are seeing those stop Kony bracelets to help the invisible children he uses as his personal Army. I believe it is a made up story to begin with. The truth is Kony is the problem of Uganda and not an American problem. If Kony is illegally foreclosing on homes here, he does not hold the deed nor has any legal right to the home. If he is stealing our pension funds and selling derivatives that are worthless. Then he is our problem. Until he does something like that. Let Uganda deal with Kony, if still exists.

The news media talking about Kony’s invisible children being used in his private army. What about America’s invisible children; who are victims of the money junkies and government corruption here on our own soil?

What about the children living in tent cities nationwide because the parents lost their jobs because they have been moved to China or the money dried up? They cannot pay for rent or a mortgage. These children are in church missions and homeless shelters. The parents can barely feed them I do not see the media going out and finding these invisible children in America in tent cities.

What about the children in the state funded foster care system? They do not talk about children are more likely to be abused under the state care then in their own homes. I seen first hand of foster children being abused, molested, neglected, malnourished and even killed. No one is arrested or is fired working for CPS. The Foster parent is not arrested. The media in collusion with the government keeps this very quiet because heads would roll. The media always puts CPS is a favorable light knowing there is so much cover ups that would be a scandal in itself. These Foster homes, not all of them who do have loving homes. Children been locked in cages and closets. They have been chained to the floor like animals living in deplorable conditions. Not many are speaking up for these forgotten children who are invisible also.

 These Drug companies to test Psychotropic medications and untested vaccines have been used on these children under the custody of the state. Many children have died under very suspicious circumstances being guinea pigs for these experiments. That is ignored also. When it is reported, it sounds good with the media spin put on it. If the child does survive. Chances are they will not have a normal life as an adult.

What about the child trafficking and pedophile rings operating with impunity right here? The child traffickers  even auctioned off children by satellite up-links to the highest bidders around the world. These rings are run by the ruling class and are politically well connected. The CIA and the UN are involved in child trafficking. In Houston minors, under the age of 18 under duress work for pimps in Prostitution rings against their will. These children live a horrific life and very little is done to expose this atrocity.

To those young teenagers still promoting Kony, We have plenty of invisible children here that can sure use your energy, attention and time to bring notice to. If these young teens put as much energy exposing the invisible children here, just as much as they did for over the fictional story or not of Kony. We can have much change needed to put this nation back on track. I will not apologize for saying you all been duped if you believe the story.We have enough enough invisible children here that can sure use you attention if you want to do some good.Charity starts at home, not in Uganda.

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  1. I learned about Kony a few years ago. That was a few years after I learned how dead stone silent Americans will be when it comes to the fact that they eat their young.

    That was to try to loosen people up to just imagine thinking about imagining it. It INSTANTLY got 4 dozen replies from people who just couldn't get a dead-eared American public to listen to a word they said. I found the same just taking the subject to a coffee shop to speak on, off the cuff.

    You're right about the foster care and CPS pimping services. You forgot the Army, tho'. Lady finds her Colonel husband's computer all pics of foster "daughters" fucking his "clients." He blames her, says she "planted" them in a divorce proceeding, the local FBI liked the story, so if you're a discriminating well to do pedophile, just ask around Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

    I'll be surprised if you get more comments than just this one. I'm sure that if the Pedo Profile Poster Boy Rush Limbaugh is looking in, he wouldn't.