Friday, March 30, 2012

The Real America's Most Wanted List of Financial Terrorist.

America is being robbed right now; the people involved have no regard or any pity of the people who are affected the most. They do not care about who they hurt and put out on the streets. They are responsible for mass genocides and famines. They have orchestrated misery and poverty. It shows if John Walsh really cared about going after the scum of the earth who really harm children. He would have been going after these oligarchs because they are the biggest pedophiles of them all. He would be watching who is at Bohemian grove. I am not saying do not go after the low-level criminals. There are criminals in all levels of the social ladder.

Just because these people wear nice office suits and look respectable. Do not let looks fool you. They started wars for conquest, wrecked economies, destroyed societies and plundered a nation's natural resources by fraud. They manipulate the markets and the value of the currencies. They rig the game regardless if the times are prosperous or hard times, they always come out on top unscathed. They control and buy off our politicians. They control governments and enslave people through deception and fraud.

It is time these people be arrested and be held accountable for their actions. I have made a list that John Walsh's America's Most Wanted never will go after, who are the biggest child sex offenders of all. Somehow, they always escape justice no matter what crime they commit. They really do get away with murder. I am going to name names of who needs to be brought to justice so the world and free humanity will get a reprieve from the yoke of the murderers and robber barons.

Maurice Strong- Billionaire and phony environmentalist.
 Been involved undermining our industrial base
Been found to have committed fraud has outstanding warrants around the world

David Rockefeller. Robber Baron.
Responsible of murders and eugenic. Numerous crimes against humanity.
Admits committing treason against the United States.

George Soros. Fraud and Manipulation of the markets. Has numerous warrant for his arrest in many countries for his dirty tricks and deceit.

Warren Buffet. Fraud and Manipulation Racketeering.

The House of Rothschild  Fraud and enemy of humanity. This family needs to be brought down. Their stranglehold over Europe must come to an end

Jamie Dimon. Head of JP Morgan. Uses fraud to rip off people and manipulates the silver markets.

Lloyde Blankfien  The Head of Goldman Sachs.. Fraud, deceit. Admits he likes to rip off their clients.

Many more people need to be under arrest for their fraud. These people above are the ones holding back progress and development of the third world and impoverished many nations. They did it by fraud, deceit and by financial terrorism. Eventually the universe will bend toward justice if we stay the course. Many of them have warrants for their arrest in numerous nations. It is my prayer that God's justice will not stay quiet forever. This worldwide awakening of humanity means that God is getting ready to judge the elite too. All that wealth will not save them nor deliver them from the hand of God’s judgment. Duty is ours; the consequences are God’s


  1. Best you've ever done Realman. Despite your horrific grammar you did a great thing here. We need to give these bastards no place to hide. I'll be happy when we see these pictures on the Post Office Bulletin Board. I think you have something here. Why don't you start a lonestarwatchdog wall of shame. Put up the pictures of the top 10 bankster thieves and politicos and number them 1 to 50. Let's put all the government bitches on there too. How about Ben "Helicopter" Bernanke or Barry Soreto being Public Enemy No. 1. You set this up and I'll get off your back!

  2. I be happy to allow you to add names and make some corrections for me. I will even make you a guest writer if you like.

  3. If the consequences are god's, why would we do our duty? Failing to do our duty isn't our consequence, according to you.

  4. Thank you for identifying the first ten of these twisted creatures.
    They live in rarefied virtual cocoons,
    apart from the masses yet among the masses.
    They despise us but need us. we fete them. we serve them. Their kingdom is built on stolen wealth and the slavish obedience of well paid, well armed lackeys.

    the only thing missing from their lives is fear.
    we must reintroduce fear into their lives.
    we must make them look constantly over their shoulder.
    we must make them lose trust in their lackeys and we must ensure that their lackeys lose confidence in them.

    You may ask how? Simple. We need random executions.

    Does this sound absurd? Please consider how many innocents died in WWI, how many in WWII, how many in Korea, Vietnam, central America, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    How many more tomorrow in Iran, China or Africa.
    How many lives would we save if we eliminated theirs?
    Is one hundred years, sufficient time to expect justice?
    Is one thousand years, sufficient time to expect justice?

    Unseen, unexpected and completely clinical.
    One lone wolf, acting in the shadows could raise eyebrows.
    One hundred lone wolves, acting in the name of humanity could trigger alarm bells.
    One thousand lone wolves, acting concurrently could start a stampede and signal the end.

    They must experience fear.
    Their lackeys must experience fear.
    They must feel isolated and vulnerable.
    Today they mock us, tomorrow they will be alone,
    and they will feel the wrath of a planet
    and they will know fear.
    and they will taste truth.
    and their empire will crumble to the ground.

  5. Indeed, this group of neanderthals are criminals destroying the fabric of human society by virtue of their plundering greed and miscreant arrogance. But this situation actually goes much deeper, and is more insidious than you lay it out. The Rothschild's are but the "royal bursars", the house bankers of the ancient European, blooded elite who have ruled over Europe and various parts of the world for generation upon generation. The rest of your criminals are also their fabulously rewarded front men who are a secondary layer of the City of London, Washington, Wall Street and even the Vatican. In order to defeat your enemy, you have to know who and what it is! If you wish to truly understand the tessalate matrix of this vile scourge upon humanity, please see the documentary "The Ring of Power" here:

  6. When I was working with the demorats in Seattle back in 1982, I saw little Timmy Geithner in the company of the 'Prince of Darkness', Richard Perle, who appeared to act as Geithner's mentor. Geithner was about 19 or 20 years old. The infamous Vancouver Club was one of their haunts, not mine. During my years as an activist there, three times I turned to see Perle standing within 10 feet talking to somebody. I found myself each time subconsciously going for my knife and I did not even know the fellow nor who he was. He radiated PURE EVIL.

    Glad to see your putting up these pictures. There is a sick self satisfying set of behavior patterns these punks indulge in to live like they think royalty should live. Doug Feith was busted for child rape of a minor procured through the girl's mother at a satanic cult back in 1982-4, about the same time as the above. Five minutes after he was bailed out, he was sitting in front of me with that stupid whack Doug Feith smile on his face. The girl pressed charges and was compensated big with tax payer dollars. These guys are swine.

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