Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Opinion giving 5 reasons Why Morale in Homeland Security is Very Low

It is very simple to figure out why the Department of Homeland Security has a morale problem. It is human nature plain and simple. I know when the Department of Homeland Security was created because of the false flag attacks September 11, 2001. Many people were scared and wanted to help the cause in the war on terror. Now it is over 10 years later since the attacks happened. Since then a lot has changed.

Many people joined Homeland security with the best of intentions to do right by their country. Many people joined the TSA with the mission to keep the skies safe. They all wanted to do their patriotic duty. Now the DHS has now shifted its focus away from Muslims in the Middle East. Now the American people are now the new enemy and the threat to national security according to the leadership of Homeland Security. I do not think everyone in DHS are bad people. Many are patriots like us who love this country. They see the insanity in the people at the top. What DHS now demands of its employees is opposite of what they thought they be doing. They must be morally conflicted trying to keep a clear conscience and still trying to keep a job in this dismal economy.

You look at Big Sis Janet Napolitano who is the secretary of Homeland Security who now handles the agency.  She has turned the agency into the secret Police like the KGB. This agency is now the biggest threat to the American people. More then Al CIA-DA or Iran could have ever been. Honey Bees along with copper heads snakes and drowning of bathtub kill more people in a year then terrorist. DHS does use common sense at all. You look in the newspaper and on the TV almost daily. There is a scandal in DHS or their lower agency underneath them, which is the TSA. These scandals make ABSCAM in the early 1980s look small in comparison.

Well lets take a good look why morale might be low in Homeland Security. First, as the article stated "It says there is a problem with leadership". Well there is so much truth to this statement. This article may talk about the lack of diversity not having enough blacks and Hispanics being part of the problem. That is not the trouble at all. I will tell you my opinion why moral is so low in DHS.

1. Janet Napolitano is strangling our freedoms in the name of the war on Terror. Many of these employees have family members or close friends who are veterans, gun owners and people who believe in the constitution. Making them enemies of the state would worry many of DHS employees.

 2. The Leadership under Obama attacking free speech and being the most corrupt administration we have seen in our lifetime. Seeing the orders and directives from the top are upside down in priorities. Most employees accept the mission statement of DHS. These people on the inside see nothing happening that reflects the mission of the agency.

3. The TSA is in the paper every week accused of rape, theft and groping innocent people. Many of these TSA workers are on power trips getting away with things a sworn peace officer cannot do. Probably the people who are in the 37 percent are satisfied with their job, the policies and the leadership because they have a license to violate people at with impunity.  The TSA being the most hated by the American people with one horror story after another. The TSA being part of Homeland security does make the good people in DHS look bad.

4. You look at our borders being wide open. With gunfights turning our cities into war zones by the drug trade on the southern border. When Illegal aliens running amok committing crimes being a real national security threat are ignored, people being very sincere are now becoming disillusioned by policies that contradict the mission. DHS sets up checkpoints to harass the American people and leaves illegal aliens alone. Sets up the TSA to grope small children while the real threats are ignored or disregarded. I live in a border state of Texas with Mexico; the border patrol morale is at an all time low because of Obama's policies. We have a border wide open that needs attention that does pose a threat to us. Instead, Homeland Security is going after the law abiding American people.

5. People inside the agency maybe are afraid to speak in fear of retaliation of more then just losing their jobs. Many people inside the system may not like these draconian policies coming down from the top. People can be afraid to dissent speaking out saying this is wrong. There can be spies and snitches keeping watch over the people in the agency. The fear of being ratted out by a snitch inside the system when they do not know who the rat can have a chilling effect too. People not free to speak their minds and are forced to be silent can be a contributing factor also. They cannot trust their colleagues because one of them is the rat. That makes it hard to trust people in the workplace. Tyrannies do have paid snitches to make sure the people are kept in line inside the agency.

For many people who are now employed by homeland security. The morale is low because they see the real threat to our nation. They are not only being ignored. This administration encourages more of this lawlessness on the border. Many people thought they would get a job with DHS thinking they would stop those evil Islamist from pulling off another 911. After all these years, many are having second thoughts now seeing it was not about stopping national security threat. They are finding out, Homeland security is about subduing the American people because they are now the threat to the political establishment.

Policies like this would put a damper on the enthusiasm of anyone who finds out DHS is the new KGB or the East German Stasis to be turned loose on the American people. Many people inside the system see DHS as the real threat to our freedoms, not brown people living in caves as they thought before they were employed.

I think the decent people inside DHS see the loss of liberty and the corruption at the top. They like us are concerned about our bill of rights being shredded. I think the morale is so low because the see this first hand from policy directives from the top. When a President is trying to destroy this nation with DHS policies undermining the Constitution every chance he gets. When the people have no confidence in Obama’s leadership or his policies. Chances are the people inside DHS have no faith either because they do not like the tyranny either. That Would cause low morale when people are asked to implement policies that violate the laws of the land. That would bring down anyone's morale real fast who still loves this country and is fighting to preserve our freedoms. I think many inside the agency realized they been deceived and lied to about the phony Islamic threat was just an excuse to take away our liberties. Many came into DHS with the best intentions and found out it was all a big fat lie all along. Do you agree?


  1. Normal people endure hardship and get the blues. TSA and DHS and the 'Chucky meets talking Tina and the Village People' administration and Bush41 and Bush43 prefer feeling lowdown.

  2. You make the same mistake in this article that the government wants you to make. That these TSA, Homeland Security and other goons are good natured, good intended people who unfortunately got duped by 'poor leadership'.

    It simply isn't true.

    Homeland Security is attracting exactly the kind of people it was meant to attract. How many TSA agents do you see, proud of that tin-plate badge they are wearing? They love that power! They love that they can single you out if they want to. Revenge of the high school dropouts.

    But let's say you are right. Let's say that the TSA et al are reeeeally good people. So what?

    They are doing a job that is evil.

    I have no doubt that some Nazi concentration camp guards were actually good people. I bet they loved their kids, paid their taxes, and enjoyed their weekends. I bet they did their job because they wanted to help their country. But it doesn't matter why they did their job, because their job was evil.

    The TSA's job is to hurt the American people. Take away their rights. Inured them to to badges everywhere. Get them used security checkpoints.

    The TSA's job is to chip away at the American people's rights. One flight at a time.

    And the people that perform the actual work of taking those rights- the TSA "agents" in their blueberry uniforms- those are the people who willingly, gladly do their job.

    They take away YOUR rights, citizen. They aren't duped. They aren't mislead. They are willingly joining and forwarding a system that is destroying America.

    No sympathy for these people. No mercy. Every time they cash their paycheck, they prove which side they are on.