Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holocaust Museum in Houston Uses Racial Slur in Phone Call as Publicity Stunt to Raise Money?(Sounds Just as Phony as Kony)

I am really starting to question the whole Holocaust, I cannot confirm or deny it ever happened. I just find it suspicious of the Holocaust Museum in Houston is using a phone message on the answering machine as a way to raise money. It seems like the NAZI Holocaust gets all the sympathy in the world. It is thrown in our faces on a daily basis. As history has shown as the Jewish people cry anti Semite and the holocaust if we question what happened.

The Houston Holocaust Museum is now using a phone massage from a racial slur as a way to raise money. Glen Beck's website is calling on his listeners to send money to the Holocaust Museum in Houston. I have some hard questions to ask about these so-called racial slurs over the phone. I will tell you why I think this is a public relations stunt.

First of all Jewish students and people have been vandalizing their own Synagogs and dorm rooms painting NAZI symbols of swastikas blaming it on anti Semites and hate groups. A tactic they will use to generate public sympathy. This one of the ways they bring up the Holocaust again in our faces all over the news. A Publicity stunt used to raise money when low on funds. Also for organizations like the ADL and SPLC can get their faces on the news. This is why I have a hard time believing this really ever happened or if the call is really real. They been caught in the past fabricating and staging things as a way to get public sympathy.

I have to wonder why only the Jewish people cry Holocaust. We do not hear the Russians and eastern Europeans crying about the Red terror and the mass genocides continued under Stalin for many years. Over 100 million people died from famines, and by executions during the reign of terror under Lenin Trotsky and Stalin. They lived under a Jewish doctrine called Communism. This brutal form of government murdered far more then 6 million people the Holocaust people cry about.

I will tell you why I have some great suspicions about this because we have the technology in place to see where the call came from. Hypothetically, if  the person whom is really a racist or bigot making this phone call was really sincere. The police have the technology to find out who made the call. If this person was a really hate filled nutcase, the police would have kicked down the door and arrested him for making a terrorist threat, under Texas law, it is an arrestable offense. We can see later a hate crime charge being added since hatred motivated him to make the call, So far no one is arrested for it yet.

What a way to use a phone call being used to raise money for the Holocaust Museum. Glen Beck and a bunch of suckers are buying into this by sending money. Something tells me this phone call is not real and it is just a publicity stunt. If it was, there would have been an arrest and they would have used this person to demonize the patriot movement all over the media.  Does this sound as phony as Kony?

Could this be another false flag made for a publicity stunt as a way to raise money?

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  1. Funny because Jews aren't a race but a form of Religion....