Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obamacare: Nullification by Non Compliance as a Last Resort?

One of the most atrocious pieces of legislation to be passed into law is Obamacare. Many state Attorney Generals are suing the Federal government to have this law overturned as unconstitutional. The states see the immense cost trying to implement this law. Small business will take a big financial hit with heavy taxes to fund this bureaucratic nightmare.

The Law was rammed down the throats of the American people against their will. The people never consented to this law. This law is more then just the government taking over the medical industry. It is a medical tyranny forcing treatments and denying care. It is eugenics and euthanasia. It is anti life and pro death. This forces people to buy something from the government they do not want with jail time, fines and penalties if people refuse to enroll into the government system.

 Now it is up in the air if the US Supreme Court will uphold Obamacare as the law of the Land or shoot it down as unconstitutional. If the law is unconstitutional, Obama will find a way to enforce the law defying the High Court. They are defying court orders now with drilling in the Gulf. The White House is not complying with court orders with impunity being in contempt of court. We have to be ready if the Supreme Court upholds the Obamacare as the law of the land when they rule on the case pending now. We cannot wait for congress to repeal the law or defund it. So what will the people do? The High Court is not the final check on government.

The American people are the final check on the power of government. We can see some states not allowing Obamacare; we can see employers, individuals state and local governments just say we are not paying for this. It cost too much. I am not paying the fines either. We can see millions of people just not comply with Obamacare. The beginning of civil disobedience, it might be so big the people who will not go along with it. The states might not cooperate with the feds to arrest people for non-compliance either. It can be so big and massive when people flat our refuse to pay for this nightmare healthcare system then never wanted in the first place. Obamacare might collapse by non-compliance on a massive scale.

The last resort we can hope for is the American people, local governments and the states being the final check on the government's power. Washington is so dysfunctional; they cannot agree whether to have single ply or two-ply toilet paper in the capital building. The people have lost faith in Washington. It is the consent of the governed just not complying with the right to keep and bear arms to back it up as a last resort. We are the final check on government power when government fails to uphold the Constitution. It has always been our power and it is our duty. Do you understand? We are the government and we have the real power. I rest my case.


  1. Jail time? I thought they specifically made certain there was NO jail time for noncompliance. Do you have a source for this charge?

    1. If you fail to pay the fine the IRS will levy on you the IRS can try you in one of their Kangaroo courts. You will lose about 9 times out of 10; then it is off to play with the bad guys.

      However if 10 million of us do not pay the court docket could be 20 years long as you can demand a jury trial if they want to put you in prison.

      So perhaps the IRS will get practical and just have Tony work you over until you pay. After the second broken knee cap you will probably pay. Oh and one thing obama care does not cover is broken knee caps.

      Gee ain't freedom great?