Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Putin Must Be Bold to Preserve Russia to Save the West From Its Own Banker Puppet Leaders from War.

The Presidential Election of Vladimir Putin shows a balance and shift in the power on the world stage that could be the difference between World War III and keeping the peace. I have to give credit for Putin throwing out the Oligarchs and Israeli duel citizens out of Russia. These bankers will keep menacing the Russian federation until Putin and his government is overthrown. The bankers want to control Russia.

The bankers are a threat to world peace and stability. They will not stop at nothing until they control everything. First things first to start things off. Putin needs to pull out of the United Nations and stop paying the UN dues. Russia will be better off without the United Nations. The UN sanctioned the war in Libya and trying to get the blessing of the UN Security Council to invade Syria. Russia has stood steadfast against such an invasion. The UN is a eugenics world body determined on depopulating the earth while Russia is trying to repopulate their people. Putin, please pull Russia out of the UN if you want to send a severe blow to the Rockefeller clan and the House of Rothschild.

For Russia to preserve its borders, culture and national integrity as a sovereign nation for future generations. He needs to pull the Russian Federation out of the United Nations. We can see the UN and the World Army being NATO forces will continue to encircle Russia strangling the nation. The UN being a front organization for the financial oligarchs Putin threw out of Russia, there is no sense being a member nation that will work against Russia's best interest and will undermine her sovereignty. I heard in Putin’s victory speech being animate about outside influences imposing their will on Russia. Then Russia should be the first nation to pull out of the UN because through NATO, the UN will try to impose its will on Russia trying to start a war.

One more thing Putin has to do is put out an international bounty to arrest people like George Soros and all the other oligarchs working to overthrow Russia. It does not matter if they are a Rockefeller or a Rothschild; these international criminals the world cannot afford to have linger around and undermine Russia another day. It would be nice if George Soros is captured and sent to Russia for a trial. It would do America well and the rest of the world if he is arrested. Where Soros is, there is nothing but trouble that follows.Russia must do all it can do to secure its future safety and security by first dealing with its threats like George Soros.

International Bankers are more of threat to the Russian Federation then standing armies are by fraud. These Oligarchs in Western Europe do not play games or nice getting what they want. The have killed leaders who stood up to them like JFK. President Andrew Jackson had many assassination attempts on his life for throwing out the Bankers. If the Bankers try to take out the Russian President Elect. Putin should show the same ruthless attitude toward them putting the Bankers on notice issuing a letter of marquee and reprisal. That is after they find out who is responsible.  It is my hope Putin will be that shift in power the world needs to overt a major war. I am happy Russia made the right choice placing him back in office.

Russia has stood up not only for the sovereignty of the nations. Russia stood by the right of every nation to decide what kind of monetary system they want to use. To keep an imposing foreign central bankers out if the countries that does not want them controlling the money supply of a nation. It is a wait and see when Putin takes office how the west will respond to him. I am just glad the world's balance of power has shifted to stop the bankers off balance with Putin back in the Kremlin.


  1. Realman,
    Thanks for making some very good comments and suggestions. Like you alluded to, Putin won my respect years ago when he sent at least one Rothschild banker/looter to prison and ran the rest of them out of the country. Vladimir Putin just might be the most important individual to appear on the world stage in a very long time. If we in this country could elect Ron Paul as our president, he and Putin would go a long way in putting the banker/looters out of business.

  2. Russia leaving the UN would be the biggest disaster since Appomatox. WW111 would surely result, and the West would blame Russia just as they did Germany in WW1. Russia must stay on the Security Council. Think of this...
    1) Let Germany, Japan, Brazil and India be admitted th o the Security Council as permanent veto wielding members.
    2) Change the veto to require the votes of 2 permanent members.
    3)Make the nations agree that the leaders of each nation and military serve at the pleasure of the Security Council. Removal from office would be for life and require permanent exile in New York City.

    Lets talk about this publicly!

  3. IF Putin can stop the war Isreal wants on IRAN, I would vote for him!

  4. love the idea of Putins international bounty on Arab Spring funding frontman George Soros and his ilk and locking up all the war criminals and financial terrorists, if they get their hands on them would be good too, sending out a clear message that being a zio puppet doesn't pay off now or make you above the law - it would be a great deterrent to reject becoming a zio puppet and their international crime cartel would start collapsing from the outside in