Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Texas Ports Might Be Turned Over To The Chinese?

            I wonder who hires these idiots to do these economic studies recommending our ports be outsourced to private operators.Especially if they are owned by a foreign power called China. I remember the outrage of our ports being turned over to a Dubai company.At the same time there is no outrage about the Chinese coming in to run our ports. I do not trust the Chinese and I keep speaking my mind to the Russian people.They better throw out China before they metastasize themselves inside their infrastructure.What we see happening the US will happen to Russia if not stopped. Never trust the Chinese. The Chinese now runs the Long Beach Navel Ship yard in California were cargo is never inspected and practices are questionable because the threat to our national security China poses.
            The city officials who oversee Port of Galveston operations are negotiating with the Carlyle Group and Hong Kong based company Hutchinson Port Holdings a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa owned by Chinese Billionaire Li Ka Shing who is part of the Chinese Military. If negotiations go well. This International conglomerate will have a 75 year lease to operate inside the Port of Galveston.
             Who gave them the authority to turn over a Port owned by the people of Galveston to a foreign company under the control of the Chines government?. These city officials of Galveston need their heads checked or hung from the nearest tree after they have been found guilty of treason. I seriously see these city politicians need to recalled and the city manager fired . These Ports belong to the Taxpayers and not to the Politicians. Who in their right mind would turn over the Ports to a foreign power.This same country has wiped out our manufacturing base in this country. The same county that wants to go to war with us? If the City of Galveston gives China the Ports. They will have a strategic advantage militarily and economically with a foothold inside of Texas.
                Texas is being attacked on all fronts.We are fighting so our highways and roads will not be turned over to a Spanish Company.We are being sold out left and right down the river. China now has leases to the Oil Fields in South Texas. The people of Texas might have to start recalling politicians who propose such things and having them removed from office. We do not have much time and can not wait till 2012 to throw them out. We need to recall them now and have them investigated. These public private partnerships are bad news. I rather see public sector stay public and private sector stay private.They should never be partners in partnerships.Never with a foreign company. Especially China to partner with.  When these agreements happen. The people who payed for these ports with tax money will get the shaft while the company that partnered with the politicians will make out like bandits. I have no doubt there are laws being broken to allow these deals to go forward.We need to call out these swine for what they are.They need to be investigated by the grand jury and indicted.
                   Texas ports must stay in the control of the people's hands. This vital infrastructure must not be sold out to the highest bidder of a foreign power that seeks to bring down the United States and Texas.The Chinese are our sworn enemies. These people in city government must be really stupid or payed off to see the investors point of view.Either way. We must not tolerate any more selling out to the Chinese or any foreign power that violates the safety and security of Texas. I will boycott Galveston if they sell out to the Chinese .I will take my money and business to Port Aransas if I want to enjoy the beach.We should all too till they see our way. No Chinese companies Allowed!

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  1. LOL, you a fucking moron. How many country has China invaded?

    How many has the US invaded? And you're worried about 3rd world Country China with ZERO Military capability.

    Why don't you cry about Obama's birth certificate? Seems like a lot of inbred redneck is crying about that one.

  2. You are an idiot Biada. China HAS invaded us, cheaper, faster and with NO blood shed. They have managed to do what nobody else has, buy us lock, stock and barrel.

    China is also modernizing its military, just came out with a new stealth fighter, are buying subs and have the largest army on the planet. You are a completely clueless inbred redneck.

  3. North America has outsourced its water, banking, international airports, military, oil, governments, and a lot more to Israel. Now that's a serious problem unlike China.

  4. The worst part of this is not the Chinese involvement. The worst is the Carlyle Group. These people are evil and will run the port into the ground. They will parade their debt to buy into this in front of a bankruptcy court to get out of paying it. They have done this at companies they have bought such as Oriental Trading Company. They are another part of the bush crime family's tentacles. Texas unleashed a monster on the world in the form of the bush syndicate. Texas should apologize.

  5. In Jan of 2009, Hillary Clinton made her first unremarked trip to China. What did she do there on behalf of the USA?

    She signed an agreement giving them eminient domaine in case of default.

    This is far bigger than another outsourcing gig, this is part of the total control of the nodal powerpoints of US infrastructure. This is pivotal to the total dissolution of America.
    Yet the blind children- we no longer have true Men in America- sit on their blogs bitching and backbiting and passively letting it all happen.

  6. I hope the good people of Texas will NOT stand for this!

  7. What fools abound in USA. Chinese are humble nice HARDWORKING people--that mind their own FKN business not like Americans. Ask yourselves you morons--what's with USA's right to be stationed in the far east with their military?
    How is it that ZIONIST Israel Jews are running/Owning Washington and worse all the money men are Jewish and also run every media, Holloywood and major induistry?
    Russian Jews is peachie A Okay to run and own you?



    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No one to wake up. Were all sleeping drunk on stupidity. Let China have it. Let them evict every useless US citizen and kick them to the curb where they will pull a blanket over their heads, suck on a beer, and imagine they are watching their ball games on a wide screen tv.

  10. It's ok. I have a gun for invading forces. I also have a gun for non Americans who post stupid BS on forums like this. Go ahead, tread on me. You won't know I'm here until I strike. Drunk ignorant American my ass. Please come say that to my face and see what happens.

  11. It starts with the fed money system, china owns the debt the regime creates. We march to their drums as long as congress fails to issue the money. Find the individuals that are selling texas out. not hard to do, they live here on our soil. We have met the enemy and it is us first, the chicom vermin next. Deal with domestic enemies first. Boycott all chinese goods by not buying them. Boycott stores like wal mart, the corporate pimps. Since american congress and people have abdicated the constitution and bill of rights, secession is in order. I do not want scumbags like barney frank or that silly little gay prostitute in the whitehouse dictatin conditions of my life in Texas. It is high time to cut loose of them and the people who support them.

  12. This is caladeral on US debt.The US Gov.Has been giving America away a peace at a time.

  13. Get as self-sufficient as possible, and keep it quiet. Try and weather the storm ahead.

  14. Why is it almost everywhere that you read, the term China is there? Have we forgotten that China is a Communist country? Please start using the term "Red China". That way these young people in the United States and the World can also start to remind themselves, China is a Communist nation. Thank You, Mark

  15. Hey Texas...
    Make sure when you string them NONE PEOPLE REPRESENTING politicians up, the Ropes are "Made in America." Gonna need a LOT of it.

  16. You people are idiots.China sends 60,000 young people to this country EVERY frigging year to be educated at our univerisities.

    All of their schooling is paid for by the Peoples Liberation Army.

    They come here get educated learn our ways get familar with our infrastructer and learn teir way around.

    Japan did the same thing before WW2.

    We think the are nice people but the are not.

    They are all commited with their country,ethnc group taking over the world.

    They have the time and now they have the money.

    DO NOT trust a Chinese.

    Mao Tse Tung spoke about this a long time ago.

  17. My John Hancock!Thursday, 14 April, 2011

    My maternal grandfather told me once that it was China's commitment to take over the world without anyone ever hearing a single gun shot.

  18. A Civil Racketeering and Antitrust Complaint was recently filed with the U.S. Justice Department exposing the complicity of Goldman Sachs, Standard & Poor's, and Moody's Investors Service in assisting China in shedding $260 billion of the Chinese Government's foreign debt obligation:

  19. Hey Bill: Your the idiot my man. What is wrong with Rednecks? We are part of the Patriot movement and feel just as strongly about this issue!!!!

  20. Redneck is the new N****R. I'm not saying it's right, but it's the latest demographic that people can attack, ridicule, belittle and otherwise poke fun at and get away with it. The stereotype is just as offensive as any other, and just as incorrect. It's funny how those who wish to curb someone's freedom love to lash out at the people who cherish it most.

    As for the Chinese owning a port in Texas...a big HELL NO! If the government won't kick people out, the people need to do it.

  21. Horrendous things are coming upon us..much of what we have earned by our actons or lack thereof...evil abounds everywhere....our only hope is Christ Jesus

  22. You are all right...we are screwed without the protection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
    I am reading my KJV 1611 non corrupted, non Mary worshipping Catholic bible. All groups, Jews, Jesuits, Red Chinese, Russians, Queen of England, Reptilian, Bush Syndicate, Soros, Illuminate, Masons and Lydocean Churchs in Rev 4 want us destroyed. The devils are itching to install their Anti-Christ as Ruler of the 1-World Civilization. Haarp, Economic System Destroyed, Military assaults on innocent nations, Chemtrails, Drug Cartel kidnappings & town takeovers, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, GMO,Govrment Liars. JC only hope, bow now be destroyed forever. China owns USA.

  23. Let's all sing "the end is near". Been hearing that crap since the beginning of time. if people are so worried about this country the "United" States of America, then we need to be "united". time to stop worrying about offending someone's "civil" liberties. time to make English the official language of this country, after all how many Chinese, Mexican or other Hispanic spanish speaking peoples were founders of this country? I don't recall any chinese or hispanic names on the Declaration of Independence. we need to stop the ethnic special interest, perhaps limit the Supreme Court terms so these judges aren't making the law or interpreting it to their interests.

  24. 4/20/2011 Just talked to Galveston's Asst City Manager and was told that this deal never materialized as it fell through while it was being put together by an investment banker.

  25. Time to kick all the spics, and gooks out. Hows that for non PC conformity. But we all know that is NOT going too happen. I heard a ex ranger the other day tell me as long as he has food, and a right to own a gun, he doesnt care what happens.

    LOL. And this Man was willing to die for lies that he thought was patriotism.

    This Country/State is gone, prepare for WAR....