Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BATFE Raid of Indiana Gun Shop or Entrapment? They are After Our Guns!

            I have a hard time believing when President Obama has a hard line anti gun person presiding over the BATFE. This agency has been caught running guns into Mexico.These guns that were in the inventory locker were handed to the criminal element. These smuggled guns have been the cause of the increased violence on the border. This crisis on the border was a public relations stunt blaming the people's right to keep and bear arms as the cause of the violence in Mexico.
            In Austin Texas.A man was convicted in court for selling a firearm to an illegal alien through a straw purchaser who had a State issued ID at a gun show.This administration has tried to attack the second amendment after the Congresswoman Giffords shooting in Tuscon. This President wants the people disarmed and will use the pen with an executive order to make it happen.He is determined if he can not get congress to act.  This President is attacking the second amendment with bureaucratic red tape with annual permits, licensing fees and harassing the law abiding gun owners without cause.
            In Parker city Indiana.The Ludco Gun Shop was raided by the BATFE claiming using undercover agents claiming to use the straw purchase to put a firearm in the hands of a convicted felon. I have a hard time believing the agency's story.Arresting the owner for not accounting for one thousand guns and arresting the dealer on felony charges. These agent have been known to fabricate evidence.This agency's credibility is shot and is in desperation mode trying to justify its existence. For years this agency has been attaching FFL dealers and revoking licenses over paperwork because they do not dot ever letter(I) and cross the letter(T). This agency is riddled with corruption from the top down and needs to dismantled for the abuses on the law abiding gun owners.
              The right to keep and bear arms is the last resort keep corruption in government in check and the ability to resist if necessary. We will not go the way of  Soviet Russia and Communist China when the people allowed their leaders to confiscate the guns. We know the end result is when we comply with tyrants.It is our duty to resist peaceably before the  tyranny comes to our front door. We must use the power to say"No" or they will not stop.


  1. Too many guns circulating around the U.S. to disarm citizens in a timely manner...OK, now go ahead and track my IP address...

  2. There are too many gun owners, too many guns & too many of us who understand that the 2A has nothing to do with "sporting or hunting" and everything to do with the ability to defend ourselves from tyranny & slavery-by force if needed.
    The biggest mistake the feds can do is to try the impossible task of disarming the US citizenry.

  3. isn't that a new tv series, IP Track..... oh

  4. this always comes from people who have no idea what they are talking about