Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where have all the Cowboys and Gals Gone?Have they Become Extinct?

              I have to wonder. Have we allowed television shows define a man and a woman's role in the home? Has pop culture reshaped the way ladies behave? Has masculinity been diverted into other venues instead were it is important?Has testosterone become a controlled substance along with marijuana?  It seems the culture is under attack and in big trouble. The role of the sexes in the family and in society has drastically changed.Ladies are no longer feminine in nature.The men are no longer gallant or chivalrous.These wimps will no longer defend the honor of his family when the TSA feels up his wife or when CPS kidnaps their children.They become slaves to a false culture. To be masculine is now taboo.
                Ladies act like men and demand to be treated like a woman. Feminism took the place of the true pure feminine nature of a woman. The proper place between the sexes in society and in the home has been blurred.The family has been redefined by the social architects to advance an agenda. I can only think of two TV shows were the bread winner that is the husband is demonized is "Married with Children" and "All in the family". Today look at modern day sitcoms.The woman is the commander in skirt and the husband is a dumb buffoon who is never right. He is challenged how he wants order in the home.He is always wrong and the wife is right. She wear the pants and skirt in the home.
                 Now I look back on two TV shows in the 1950s.Those shows are "Father knows best" and "Leave it to Beaver" In both shows the Father was the moral pillar and authority in the home. The wife was backed by the husband in raising the children.The father was the final authority bringing order in the family. He was the one who brought stability and discipline in the home.Today we see a complete one eighty in how the family was defined in TV fifty years ago. The family is always been the strength of the nation. Once the family goes.So does the nation. We have to get back to basics.
                  Today in courts The male is attacked in the court system and in society. A wife can commit adultery sleeping with every single guy in town.Whatever party files for divorce. The wife who broke the marriage convent can still take the good husband to the cleaners. Take the house,the cars and the bank accounts. No fault divorce and the bias in the courts has allowed to certain guild of females to use the system to attack men.Many use the court system to have their way. If a lady has a sexual relations with a minor.We are supposed to feel sorry for her. If a male has the same. He is a monster. The woman is not held to the same standard as a male is in society. The woman will get probation and the man will go to prison.
                    I do not blame the feminist movement. I do not blame TV, Politicians are not to blame or the court system. I blame the men for not standing up.They become timid. They are afraid to open door for ladies. The will not pull the chair out so a woman can sit. The will not open the car door to help her out of the car. Men are afraid to be gentlemen.They are afraid to be masculine and be men. They are told it is bad to be manly. I see men being pushed around by their wives and if they put his foot down when he is right. She may just deny sex till she gets her way.She might call the police and get a restraining order put on him..She will play mind games by just turning on the water works in the court room with no proof. Ladies act like men and want to be treated like ladies. They try to have it both ways,The truth is men do not stand up for their ladies and will not defend the home. Men have been reduced to being nice guys and wimps. Ladies look for men who will defend them and with good character. They do not like wussies and nice guys. Good ladies do have a point.
                    It is time for a males to act like men again. That means realizing wearing a sports jersey watching ball games on TV ,drinking beer and high fives his friends when the team scores is not real masculinity.It is not close to manliness. It is phony.We have to guard our ladies and homes. We must not be afraid to be gentlemen and gallant. We must be chivalrous again. I remember sitting on a city bus. A pregnant gal and an elderly woman get on the bus. Not one young male gave up his seat. I gave up my and seat an other older man gave up his chair so these two ladies can sit down. There was a time in our nations history that is was expected a man give up his seat for the lady to sit down on the bus. Not anymore today. There was a time our ladies were respected. We seen to it if they were pregnant or elderly.We gladly gave up our seats because it was the standard. To the males.Do not be afraid to open the doors for the ladies.Do not be afraid to tell them they look beautiful or nice today. Just use discretion.There are some of the female gender.I am talking about the mental cases who abuse the system with anti stalking laws,Who will use false allegation of sexual harassment.Those who think weird thoughts when a man tries to a gentlemen.It is those ladies who played a major part ruining the relations between the sexes.
              For the ladies who have a sense of right and wrong. The woman who has not sold out her dignity to modern feminism.If you know a man is being wronged by a woman manipulating the system to get her way. Stand up for the man. The reason why there is confusion between he sexes is because good men and ladies do nothing. Now political correctness is rearing its ugly head because the decent males and females done nothing.
              As a man. I am attracted to a Russian gal.I admit it for a good reason There are feminine and  have no shame about it. Her life is centered around the family and her husband.They will let the man wear the pants in the family.It is nice to see them wear nice dresses and high heels with a gentle nature.They want men to be men.They act like ladies. For American girls consider yourself lucky. In Russia.There are 30 million more females than males.Many of these ladies are willing to give their whole heart for the man to love and be loved.Despite some of the scams. There are a great many of these ladies seeking men abroad because the lack of males.Thanks to the wars and Stalin's purging the population of dissidents. That is why there is a shortage of men in Russia.
              Ladies here act like men and some act just as disgusting as men do. They want it both ways. I do not see ladies wear nice dresses or wear heel here anymore.The only ladies I see wearing heels and dresses are exotic dancers and prostitutes.Ladies in America are no longer feminine and have adopted to feminist mindset of being career centered and not family centered as they should be. Russian ladies fiercely stands by her man and support their husbands. Many wives of patriots skipped out on their men when they stood up for freedom and country. For every man that married a Russian or Ukrainian woman. They are very happy men and enjoy there life.These ladies support their husbands with their whole heart.
             It is hard to see were the solution is and were to begin. All I know it starts with the good people. Both Ladies and Gentlemen standing up and setting the standard again by example in word and deed. Men love your wives and be gallant.Ladies support your husbands.Encourage men to be gallant and be chivalrous again. Give him back the pants of the family and demand of him to be the head of the house again. Men start taking back our rightful place in the home and society. If we do not.Nothing will change. It will only get worse.



  1. I guess ya'll never figured seceding from the union to be colonized by China with the GW.Bush family raking in the coin never occured to you

  2. Excellent post! Thanks, this has validated my perception of reality, and what I have been saying for a long time now. I'm not the only one! THANK YOU!!!

    Every man in this great country needs to read this. I'm tired of seeing all the primadonna, whiny ass complaining, little crybaby, poor excuses for men all around me. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Grow a set, and maybe your old lady will stop shoving her big red vibe up your ass, you little bitch. Who knows, if enough men stop leaving blood spots on their chairs, maybe we can stop the government from raping all of our asses and our kids asses. Take responsibility, be a man. That's all.

    And women.....where's your compassion for each other these days? Most of you are miserable bitches. Dual roles, bitch for a husband, shitheads for kids.

    We're completely dysfunctional as a society. There is no black and white anymore, just a bunch of gray stinky matter. Your boys are growing up into women. And your women are lost....