Monday, January 3, 2011

Texas Bill Proposed Will Use Drunk Driving to Advance Another Police State Precedent of Putting A Mark on A Persons ID if Convicted of DUI/DWI

         It is common among tyrants to use a group of people in society as a stepping stone adding another tier on the control grid in a police state. Hitler used the Jews and Gypsies to demonize and subjugate to advance the tyrannical agenda of the Third Reich.This is a tactic to have full control over society in the end game. There is a bill proposed and submitted in the state house in Texas. If we do not keep watch on our state legislators. Bills like these slip through under the radar when we are not paying attention. So what bill has me concerned?
          The piece of legislation that has me worried is Texas HB-137 drafted and Submitted by Rep. Gallego. This bill if it becomes law adds another slippery slide towered despotism.Using the offense of Driving under the influence of alcohol .This bill will mandate the state to put a designation or marking on a person's State ID or Drivers License who has been convicted of offense of Driving under the influence of alcohol . People for this bill will say"We need to stop those drunks from driving and to keep the streets safe"or "We have to stop these drunks drivers who are a danger on the roads". The best one is I can see being used is"This bill would stop them drunks drivers from getting beer if a store clerk sees the markings on their ID. This bill will save lives if passed keeping alcoholic beverages out of habitual drunk drivers" I can see a M.A.D.D spokesmen pushing for this bill saying the talking points to sell this legislation.Sounds much like Gun Control by Handgun Inc. saying the new law will take guns out of the hands of criminals.Habitual Drunk Drivers and criminals will do what they want no matter what law is in place. No tough Drunk Driving law stopped illegal aliens from driving drunk. HB-137 will not make a difference because many people not lawfully here it does not address. This law will not apply if they carry a Mexican Consulate I.D..It only applies to people who have Texas drivers licenses .This bill if becomes law will not stop Illegal immigrants from driving under the influence.
               What is most frightening about this bill if it becomes law.The Department of Homeland Security can use Texas as a model to put the US governments seal of approval or designation on everyone's driver licenses or I.D.s that determines if you can get an apartment, Buy a car,fly on an airplane or do business. It can tell if you are on a terrorist watch list or someone dissenter.This bill must not become law in Texas.Using the issue of Drunk Driving is just the camels nose getting under the tent flap.Once inside the abuses start.
              The biggest flaw I will say again in this bill that has not addressed is the illegal alien drunk drivers who have IDs issued by the Mexican consulate. Reading the text of the legislation there is nothing about addressing the illegal aliens who carry the Consulate IDs who drive with no license or up to date stickers on their vehicles. This is an unfair bill because a good ratio of Illegal Alien drunk drivers are responsible for a good number of fatalities on Texas roads. How will this law be enforced on an Illegal alien who carries the Mexican Consulate ID and has no Texas state issued ID  being convicted of drunk driving. How can it be applied to the Illegal Alien who has no State Issued ID but has the Mexican ID. HB-137 must not pass. This bill has nothing to do with stopping Drunk Drivers by marking their Drivers License. Have a DUI/DWI conviction is just the start. We can see these markings for making the classification as a domestic extremist or worse. No fly,No buy and No job. It is scary to think about how this can be used in the future. The sky is the limit for abuses by the tyrants in Washington DC. Today Drunk Drivers. We have to think about who is next?
              HB-137 if bill becomes law will not stop anything it was intended to do. All I can see is this expanding going after other groups of people as time goes by. I can see the abuses happening before they even start. Using offenses involving intoxication behind the wheel in a car is just getting the foot in the door using the lowest common denominator in society as a Trojan Horse to be used on everybody when it is all said and done. After September 11, 2001.They went after and demonized the Muslims as the threat to America. They cried they needed to pass the Patriot Act to go after these Muslim Terrorist or we will not be safe. Now that same law is now used on the American people.The Patriot Act now is the very threat to our safety and liberty it was claimed to protect.The very issue they said will not happen to the American people is now putting us in the governments cross heirs as the enemy.  HB-137 says they will go after the drinkers who were caught driving drunk. If bill becomes law will just be the beginning starting with the drunk drivers.Tomorrow who is next?Can you see a pattern?I sure do.


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  2. Interesting concept. I am writing a paper on HB137 for my TX Government class. I work for a law firm that specializing in defending clients charged with DWI. By no means, do I feel sorry for those that commit crimes. However, everyday I am witness to how the system works and it is definitely already very harsh on those charge with a DWI. This is precisely my arguement. Beyond thousands in lawyer fees, they have to pay thousands in surcharges and court costs. Plus, the DPS suspends their license (in almost every case) for a number of days, sometimes months anyway. Additionally, unlike say, a felony charge of Aggrivated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a DWI is the ONLY crime that you cannot have expunged (hidden) from your record. Meaning, future employers or anyone doing a background check on you can see it. That is already embarrassing enough for someone who may have had a lapse in judgement once and decided to drink and drive. Im am not codoning bad bahvior. I am simply saying that these people do not deserve such a scarlet letter, if you will. As you said, it will not deter them whatsoever anyway. So, what is the point of wasting taxpayers' money on such an endeavor?