Monday, January 3, 2011

A Freak of Nature in Arkansas or Government Secret Operation ?

        Something is strange happening in the State of Arkansas.Early New Years day thousands of dead birds littered the Streets of BeBee Arkansas with no explanation. Now I see on the Drudge report a story about dead fish along the Arkansas river long a 20 mile stretch. I wonder if they will ever find out the cause or will there be a government cover up of what really happened.
         I remember on the news years ago in California or some strange gel raining from the skies with the US Navy denying ever being part of a test. Is this unexplained phenomena part of a bio warfare experiment. The United States government has been doing experiments testing chemical agents or bio weapons on the population for decades without the public's knowledge. I wonder if this is an experiment on food supply attacking the ability of the people to fish and hunt for game to eat when there becomes shortages in the food supply.
         The State has took samples of the dead birds and fish. I wonder if the people will really know the cause of this or will we get the same company line that it is deadly to the birds and the fish but will not harm humans.I really doubt we will get the truth This is an issue that we must not let go away and hold the State's feet to the fire demanding accountability of who is responsible. If it is a freak of nature.The chances are it isn't. If it was a US government experiment. We must demand heads start to roll.

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