Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot Need to Go to The State Supreme Court For Injuction against the EPA

             The Attorney General should not waste his time is Federal Court fighting the EPA. He should go right into the State Supreme Court and file for injunction against the EPA. Using the State court should be the proper place to take legal action against the EPA for imposing rules that have no law to justify it and the Federal government taking over the permit process were they have no jurisdiction that is reserved for the state to issue.
             The time has come were Texas should make the rules for the Federal government when they come into the state. The EPA has no jurisdiction inside the state of Texas. The state supreme court should declare it and cease all EPA activity in the State that is not lawful that violates the sovereignty of Texas.
              This is the time were Texas must push back and push back hard. That means arresting and detaining Federal agents who violate state law. Tell the refineries and power plants keep going while state erects barriers against this lawless administration occupying the White House.
               If Texas stands up many states will follow. If a good size of the several states stand up and say no to the EPA  and other decrees of the Obama administration. If States act. It will cripple and neutralize the Chicago crime machine in the White House from doing anymore harm to the country.

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