Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Need Optimist ,Not Realist or Weezers to Win Back the GOP in Tampa, Florida( Failure is not an Option)

To all you realist and weezers in the patriot movement, you are wrong. Do not count you chickens before they hatch. Nothing is too big and too difficult to overcome. Do not say, "They will not allow Ron Paul to win" Who is they? They are cheaters and liars who are about to have their ass handed back to them one way or the other. It is not about who sits where in the leadership, it is not about how much corporate backing there is or if the person has Israel's blessing or not. It does not matter how low they will go with their dirty tricks. The intangible as well as the tangible things is what will determine who wins in the end. What the neo cons are doing will not survive the light of day in Tampa.

It is a battle of wills of who wants it more. The establishment does not have the will to win; they only are motivated out of fear to hold on to power and influence. They have to resort to dirty tricks and deceptive practices. They cannot play fair. The GOP establishment has to rely on stealing elections. The Republican National Leadership will experience about time August rolls around will be so discredited because of the dirty tricks used. Then we can see a lot of reasonable doubt cast on Romney’s actual legitimacy really being the presumptive nominee when the numbers really do not add up. I believe the Ron Paul revolution is unstoppable. I do not believe anything the establishment tries to throw up in front of the movement will stop the revolution; it will only strengthen the resolve in the liberty movement.

The establishment will have to answer at the convention why Ron Paul was denied his victories when the numbers said he has won. The Texas Republican party will have to answer at the state convention for their dirty tricks they have pulled stealing elections. There will be hell to pay in Texas because the people watching the elections see the numbers do not add up and know Texans do not have a favorable view of Romney. People down here are very gracious and fair people. However, they draw the line saying no voting for a northeastern liberal over a highly favorable person in Texas.

The GOP nomination process and delegate selection is a battle of wills of who wants it more. If we want our republic back we have to show we are more determined then they are. We have to want it more then those who want to keep the status quo. This will require optimist and not realist to make it happen who will go the distance. Failure is not an option anymore Liberty or Slavery. It is our choice.


  1. The most obvious method of neutralizing the GOP crooks is to render their world intangible to them. The fear of God is being diluted by the grandiose attacks with 9-11, HAARP weather manipulation and flooding, and now the Fukushima self-destructing reactor array being set off. The FEMA camps are really a waste unless you consider how Bush43 and those SEC and FTC wankers would look with their heads resting in the locked FEMA guillotine 'saddles to the stars'. Indiana Sen. Lugar is now on the street. I'll bet he figured a senator's office would remain one of his 'tangible' assets until 'The Rapture' that these knuckle heads want to relieve their anxiety about how corrupt and self-serving stupid they have become. The idiot who masterminded blowing up Fukushima(see Jim Stone's interviews on for starters.)won the 'Stupidest Human of All Time' award. Original Scripture content does not read like the 'fixed up' Bible in these altered passages. These decadent fools will learn an ultimate truth if they do not stop these attacks. The ultimate intangible. The devil does not share his toys.

  2. Actually, I like Weezer. Their Red album wasn't so good, but their first four were great. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got my hash pipe.

  3. unless you deal with the phony voting machines that you republischmucks allowed to be installed everywhere when it suited you, it will not be ALL OVER! They will then install Obama instead of Romney. Have none of you idiots seen "Hacking Democracy" or "Murder Spies and Voting Lies"? Jeez you're all so stupid. It's all about the phony MACHINES!!! CORPORATE VOTING MACHINES!!! Germany's supreme court ruled that only paper ballots counted in public are legal. No wonder they banned nukes. Idiots.
    Poor little republischmucks. When George Bush stole two elections and then pushed through the phony corporate voting machines that was just fine with you. Rent a mobs? Supreme Court decisions cutting off vote counting? Caging, suppression...all peachy if it's for your murderous oil guy. Now the lying election thieves are coming home to roost. Too late to speak out now, theres no one left to speak out for you. Paul will not be allowed to be nominated at the convention. Now you know how it feels.