Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nothing Adds up in Ron Paul's Home Distirict. They Cheated.


Here are the links to the election results

Time to take those electronic voting machines and use them for an artificial reef off the coat in the gulf of Mexico. They are not doing any good for Texas when they can use them to overthrow the will of the people. Going back to the 2008 elections here are some results up to yesterday


  1. Please fix your typo on "District."

  2. I KNOW I was a judge, in Austin, in a highly-neocon area, and I saw at least 2/3 of voters go PAUL. They SAID they were there to vote Paul, and were Reps ONLY for the day, and rolled eyes when choosing to vote with the Republicans. IF I was not a judge, I would have video'd it, but as I was, I just made little notations, and I made a CONSERVATIVE estimate; I believe, for sure, the votes were FLIPPED for FLIP Rombama.