Saturday, May 5, 2012

Never Let the Tyrants Break Our Will With Psychological Warfare Games.

This is a place in history where we are in a fork in the road. The grassroots have been in the trenches fighting against an onslaught of government coming at us. We have seen that when we defeat on piece of legislation, another bill that is similar and worse takes its place. We have seen this with SOPA; we defeated that bill only to see CISPA that makes the Stop Online Piracy act look mild. If CISPA is defeated in the US Senate not making it out of committee. There is another bill worse then CISPA they will bring out until they get their way.

We are seeing the authoritarians in government coming at us fast and furious trying to wear us down mentally. We are fighting people who do this work full time scheming how to fool us all day while many of us do not have the time because family and our jobs take up most of our day. The other side has the resources and time to keeping coming at us in another directions. If we defeat one bill, many bills are almost identical they will bring out after we defeated them trying to get it passed. They keep coming back and we fight again preventing it from happening one more time.

We are seeing this Climategate. It has been proven a fraud. The people reject it outright. We all know global warming is not real. The people do not want carbon taxes and these draconian laws running every facet of our lives. Politically the movement should be dead in the water. The people know this global warming is a farce. That does not stop these eco freaks from coming back with another scheme to sell paying carbon taxes. They Eco-Tyrants know they are unpopular. I think their strategy is to wear us down to the point we are so exhausted and our resources are so depleted fighting them. They will get it through if they keep coming back at us to the point we can no longer resist them when they make the final push.

They are patient and have the resources they need to keep coming at us. We must not let these people wear us down. We just need to throw these people in jail to neutralize their movement. We can see they are getting desperate calling for the arrest of people who deny man made global warming. They are trying to scare us with drowning Polar Bears and melting ice caps. Now they are getting vicious from one direction with silencing their opposition and from the other way trying to cook the weather data to suit their agenda to gain public support. When both tactics do not work trying to sell this swindle to the people. The eco frauds will keep coming back at us until we are so fatigued we can no longer fight back is their final strategy they will use.

We are seeing the authoritarians coming at the people in all directions like a boxing match where the boxer wears down the opponent making him tire out. The boxer is peppering his opponent with punches until he can strike a blow knocking his opponent down. The same thing, we are being hit one after another by the other side, they are making us expend our resources and wear on us mentally until we cannot fight no more opposing them. They will throw up diversions like a magician who will distract the eyes of the audience with a slide of hand. They are crafty are making us chase shadows while not paying attention to the real attack on us coming. In activism at the grassroots level, we have to make some adjustments in our strategy. We have to learn fight smarter and no harder.

Do you remember after the 2010 mid term elections? All of us thought we can rest a little because the congress will be sworn in January because the congress we voted voted was not in session. Not so fast. They came back in a lame duck session trying to ram down our throats bills we defeated the two years before. When the Tea Party congress was sworn in. We all thought we can breath a little easier. They tried to catch us off guard again because they were passing bills just as draconian as the congress in the last session. Now we had to fight the NDAA, and CISPA. We been in a non stop fight for four years now trying to keep tyranny in check. If Congress is not in session. We have a President who circumvents the law and starts warts. We cannot get congress to act to stop this. We must not get tired and fatigued fighting these tyrants because we are wining even though its seems like they are losing. Please, do not lose heart.

Look at for this for example. I was reading about an Idaho family who cannot build on their own land and the EPA seized the land. They won in court by a jury of their peers. The EPA comes back after the landowners won in court. The bureaucracy kept coming back at them until their life savings were depleted with legal cost. The EPA that has unlimited resources will not stop them until they get what they want coming back at any direction they can. Their strategy is winning at all cost. They have the funding , time and resources to do it that puts all of us at a great disadvantage if we play their game.

If this couple went to the County Sheriff and made their case, if the couple knew the EPA has no jurisdiction and talked to the elected peace officer. The EPA might have backed off if the couple learned how to fight a little smarter then falling into the trap being dragged into court time after time paying for lawyers. Now they are broke and the EPA won because the couple fell into the snare that made them go back fighting the EPA. If they knew how to fight smarter, they would not have wasted their resources. The EPA always backed off when the Sheriff put his foot down saying not in my county. That is if the Sheriff knows his job.

We must learn to pick and chose our battles wisely. We must use our resources where it is most effective from this point on. They are throwing everything at us for one reason. To wear us down and break our will. They know what they are doing is very unpopular and they do not care. They believe if they can wear us down where our resources are depleted not only financially, but also mentally because we put in a lot of time into fighting them. That is part of the strategy of the other side. They think we will give in if our will is broken where we will not resist anymore no matter how much we want to fight back is their goal.

They are patient people, when we win. We must crush their spirit where they can never come back and fight another day with us for a long time or never again. If we do not, they will come back repeatedly with a vengeance until they have their way. We have to fight to win, not just one battle where they come back. We must utterly defeat them where we will make them wish they never been born. If we do not, they will wear us down every time. This is a fight for our survival. It is us or them that goes beyond politics. To me, it is life or death. This why not only defeat them. We must destroy their motivation and never allow them to linger around to ever fight another day. If we don’t, they will strike back.

How do we do it? Stop playing along with their minds games. If we buy into it, they will wear us down every time.

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  1. We must pick the battle we will fight, and wisely.

    This is another core precept of leaderless resistance.

    This proves you get it, Realman (and it is getting so I can read through your bad grammar...good for you!)