Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gun Control:The One Thing Washington DC, Chicago, New York City and Mexico have in Common.

When looking at these cities and our neighbor south of the border. These places are miserable failures governing where freedom does not exist at all. What is so common about the places that set them apart from the rest of the places where people live? I can tell you, you can never pay me enough money to live in any of these places. Why are these places a cesspool of poverty and depravity? Before I get into the main thing what common thread these places have. These places have many things in common that are not good for the people, but help the powerful stay in power.

American cities welcome illegal immigrants further displacing American workers. I hear about in Chicago and New York. Illegal aliens are taking the jobs of bus boys and dishwashers. These are the jobs teens used to do before illegal immigration became a real problem. These places are sanctuary cities were the rule of law is not upheld.

They are hostile to small businesses. In New York and Chicago, it cost a lot of money to do business in the city with costly regulation and taxes. Shop owners have to pay protection money. Aaron Russo found out the hard way about how business is done in Chicago when he owned a Nightclub. It cost a lot of Money to drive a Taxi cab in New York were it cost a lot of money just to get all certificates while big companies are giving easier access to operate because they grease the palms of the local politicians. Washington DC does allow small taxicabs to operate because there is no regulation. It may not last too long because the big Taxi companies are lobbying the city government to put burdensome regulations on the books to will put these small cabs out of business so the big corporation can have a monopoly in the taxi cab business.

All these cities all have a Latino gang problem. The MS-13 gangs are a real problem. The police harass the law-abiding people. They shake down the hard working people all the day and look the other way with the crimes of these gangs that terrorize the community.

All these governments are the most corrupt. The mafia controls all these places. These places can no longer govern in a way that serves the people. There is kickbacks, payoffs and backroom deals in all these places. Political machines where the criminal element is now the ruling class.

Also in all these places that are very corrupt. Crime and corruption is rampant. The Police commit more crimes then the people. Many of the police are paid off by drug dealers and the mafia to look the other way. People can go to jail for defending their home. They will get a stiffer sentence then the person committing the real crime. Police are now revenue generators for the coffers and the gatekeepers on the streets to shield the criminals being caught.

The one thing these places all have in common. That is gun control. The law-abiding are disarmed. Mexico where guns are outlawed for the common person. Only the outlaws have the guns. Cal them drug cartels and the Federalies. There is no difference between the two.  There is violence and death on the Mexican side of the border the most. It is spilling over on our side of the border. Chicago has one of the highest crime rates and the police are just thugs with a badge. So does New York City, Chicago and Washington DC. The people are disarmed and corruption in government and crime make it dangerous for the average person who is trying to live honest. These places, the police will not protect the people. They protect the corrupt system and the criminal elements that pay their cut to government officials to operate with impunity.

The people in all these places do not have the rights or means to protect themselves. They all are disarmed and left defenseless. These places are havens for the lawless and a nightmare for the law abiding. The inocent are always persecuted by the system by some obscure regulation while the real fraud goes unpunished. In New York City. A  $.99 will have to close its doors because they cannot pay the fines of $30,000 because of carrying toy guns. This store employs people, they produce a service people want. New York City only attacks producers. In 1775, the Conolist would have drove mayor Bloomberg into the New York Harbor or tar and feathered being carried around on a rail. Guns protect people from over reaching government.

The right to keep and bear arms is as American as apple pie. The founders put this provision in the Bill of Rights not for hunting game in the wild. It was placed there to give people the means to fend off thieves and a tyrannical government. When the people are disarmed, corruption flourished, the corrupt rule and these places become a wasteland. Chicago and New York are parasites sucking off the productivity of the people. When the wealth is sucked out of the people, poverty follows.

When these places instituted gun control disarming the common people. Corruption in government is empowered and the people are subjugated to tyrannical power. This is why under no circumstance, we never turn in your guns, unless you want live in terror like the Chinese and Russians did with mass murder. Tyranny has always turned societies into a wasteland. We must not let this happen here. All these places show what happens when a people are disarmed. The only way they can turn the rest of American into a nightmarish hell if we let them get away with it by complying with the crooks. If they ask for our guns, give them the lead first.

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