Sunday, May 6, 2012

TV Propaganda Selling NDAA in CBS Show NCIS


  1. As if this is a real problem. Clearly it isn't. They might as well be creating all this hype about the boogie-man! What is to be feared is the sacrificing of our freedoms. Fear is the biggest enemy of freedom, and is always used by despots to herd the sheeple.

  2. The CFRtv creates job opportunities for leather fetishists and bullies and molesters in preparation of the next big molestation.

  3. The television is a tool for brainwashing the idiots, and if this isn't obvious to you, you're one of the idiots.

    I just read another article this morning in which the author asked the tired old question "when is the mainstream media going to start telling the truth?"

    They're not going to tell you the truth because they're your ENEMY, you bone-head.

    The TV will ALWAYS be deceiving the public, because that's why the TV exists, you dim-wit.

    The real question is "when will you finally stop staring into the idiot box and start thinking for yourself?"

    I hear one fool after another complaining about the corporate media, but God forbid should they ever stop staring into the idiot box, or stop reading their lies.

    Instead of complaining about the television and its programming, why don't you throw the thing into the garbage bin where it belongs?

    I haven't had a TV in my house for more than twenty-five years and I haven't missed it for a minute. Why are you so addicted to that trash that you can't imagine life without it?

    (these insults aren't directed at you, George, but instead they go out to all the mentally-challenged mopes who are still watching TV.)