Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Texans who are Still Being Groped by the TSA. Thank David Dewhurst By Voting against Him For US Senate.

The Transportation Security Administration along with the IRS and possibly the BATF are one of the most hated agencies of the Federal government. These government agencies are the face of Tyranny. Nevertheless, the TSA is at the top of the list of the most hated and vilified. The reason why is because of the atrocities the elderly have endured along with the evasive searches and groping. The full body scanners being a health danger which has not been tested. All these TSA screeners actions has enraged the American people.

When the Texas legislature came into session in 2010. State Representative David Simpson drafted legislation making illegal using official oppression prohibiting the TSA from groping people without a warrant using existing state law. The existing state law makes it a felony to touch people against their will. The bill if it was signed into law would allow state law enforcement to arrest TSA agents for official oppression for groping travelers against their will as a condition to fly.

The Bill passed with an overwhelming majority in the State House. The Bill was going to the State Senate. The bill was about to go to the floor for a vote in the the State Senate. The number to pass by a large majority of State Senators concurring making the bill veto proof. The Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst along with a Representative from the US Department of Justice was on the Senate floor twisting the arms of the State Senators to cave in and not bring the bill to the floor for a vote. The Obama DOJ made threats of an air blockade if the bill became law. The Texas Lt Governor colluded with the Obama White House to make sure the bill would not become law.

Even though time was running out in the regular session. Lt David Dewhurst was experiencing a public backlash from the people. To try to appease the angry people of Texas, he recommended to Governor Rick Perry bring the bill back up in a special session as part of the agenda. Gov. Rick Perry dragged his feet and waited until the last minute to put the bill on the agenda in the special session, which made the bill die. Due to the lack of time because the special session was about to close, there was no chance to revive the bill.

I will not forgive Lt David Dewhurst. He is a RINO. He is a globalist hack. He is part of the establishment. He is what is wrong with Texas government and politics. He is part of the status quo and works for the special interest. He was part of George Soros's Bretton Woods two conference along with Mitt Romney. Those in Texas still being groped at the airport. Please say Thanks to David Dewhurst for continuing to allow the perverts in the TSA to sexually assault innocent people with impunity in the Lone Star State. The Lt Gov efforts helping the Obama Administration stopping the bill that would have made it illegal for TSA to grope people will be his demise. Remember what he did when you vote May 29, 2012. We should not forget at all Lt Gov Dewhurst played a part of nixing the Anti TSA groping bill.

If the People of Texas was heard and both chambers of the Texas Legislature would have passed the bill, it would have been a major victory for states rights where a chain reaction would have been triggered. Other states would have followed Texas. Then the momentum would have started to shift in favor of the people. Lt Dewhurst denied the people of Texas that victory for the Obama White House aiding and abetting by helping a DOJ rep. twist the arms of state Senators threatening Texans with a siege over Texas skies.

This May 29, 2012 when you vote in the Primary election in Texas. If you had your ox gored being groped like Miss America after this TSA anti groping bill was killed. Thank Lt Gov Dewhurst and all the State Senators who caved in to the White House threats by voting them out of office. They are not fit to hold office and we should let the Lt Gov know the people of Texas are not stupid and we do not forget. He should not go to Washington, we should just end his political career. Do not forget what David Dewhurst did no matter how good his commercials are. He screwed the people of Texas. He is just like Gov. Slick Rick Perry. They both have the Texas accent, which is about as Texas they will get. What we see in their actions and rhetoric. Nevertheless, they are all hat and no cattle.


  1. Yeah, keep voting. It's worked great so far!

  2. Have received several political flyers in the mail from David Dewhurst with no mention of Ron Paul in them. That tells me a lot.

  3. I like coming to your site, especially now that the grammar is substantially improved (grin). I don't want to annoy you, I'm sincere in what I said. You're plugged in to what is happening in Texas and your instincts are right but... I would suggest you reverse the background in this text box to black on white. It would make it a lot easier for people to read. Apologies if I seem out of line here.