Friday, May 11, 2012

2012: The Summer of Panic and Desperation for Obama and the Globalist.

This summer will be a dangerous time in our nation’s history. We have no real threats externally from a foreign power to concern us. Out threat comes right out of the White House and his backers who are the international bankers and Wall Street. They want complete control of the American people indenturing them to debt slavery. They will not come out overtly and say it. They will fabricate and create a crisis as an excuse to clamp down on the American people.

In the summer of 2009, the tried creating the swine flu crisis. The globalist fabricated a pandemic so the Pharmaceutical companies can manufacture vaccines under the UN World Heath Organization declaration being paid for with our tax dollars. They predicated the swine flu would rear its ugly head in the fall. They were preparing for forced inoculations of the population. That fell flat on its face and could not create a crisis as an excuse to crack down on the people.

Operation gunrunner or as others call operation fast and furious where guns, grenades and rocket launchers coordinated by various US Government agencies smuggled arms into Mexico to the drug cartels to foment violence on the Southern Border. Many people inside the system blew the whistle. They were going to use the violence on the US/Mexican border as a way to go after the guns of the American people attacking the right to keep and bear arms as the reason for the deaths inside Mexico. That operation has been exposed and Obama's anti gun agenda has backfired. This scandal can still bring down Obama and Eric Holder.

This White House has tried to demonize the patriots with the raid on the Hutarie militia and the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords as a way to go after the Tea Party, the patriots and gun ownership. That backfired in their faces also. Obama tried to use a crisis as an excuse to push for the ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty. All these actions by the Obama administration has not intimidated people, it emboldened the people to go out and buy more guns and Ammo.

The expert’s predication in 2009, 2010, and 2011 was something that never happened. They predicated a summer of rage where there would be civil unrest and riots around the nation. It never happened even though the economy keeps going in a downward spiral and accelerating. The Tea Party never started a riot in the summers 2009 and 2010 no matter how many agent provocateurs they used to try to stir up trouble so they can use an incident to demonize the Tea Party movement. They tried the same thing with Occupy Wall Street and it has not worked either. People are no longer ignorant to the government’s devices provoking incidents to make the opposition look bad.

Now we are approaching the summer of 2012. The left right paradigm has been shattered. It is no longer about left and right, republican or democrat. It is about freedom or slavery. The establishment in both parties is for the same things; just speak in different rhetoric. Ron Paul is now making a comeback in the primaries picking up the majority of delegates in 10 states and counting. Barrack Obama can possibly be debating Ron Paul and not Mitt Romney. This something the White House does not want to happen.

People are buying guns in record in number that dwarf the numbers back in late 2008. Agenda 21 is being pushed back in many counties. Tennessee has passed anti UN agenda 21 resolution in the state legislature. Arizona and other states legislatures have pending legislation also that might pass saying no to Agenda 21. There is resistance building against the system. The Underwear Bomber Saga number two is a hoax like the first one, all contrived and carried out by the same US government assets. FBI thwarts it own plots just to make news to scare people into giving up their right for safety. That has been exposed proving the war on terror was a hoax used to steal people’s freedom.

The White House and Homeland Security have put out publications to be distributed to law enforcement nationwide making all patriots and political enemies to the new world order a threat to national security. The have made the TSA far more oppressive in the airports now coming onto city streets. The NDAA now allows the US Military to arrest American citizens without charging them holding them indefinitely. The US government now sees the people as the enemy. No amount of spin in the controlled media will be believable. The White House and the US government have lost all credibility wit the American people.

The system is in a panic right now because they have over reached and miscalculated every move they made against the American people. They cannot back off when the opposition is too much because even in retreat, they might face justice and now they have no choice to take it all going for broke. They have no choice because they have no place to retreat back to and facing a growing awakening before them. They are getting desperate. This is what is going to make them very dangerous people in the summer of 2012. They are cornered like rats and exposed for who they really are. Seeking to dominate and control the people as authoritarians.

This summer we can see many attempted false flag operations to try to demonize the American people and the opposition. We can see a phony assassination attempt on the President's life and his family that was made to fail in order to gain public sympathy. Joseph Stalin did this as a reason for his mass arrest and purgings when he claimed an attempt on his life was staged. Can we see another false flag attack more spectacular then Oklahoma City or what happened on Sept 11, 2001? The second underwear bomber seemed to go bust just like the first one since the US government bringing the person on the plane without a passport facilitated the staged attmept. The US Government and the mainstream media have no more credibility. None one believes a word they say anymore because they were caught lying even though the truth would serve them well.

Obama's numbers do not look well to be reelected a second term. The US congress has only a nine percent approval rating. The bankers and Wall Street corruption are being exposed a crooks. The economy is going in the tank. Alternative media is now becoming the dominate source for news.

The other side is desperate to pull it off because retreat means they will go to jail and if they lose the battle for world government, they will go to jail. They want to stay in power and to control the world. This is why the mad rush signing executive orders and ramming laws down the throat’s of the American people. Because they know, their time is short. They know national discontent is at an all time high. This is why it will be the summer of panic and desperation for the tyrants. They know the day of the inevitable is coming; trying to delay it will not work. I believe the revolution against bankers and tyranny is unstoppable. This is why this summer; they will be the most dangerous. So do not lose heart, we are wining, this is why they are panicking.


  1. If the left right paradigm has been shattered, as you claim. If "it is no longer about left and right, republican or democrat." Then why do you keep going on and on about Obama?

    You claim that things aren't looking good for Obama. Why does that matter? If there really is no difference between the two parties, why do you light up with glee at the thought of him losing?

    Do you think Romney will be any better? Even one little bit better, than Obama?

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