Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why the Feds Want to Remove or Compromise the Office of the County Sheriff in the States.

The Office of the Sheriff is oldest office in this country. It is older then the office of the President of the United States. The office of the Sheriff proceeds long before the Colonies back to the Magna Carta as an English Common law office. The office was called the Shire Reeve meaning the keeper of the county, the office of Sheriff has different duties varying from nation to nation.

In the United State, the county Sheriff is the most powerful office and the oldest office in the republic before the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was ratified. The Sheriff has more power the President of the United States and the State Governors. Neither the President or the Governor of the States cannot tell the Sheriff what to do that is illegal or unconstitutional. They are constitutional officers as an office in the State Constitutions. To remove the office of Sheriff in the several states requires repealing that part of the State Constitutions that makes the elected Peace officer as a Constitutional officer.

Nationwide there is an effort to remove the office of Sheriff from the land. The States of Hawaii and Alaska does not have the office of Sheriff. Dade County Florida has no elected Sheriff. Recently,the State of Connecticut removed the county Sheriff by an act of the State Legislature. The State of Missouri keeps bringing bills forward trying to get rid of the Sheriff in the show me state. In the state of Delaware, they are making moves to remove the county Sheriff, to the point the government has voted to reduce the Sheriff's salary and strip his lawful authority.

In Indiana, a Sheriff told the feds to back off with an Amish family selling raw milk. The Sheriffs out west had stood up to the US forest service blocking roads. A Federal Judge ruled in favor for the State of Wyoming that the Sheriffs are the chief law enforcement officer of the county when the BATF took them to court. Sheriff Richard Mack won the landmark decision Prinz Mack vs. Brady Bill that restored stat's rights. This has the Feds upset that some Sheriffs are starting to stand up.

I have a feeling the Federal government is lobbying state legislators to remove the county sheriff from the states and replace the elected position with an elected Police chief  that is not accountable to the people. They will do this offering Federal money to many cash strapped state with budget problems if they eliminate the office of Sheriff.. This office is a thorn in the side of the tyrants in Washington.

The other way they can get county sheriffs to break to go along with the Federal government. DHS just purchased 450 million rounds of ammunition. This has caused problem for local law enforcement who purchase bullets for training and for on duty. This has caused a shortage in ammunition where local police and Sheriffs cannot order ammunition for their staff.  It has caused also the price of bullets to go up dramatically. They might have to go through DHS to get some ammunition. The Feds might do it with strings attached going along with tyranny or have an embedded person inside the departments to keep an eye on things making sure they comply with Homeland security.

Apart from the right to keep and bear arms, The County Sheriff the people delegate the right to keep and bear arms to protect life liberty and property within there jurisdiction. The county Sheriff can keep the TSA off the streets and Federal agents from harassing people. Some sheriffs have woken up and resisting incursions by these alphabet soup agencies. There are local elections going on nationwide where candidates running on a platform of keeping the Federal government in check when their presence is unlawful and unconstitutional.

This is why the Federal government wants to eliminate the office of county Sheriff that is accountable to the people. They want to replace the Sheriff with an unelected appointed police chief who is a yes man who is answerable to the bureaucrats and not to the people. If 40 percent of the Sheriffs say "no" to TSA in their counties groping people on the side of the road. If they say no to NDAA taking citizen away for no reason without charge. If they stand in the gap stopping gun confiscation by BATF using out of state law enforcement assets as it was done in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The country sheriffs in surrounding Perishes outside New Orleans caught FEMA cutting the communication lines of Police and Sheriffs. They threw FEMA out of the county and posted armed guards to protect the communication systems.

We musty protect the office of county sheriff from being taken away from us. Maybe not the corrupt sheriff himself. However, the office because it can be a stopgap between freedom and slavery. Know the truth; the county Sheriff is the most powerful man in the America. That truth scares the tyrants in Washington DC because it a good number of county Sheriffs stands up with an armed posse. It is over for the Globalist.


  1. In New Jersey I would like to see them dump the local police organization and then go with the existing county sheriff. Many of the local police would have to be transferred but in my country there are 39 different police departments so you would get rid of 1 chief of police and 4 assist chief of police for each 39 different units. The chief of police makes over $200,000 a year. The same situation exist with the schools. The counties are not all the big and they should only have one per county.

  2. The county Sheriff can keep the TSA off the streets and Federal agents from harassing people.

    Then why don't they? Why do these vaunted officials, these wonderful sheriffs you speak so highly of, not do ANY of the things you mention they can do?

    Name five sheriffs that are blocking the TSA. Hell, name one and I'll buy you a steak dinner.

    Sheriffs are cops. Cops are government workers. Government workers work for the government.

    Above all else, the government worker's job is to keep his job. To keep the system rolling.

    These sheriffs you so love Realman would happily- happily- blow you away if you really threatened the status quo.

    They aren't fighting the system because they are the system!

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