Friday, May 4, 2012

TSA: The U.S. Government's Useful Idiots.

The TSA rank and file grope brigades will never come to the terms they are not that they are a special cadre their bosses told them they were. They are told they are important and needed. They are told they have all this power and authority to keep the skies safe. The truth is the TSA screeners are the useful idiots or fools of tyrants. They are nothing, and can be replaced. They are expendable because they will find another sucker to take their place. They do not plan to keep them on the payroll once they have been used.

They believe the lies of their masters saying the full body scanners are safe and use no more radiation then what the sun gives off. Countless reports from scientist and credible people have spoken out saying these machines are not safe. It has been proven they will cause cancer to the TSA worker who stands next to the machine all day. The TSA workers refuse to believe the facts and believe what the government tells them. Now TSA workers out of Boston Logan Airport are now getting cancer operating these machines. It is covered up and not reported. The truth is, these TSA workers will be thrown to the curb after they have been all used up. Their bosses have no compassion for even their minions who carry out their evil deeds.

It is poetic justice, seeing this happen because of unjust actions. Just like the law enforcement officer who writes frivolous speeding tickets and places that Radar gun between his legs cooking his family jewels. Police officers who used these radar guns at speed traps have been diagnosed with cancer of the testicles. Regardless of TSA, workers getting cancer standing next to the body scanners form hours.  The same can be said about law enforcement officer using the radar gun. It is judgment, upon them for doing wrong when they know Mom and Dad taught them better. These people know right from wrong. No one can escape God’s justice in this life and afterward without accountability when violating human dignity in the cruelest way possible.

Useful idiots are never portrayed as great heroes in history, there are held in disdain and in reproach. They do not get a special award for being such an evil person. They either are cast aside or killed off. The Red Terror in Russia, many useful idiots were told they are the special ones who have no worries. They executed countless innocent people, they mowed down unarmed people eating acorns in the snow when the government cut off the food to the people. They soon will share a grave with the peasants because the new henchmen will execute the executioners. A government that is very uncaring toward the innocent people just as much has no pity or gratitude for their enforcers either. A wicked system treats itself more evil then they do to the innocent people because there is no honor.

These TSA agents coming out on the American streets expanding out from the airports, bus stations and train depots will show how much these useful idiots they really are. They will be used to teat the people and careless if these TSA agants get killed or beaten up by an angry mom.The American people will not tolerate these checkpoints for no reason at all. There is no real threat. The only clear and present danger there is the establishment power being lost, being arrested  and thrown in jail for their crimes. These TSA agents  are just canon fodder and a sandbag to shield  the corrupt.

They are the few, the pathetic, the expendable; they are the TSA, the government's useful idiots


  1. I suspect that the TSA may have been allowed to run wild as the "bad cop" in the good cop/bad cop game.
    If Obama (or whoever) takes them down, people will be so relieved that the "bad cop" is gone that they'll just LOVE the "good cop" --- who's actually just as bad as the "bad cop," but smiles and calls you "sir" while he's working you over.
    Same way I set you up with one punch that I let you see coming so you can block it -- then nail you with the one you DIDN'T see.
    It's all shuck and jive.
    The TSA is the punch they're letting us SEE.
    What punch are they preparing that we DON'T see?

    liberty & justice,


  2. The TSA has no talent for finding the American and Israeli terrorists who did 9-11. When TSA agents played hide-and-go-seek as children, nobody would look for them.

  3. The "funny" part is, that these useful idiots will end up suing the federal government for their cancer, because they did not know it was dangerous, when in reality they abused people who refused the scanners with extra good cavity searches. I hope they remember the incidents when they wait for their chemo.......

  4. Imagine when all of the TSA people are given shotguns and police powers during the collapse? These are the people who will be on the front lines of the federal death squads which will liquidate the stock the US.