Monday, May 14, 2012

I Call on Florida Governor Rick Scott to Pardon Marrissa Alexander for Firing a Warning Shot at Her Abusive Husband.

Dear Governor Rick Scott,

             I am now a Texan, before moving to Texas. I lived in Florida most of my life. I had to leave Florida because so much miscarriage of justice I witnessed in the Sunshine State. I seen Florida the Department of Children and Families destroy Greg Pound's family over a dog bite from a dog that was not theirs. I know a man sitting in prison for back child support, child support was garnished from his wages. The state never sent the money to the mother as the agency was suppose to do. The Bureaucracy's answer was It was his responsibility and the state is not accountable even though they have his money. Can you see, the State of Florida has a court system of a banana republic.

             I lived in Pasco County, Bernie McCabe is one of the most over zealous prosecutors in the State of Florida. The sunshine state has become so corrupt and the justice system so unequal. We have Home Owners associations stealing homes for $2000 liens and banks doing illegal foreclosures. The Judges on the bench do not apply the law as it should be applied. In Florida, justice is for the wealthy and not for the common person. I am a proud Texan now and glad I am out of Florida. There is a saying about Pasco county Florida and their over zealous justice system" come here on vacation, leave on probation and come back on violation" It may sound funny, but it is so true.

             In the prison system in Florida, there are ladies who do not belong in the system. The killed their abusive husbands out of self defense after years of enduring mental and physical cruelty. For Marrissa Alexander who just been handed a sentence of 20 years for firing a warning shot in the air at her abuser. She should get a full pardon or her sentence commuted. Child Molesters and other sex offenders in Florida get much shorter sentences. I remember intoxicated people getting fined for firing shot in the ceiling in their houses for no reason or at a Fourth of July Barbeque getting a $100 fine for discharging firearms within city limits. To see this mother of three get 20 years is a miscarriage of Justice.

            I have to remind you, you hold the power to pardon. That power was not giving to you to help your friends out of a jam. The power to pardon is not because you have pity on a person. The power of the pardon was given to you as a check against a corrupt court. When the courts have failed in procedure, the accused was not allowed every legal remedy at their disposal under due process of law. This woman firing a warning shot, the punishment does not fit the crime. This is why you should pardon or commute the sentence of Marrissa Alexander.

            I ask you as the State Governor to execute justice tempered with mercy. Mrs Alexander does not deserve 20 years in prison. Please pardon her. It is not about politics, or race. It is about doing what is right and giving her a full pardon is the morally right thing to do. I hope as Florida's Governor, you will exercise good judgement correct this injustice that happened to Marrissa Alexander.

Lone Star Watchdog

Telephone the Governor Rick Scott (850) 717-9337

or E Mail the Florida governor here


  1. Again Realman, because you simply listened to someone else's opinion, rather than research the issue and form your own, you've been misled.

    Ms. Alexander was not jailed for firing a warning shot. She was jailed because she didn't need to fire a warning shot.

    If I'm about to kill you, so you pull a gun out of your pocket and shoot me, that is self defense. If I'm about to kill you, so you run into your house, go into the bedroom, get your gun, come outside and then shoot me, it's murder.

    Alexander actually got away. She was out of danger. She ran into the garage, got the gun, came back, and fired. That's not self defense. If she ran into the garage and got the gun, and her attacker followed her, she could have shot him with no charges being filed.

    And the reason is simple. Imminent danger. If you're able to leave the scene and get our of danger, you're out of danger.

    You are not required in Florida to retreat. But if you can retreat, you can't come back later and claim self defense.

    And it's clear why. How long should a person be given to come back and shoot? A day? A week? Can I track down the guy that was threatening me two weeks later, them shoot him as he comes out of work?

    Of course not. He is no longer a threat. Shooting him later would turn self defense into premeditated murder.

    And that is what happened here. She was out of danger. She had no need to confront him. But instead of leaving- and then continuing to leave- she went back to threaten him.

    That's not self defense. She was charged correctly.

    See what happens when you read the facts, instead of someone else's opinion?

  2. the point isn't that she committed a crime...the point is that it was even brought before the court by the state prosecutor in the first place... the U.S. has the most number of inmates per capita because of our overzealous legal system.