Monday, May 14, 2012

Eugenics, The Tyrants Will Fall into the Pit they Dug for Us

If you look at Obama's approval ratings, it does not look well for him. He has no clue about what America is about. He only knows Chicago mafia style politics. We are not Russia, China, or Cuba. We are Americans, even though we have a sizable dumbed population. We do also have a very sizable core element that will resist where many in a trance will finally wake up out of their stupor seeing the tyranny in the land. If you ask anyone who was in the Soviet Army who tried to subdue Afghanistan. They understood they cannot conquer an armed populace, that quagmire brought the Soviet Union to an end.

The Bankers and the ruling families who control most of the wealth of the world. are hardcore eugenicist. They want to exterminate about 80 to 90 percent of the population on the earth. They encourage birth control, abortions. Eugenics is behind the one child policy in China. Eugenics was behind the Red Terror were millions died because of state imposed famines and mass murder in Russia, Asia and Eastern Europe. They were behind the killing of the mentally retarded and the handicapped because they were considered useless eaters. What they are trying to impose on us in America, they are using the same playbook they used to murder millions of people. It is not working anymore.

The blessing we have as Americans living under a free society for so long. We witnessed this looking from afar of how despotic regimes murdered with reckless abandon. We were outraged with righteous indignation reading about the atrocities committed under communism. The miracle of the internet, we start to really learn how they actually implemented their tyranny by first hand accounts from those who actually lived through it. When we start to see it happen here, we start to expose it based on historical facts. The result is in many ways the control freaks have been successful, on the other hand we have held them back by exposing the truth thanks to the alternative media.

When I read about NDAA, FEMA Camps and Foreign troops. We look at the TSA oozing itself on city streets to do what they did so good in the airports harassing airline passengers touching crotches. When we read about where the feds training the Police, we see little thugs with badges and guns killing people. All these assets are planing for a mass arrest of dissidents and political enemies. To force inoculations on us and shut down family farms and home gardens in order to starve us into submission. They plan with some of us they arrest, they will ship us to a secret CIA locations to be tortured and even murdered. That is what they plan on doing to us if we let them get away with it. Are we going to allow it to happen here? I certainly will not permit mass murder in America.

When we have a mass awakening in America, the people are buying guns and ammunition in mass. People are aware of what our government is trying to do for the bankers. The tyrants want to pick a fight and provoke the American people real bad so they have an excuse to confiscate guns, mass arrest and Martial law. I just have a feeling at the end of the day. The very infrastructure them put in place to imprison us might be used to detain them when the people arrest the TSA, thugs, the traitor politicians, bankers and bureaucrats. Can that be karma working? The dictator trying to conquer America will learn the hard way, what goes around comes around.

Remember the internet was supposed to be a weapon to be used against us to keep track and watch over us. They thought through the internet, they can control us. The elites thought wrong, today this internet is now the weapon that is being used against them. Just like I think 300 and 450 million rounds the DHS purchased will be used against them to restore liberty and the republic. DO you agree. The weapons they plan on using on us will be turned back on them just like them falling into the pit they dug just for us.


  1. Sounds reasonable to me, and to anyone with more than one brain cell. There's a shortage of those in our government

  2. Do you actually know what the word "eugenics" means?

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