Saturday, May 12, 2012

DHS Inside Source: Obama May Try a False Flag Event as Excuse to Cancel Elections?

Everything points to some major and spectacular event getting ready to happen. The President is in desperation mode to hold onto power. This is nothing new; false flag operations have been practiced in the past by other dictators as a way to gain the people’s confidence and to clamp down on the population. President George W. Bush poll numbers were in the sewer before the 9-11 attacks. After that day, his approval ratings soured and the war on terror was used as an election strategy. President Clinton's agenda was about to be dead with the Republican Revolution when the opposing party took back both houses of congress. All of sudden, the Oklahoma City bombing took place as a way to demonize the patriot and militia movement. If OKC has not happened, Bill Clinton would not be reelected a second term.

According to a DHS whistle Blower, The White House might be planning to stage riots and race wars as a way to declare Martial Law so he can set up DHS Checkpoints on the Highways and the indefinite Delay to the elections this November. He might declare himself Dictator for life. The President might stage a phony assassination attempt. Using the label of a White Supremacist label who is only an FBI groomed Patsy to take the fall and spark off a race war inside the United States. Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin staged his own assassination attempts on his life to justify to great purge in Russia. There is also the incident of Queen Beatrix used a phony assassination attempt to justify more tyranny in the Netherlands.

Can we see a phony Military coup that both sides will not be troops? The US Government assets used can be contractors like Blackwater to dress up as US Army or US Marine uniforms. Posing as Military personal to stage, a coup with the objective showing the people to rally around the dictator when the phony take over is put down. This can be all the excuse he needs to make the internet to go dark, to take over all forms of communications, transportation and infrastructure to spark a civil war. I have no evidence to prove Obama will try staging a fake Military coup as an excuse to suspend the Constitution. I am just using one example in history that it can be a possibility with this administration.

Here is an example: The last Soviet Leader Gorbachev before the Soviet Union fully collapsed staged a phony coup to get the Russian people to rally around him. That did not happen, the Russian people rallied around Boris Yeltsin instead. The Phony Russian coup failed. As a result, the old Soviet Union was no more. These phony staged coups are used to flush out the opposition and an excuse to clamp down on the people and bring in hardcore tyranny. I hear about there being talks behind closed doors in the US Military of a military coup to remove Obama. I would recommend the soldiers be careful, this might be a set up to flush out the opposition inside the Armed forces to remove the officers who are against the regime and to retain the ones loyal to the dictator.

This summer, it look like this can be the most dangerous time in our history because thanks to the patriot movement and the alternative media. We are breathing down their necks. Ron Paul is rising in the polls and gaining delegates. Hypothetically, Ron Paul is the nominee for the GOP facing off against Barrack Obama in the November elections. There might be a staged event to justify canceling the elections because Ron Paul will win by a landslide. If Dr. No does win, to keep the Texas Congressman from being sworn in, Obama might declare himself President for life staging an event. He will not give up power that easily. Obama has called on bringing in the UN with the Eric Holder's DOJ to observe the Presidential elections to use voter fraud as an attempt to be reelected. He is going to pull out all stops, just to hold onto power. I do not underestimate what he will do, even if he loses the election. He will do everything and use everything at his disposal to stay in power.

This is going to be a very scary time for this nation and the world. Can a war with Iran triggering an economic collapse here causing riots in the streets because people are hungry and the dollar is worthless? Anything is possible at this point because the money junkies who back Obama who is just a puppet risk losing everything if the republic is restored. This is why these people including Obama are so dangerous.


  1. How exactly is Obama desperate to stay in power? Romney is a weak threat, and Paul is no threat period.

    The Republicans are running Romney because they know Obama will win. So they figure to not waste a good candidate. Instead, use a throwaway. A sacrifice. The Republican party has ceded this race to Obama.

    Of course Obama will win. Not because of vote fraud, or some "dictator for life" fantasy. But because Ron Paul won't get enough votes to be the Republican nominee, and Romney isn't a good enough candidate to beat Obama.

    There is absolutely no conspiracy here. There doesn't have to be one. Dems will vote for Obama. Repubs will vote for Romney or Paul, thus splitting the vote and giving Obama the win.

    This is politics 101 here. Maybe if you spent less time reading alternate media, and more time just plain thinking, you'd know these things.

  2. Seeing the pattern isn't crazy.
    Check out his article:


    1. Sorry sj, but there is a world of difference between seeing the pattern, and seeing a pattern where none exists. The former is illuminating, the later is distracting.

      If you believe that there is more going on than they let us see, doesn't that therefore prove my point?

      Realman posts an article by a man claiming the CIA will fake an assassination attempt, thus allowing Obama to suspend the elections and name himself dictator for life.

      Setting aside the fact that people said the same thing about Bill Clinton the Bush W, is it plausible? And more to the point, is it plausible that WE would be allowed to find out about it?

      We are talking about the most explosive secret in the world! And they'd simply let this guy post it on the web, for the likes of Realman to post? For the likes of Realman??

      Patterns exist, but sometimes patterns don't exist. And sometimes patterns are as obvious as they seem to be.

      Obama will win, and it won't make a bit of difference to you or me. He'll be no better or worse than Romney.

      Saying so isn't missing the pattern, it's simply seeing the pattern for as simple as it is.

  3. Phony voting machines have the support of the democrat AND republican parties, which tells us what these two groups' national headquarters want to see the American people wallowing in this November. If by some miracle, local democrat and republican parties reach an agreement just before election day and set up a legitimate vote, it may end up a repeat of the Clint Eastwood movie 'The Gauntlet' if Dr. Paul has not dumped his Secret Service protection for something better, like no security at all(out of the question) or war veterans who know that unlike the Bush cabal , Hitlery, and B.O., Dr. Paul and the American people care about soldiers' welfare in battle and at home.

  4. Why are you worried?
    He has already staged his coup.
    The next election is his - That is Barry Soetoros.
    You are already beaten.
    The votes are being counted in Spain - by a Soros owned company with a CEO who is Barry's crony and contributor.
    Rotten to the absolute core.
    And who has protested that fix.

  5. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Barry Soretoro, Military Guarding the attendees, Mass Evacuation Plans...

    Nope nothing to see here, move along sheep

  6. Drug running into the United States, and the apparent working relationship between the CIA and Mexican drug cartels, lately hinted at by the "Fast & Furious" scandal

    Is where I would expect a false-flag to come from, as the Mexican cartels can field thousands of "al Qaeda"-like troops, having been armed already via "Fast & Furious, with the coallated evidence seems to indicate a strategy used in other regions of the world where CIA drug trafficking in border states, that are being used to destabilize target regimes.

  7. How soon we forget the elections have already been tallied and the machines are being programmed to report "correctly."

    Until there are paper ballots, hand-tallied, every election result should be questioned. Not that there is much difference between candidates.

    Who counts the vote is more important than how you vote.

    Until the money scam ends, voting a new slave-master is of little "interest" to me. The vote is bought and if it is somehow wrong, it's changed.

    Money talks. Guess who owns the money?

  8. I was far more concerned when they said Bush was going to do the same thing when he was up for reelection. As much as I love a good conspiracy theory, I just don't think this one is even remotely likely to happen. Because Bush seemed far more capable and inclined to pull something like this, especially with Cheney running things. Obama just doesn't quite come off as the dictator type and nobody would follow him even if he was. He just isn't charismatic enough. The false flag? That I can believe in because we've seen plenty of them in our own lifetime let alone throughout history. I am far more worried about some backdoor being opened to stage war with Iran on whatever premise can be found... But the Obama-as-dictator for life just seems too much like the same story told with Bush eight years ago and that didn't come to pass any more than the end of the world with Y2K.

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