Sunday, March 4, 2012

Putin Wins Election by Sizable Majority.

This is bad news for the Bankers that Vladimir Putin has been elected President on March 4th. I give my congratulations to the new Russian President Elect to the Russian Federation. I thank God Putin was elected, we need a hardliner anti Banker to stand against these evil blood thirsty oligarchs. This election is more transparent than the American elections with these Diebold Machines that steal the votes of worthy candidates like Ron Paul. It is my Hope that Ron Paul be President because I know many good positive things can happen between normalized relations with Russia and America.

The Russian people spoke, they do not want another puppet leader like they had for decades being controlled by the international Banking cartel. They seen enough wars and blood shed. The Russian people know all too well what happens when the bankers run the show. They seen poverty, famines and death at the hands of tyrants being puppets for the oligarchs. The Russian people know better then to vote for a puppet leader who ran against Putin. Putin brought stability to Russia and will keep the country stable for many years to come. They will be the news economic power in Europe if they maintain the trajectory moving upward.

The United States goverment has no credibility to say the elections were rigged because they deny Ron Paul the victories he deserves. They have no moral high ground to talk about fairness and freedom anymore. I thank God there isa  hardline leader who will stand against the international Banking cartel. The United States was once seen as a force of good standing from what was right. Now we are a rogue nation hell bent on wars for the Bankers and Israel. Our military no longer preserve and protect freedom. Now they are hired mercenaries for Israel, the Corporations and for the Bankers to take over the money supply to steal the wealth of a nation.

The other reasons why I like this victory for Putin is because if Obama gets a second term and there is wide spread voter fraud going on that resulted in him getting reelected. If state like Texas, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire and Arizona secede from the United States. We know Putin will recognize these free states to sovereign nations free to make treaties, establish trade and form alliances. Putin might be the man to stop world war three from starting in the middle east and in Asia which could help bring down the Bankers in Europe if they cannot start a war.

I tip my hat to the Russian people for making a good choice. The Russian people know far to too much and suffered a lot because of the oligarchs. They know Putin will keep the peace because after the 20th century of war, death and famines fighting wars to the bankers. They know they need a hardline leader who has the moral courage to stand against these wicked money junkies. God the Texas, God Bless the Russian Federation.

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  1. Thank God for The Putin's victory.
    May freedom ring in Russia.
    And thank YOU for the update.