Sunday, March 4, 2012

The United States Government Lost Its Moral Authority Decrying Election Fraud in Russia

If I were the people in thew US Government. I keep my mouth shut crying voter fraud in the presidential elections in Russia. No election can be one hundred percent honest. But there can be measure in place to stop voter fraud whenever it shows up and correct the counting of the votes. Our goverment now does not work for the American people anymore, nor does it care about our well being. They do not work for us anymore. They work for the Bankers, Israel and giant corporations.

We been hearing about how evil the Russian KGB is because they steal secrets and they arrest dissidents. We been told how evil the USSR was for many decades. Little did we know about our own CIA that not only is behind smuggling drugs into the United States to fund their covert operations. They been involved in destabilizing nations to over throw leaders who would not play ball with the bankers. The CIA has been involved in also rigging elections in other countries to put in dictators who will do the bidding of the US Government or the Bankers. Saddam Hussein would not go along with the bankers. They lied saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We invaded Iraq and killed their leader.

Now since Russia had their Presidential election on March 4, 2012. Putin won by a landslide with over sixty percent of the votes. I have read the White House and the State Department were getting ready to cry vote fraud in Russia because they know the Russian people where going to elect him back into office. I am not saying Russia and Putin are saints. They are far from it. The truth is Russia has more moral authority then the United States now. Russia now has the moral high ground and the United States has no moral rationalization or credibility to cry voter fraud when they steal election at home.

Ever since the Iowa caucus. Texas congressmen Ron Paul has had votes stolen away from him. This fraud followed in New Hampshire, Nevada, Maine and in Washington. Ron Paul is the only candidate who can beat Obama. The White House would rather have a Romney, a Gingrich or a Santorum to run against because there is no distinction between Obama and the other three neo cons. If Obama ran against Ron Paul. Dr. No would win by a landslide against Obama. Because Ron Paul is the real anti establishment candidate and is a man who really speaks for the people.

The United States goverment has no business lambasting the election results in Russia calling them unfair when the election is stolen here. Ron Paul being the latest example of watching out in the open seeing the goverment and the GOP leadership committing voter fraud. The election results in Russia was not the what the money junkies and the US goverment wanted. The only tool they have is cry voter fraud. Until Ron Paul gets treated fair in the GOP race. The US goverment has no place to talk about having fair elections if our elections are rigged here also. They stacked the deck against Ron Paul. Now the world sees how Ron Paul is treated so unfairly. It just shows we have lost the moral high ground as a nation. We need Ron Paul in the White House

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