Sunday, March 4, 2012

States are Again Moving to Stand Against Federal Power grabs? or is Just Talk?

We have a lawless President who does not respect the laws passed by congress and the US Constitution. Nor does he respect the rights of the several states. The state of Wyoming is moving to set up an independent economic system to stay functioning in the event of a government collapse due to the devaluing of the currency. The sate of Utah and Virginia are in the process of passing laws to block the NDAA to protect their people from unlawful detention. A Maryland delegate is in the process of drafting a bill nullifying the NDAA in that state.

The State of Maryland is moving the pass bill against the TSA groping and body scanners at the Airports and maybe prohibiting the TSA doing checkpoints on the highways. What is really great is not the moves of the legislator. It is what is happening on the local levels of government where the real power of government resides. People with libertarian ideas are now winning in county commission seats and on the city councils nationwide. This is why the UN Agenda 21 is in trouble because it is being defeated in cities and counties all around the country.

Last January in Las Vegas Nevada, a bold plan is in action. Over 100 county Sheriffs gathered to learn about the rightful role as the elected peace officer of the county. We are now seeing a surge of Sheriffs nationwide standing up to the Federal government’s abuse of power over the people. This has the system scared because when the Sheriff interposes himself between the Federal government and the people. The Sheriff wins, because the Federal government has no jurisdiction in the first place because they use the color of law. Can we see more Sheriffs standing up to Federal tyranny?

In 1798, in response to the Alien Sedition Act that made it illegal to criticize the government, attacking the first amendment protecting political speech. Political speech against the government was now illegal. Political speech is protected speech.  The State of Virginia passed the Virginia Resolution telling the Federal government they will not enforce the Alien Sedition act. In 1799, the State of Kentucky followed passing their own resolution called the Kentucky Resolution that stated they also would not enforce the Alien and Sedition Act. Both State legislatures seen as their duty to stand in the gap between the power of the Federal government and the people.

We see the States making moves to be sovereign and independent starting their own State Banks so they will never have to rely on Federal money with strings attached to fund the government. When a state is self-supporting independent of needing any Federal assistance. The freer the state will be able to conduct its own affairs without federal interference if they can support themselves.

Right now, state budgets are being squeezed not because of attacking personal freedom; it is also economic freedom also. Personal and economic freedoms are two of the same thing. When the Federal government comes in to shut down industry that is vital to keep the state revenue coming in. Yes, the state is going to step in and stand against the Federal government. We just need States to start interposing stopping the TSA since they are hurting the tourism industry because of their intrusive draconian tactics. Especially if they start groping motorist on the US interstate Highways.

As the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions have declared, it is the duty of the States to stand between the people and Federal tyranny. It is time the states start weaning themselves off the Federal dole and start defending the people against attacks from the Federal government. When the states preserve the personal and economic freedom of its people. Then the states will start being able to sustain themselves with no strings attached. They can start to see the state economies rebound if they States uphold their duty to say "no" to anymore Federal money and mandates. I am just wondering if these states moving to pass these bills are just talk or they are serious. Only time will tell.

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