Saturday, March 3, 2012

Obama Secretly Purging the Media of Opposition?

I am no friend of Fox News or neo con talk radio. This is not about personal beliefs or ideology of the people in the media. It is about political speech which is free speech. I do not care if it is controlled opposition or not. One thing people in the media better learn when they work for the dark side. Everyone is expendable and disposable. The Obama Administration living in a bubble thinking he can get away with playing Chicago Mafia politics is going to work is sadly mistaken. Acting like a Marxist thug trying to strong arm the media to not report the news that places Obama in a bad light will not work.

Obama being unpopular as he is arm twisting the media to report news favorable to Obama will further collapse the corporate media. This fascist thug in the White House cannot just criminalize freedom of speech if rhetoric is not going their way. It is too late for them because the alternative media is already dominating smashing the monopoly over the corporate news giants. Firing Freedom Watch host Judge Napolitano and Pat Buchanan will not change nothing. Alex Jones and Michael Rivero get more ratings having a bigger audience then CNN's best show. The alternative media has been dominating for a long time regardless if those shows or host were fired or not.

Two events happened that could show the other side is getting desperate using methods that are nothing more then a cheap shot. I am not sure the death of Andrew Breitbart was a murder or not. It looks more like a murder just seeing how the press is responding. Also looking at the damning footage that was about to be released that could have hurt the Obama White House big time.The other event is the Micro Effect radio station having their T-1 internet connection cut off by the phone company. The Owner Joe McNeil has been paying his bills on time. Some how Centurylink the phone company say he has not been paying his monthly bill to an account he never knew about. He has payed his internet bill and the phone company is giving him the run around.

We can expect a lot of  underhanded cheap shots happening from the other side to stop free speech using fear, harassment and intimidation. They can use the FCC and the IRS. When a election is here and the President is desperate to get reelected. We all know the Obama White House is working with the GOP leadership to make sure Ron Paul does not win. Because the Texas congressmen is the only candidate that can beat Obama. The other three are just carbon copies of Obama just using different rhetoric. Romney and Gingrich are for socialized Healthcare and Carbon Taxes. Santorum has some distinct differences that are plausible. But all three want the wars and the police state.

We can expect this year Obama trying to selectively shut down the alternative media websites that are having an effect against him and the establishment. They will use the fear of a cyber attack to go after patriot activism on the web. We must be ready and have our back up plans ready to go at a moments notice.We can see the Obama White House trying to squash free speech. I do not think it is going to work. It is going to back fire. He cannot make criminal the right of free speech, This right that has been the cornerstone of our republic that has been around for more than 235 years here. If he thinks he can do that? He has a very rude awakening coming. He will lash back in desperation. We must press forward. We must not relent in fear, If we stay the course.We will win.

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