Saturday, March 3, 2012

You Can't Criminalize Freedom and Legalize Tyranny.

This is the most lawless President I have seen on my lifetime just shred the Bill of Rights on a daily basis. What is normal is now criminal and what is criminal is now legal. How we know a tyranny is here? There is a lack of common sense and incompetence. With the multiple alphabet soup agencies and cabinet departments writing the regulations to run our lives. It would not surprise me if the average person commits 100 felonies a day with all the laws, rules and regulations that are on the books.

Now we have this war on terror and the war on drugs. The government for years used the rationalization we have to take drugs off the streets. We have to go after those evildoers responsible for those acts of terrorism. All these declared war on drugs and terror was do is criminalize freedom and legalize lawlessness. There is no common sense in these goverment declared wars on our freedoms. We have seen our Bill of Rights time and time again being undermined because the goverment says they cares about us and our children not using drugs. The war on child abuse is a war on the family and parental rights. All these wars on social issues and crime is really a war on us. The goverment is now a criminal enterprise with a good public relations staff.

Here is how freedom is criminalized.

We are now suspect if we:

Pay cash for coffee or any other transaction.

We want privacy when we use the internet.

If we assert our fourth amendment rights to require them to get a search warrant.  

When we question goverment.

If we criticize the government.

We can be put on a no fly list because we do not want to be groped and body scanned at the airport just to travel.

When It comes to secrecy. The goverment is good at keeping secrets from the people saying it is for national security reasons. When it come to keeping outr lives secret from the prying eyes of the goverment. We are now suspect as possible terrorist. The whole logic of what is good and evil is flipped on it head big time.

Take a look at the war on drugs.

We can be suspicious for carrying a large amount of cash around. Just having money seized in a traffic stop with no proof or due process in a routine traffic stop.

They can seize your house and all your assets. The Police can clean you out for nothing and make you fight to get you property back when you have been cleared.

Our goverment is now a bunch of Pirates on the land stealing and plundering the people. When we defend ourselves or stand up and say no. We are made criminals. If the Police raids the wrong house and an old lady grabs her colt 45. She get shot with over 100 rounds. It is collateral damage and she should have not drawn a gun like they said about that former Marine in Tuscon Arizona shot to death by SWAT because he was protecting their home.

We live in a nation of trickle down tyranny. Exercising Our constitutional rights is now a crime and lawlessness by the system is legal now. This is the behavior of an empire falling apart. Before the whole system collapses. They need clamp down on the population first by fear and intimidation. The rule of law will be restored and lawless will have to answer to the people. Freedom is not a criminal act and Tyranny is a crime against humanity.

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