Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It is Time for a Hostile Takeover of the GOP Nuetralizing the Party Hacks

It is time the GOP establishment start get real afraid of the people. it is time to take away that sense of security they enjoy so much. We have to start following them around and getting in their faces with the camera. It is time they know they are going to be tried for the high crime of treason for rigging the election. We cannot make them feel safe anymore from public scrutiny.

Mitt Romney maybe the establishments man. He sure is not the people's. Why would the people put in a man who took over Massachusetts healthcare system being the model for Obamacare. The Tea Party fought so hard against that law. I do not think the people will put in man who is for government mandated health insurance when he signed it into law in Massachusetts.

Rick Santorum was defeated in the Keystone State. America is war weary. We do not need a man who will take us into more wars. America does not need anymore wars. We cannot afford anymore wars. Rick Santorum is winning when he does not have the funds and organization? Only a cheater can make him win. Tell me something sure stinks.

Newt Gingrich is a lose cannon. He is no funding and organization. People remember him being drummed out of Congress for his hypocrisy. He is for Carbon taxes and Obamacare. He is a warmonger too. The GOP leadership keeps changing the rules as they go when the original rules do not suit the result they want.

For those people in the Republican Party who do not like the direction the party is going and see the establishment putting in candidates who are the opposite of what the people are fighting to get rid of. We need to do a hostile take over of the Republican Party. As long we have hacks like Carl Rove helping to steal the vote. This is a high crime. There need to be a hostile takeover of the Republican Party to remove the globalist and the hacks. We need to root out the vote riggers and those who conspire to circumvent the will of the people at the ballot box.

The very people running the party now work for Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, the Offshore Banks, for Israel Multinational Mega Corporations and the Military Industrial Complex. They are there to keep their guys in power so the money and influence is preserved. A Man like Ron Paul will upset their gravy train. It is time we root them out and do a hostile take over at all levels of the Republican Party so insure the elections are fair and the process give all candidates the same opportunity.

Why do I say a hostile takeover? It is an act of self preservation. it is not criminal nor does it have to be violent. When the establishment keeps stacking the deck and changing the rule so they stay in power. it our duty to clean house and wipe the table clean. It is time to strop being nice and civil when everything they plan to do to us is a matter of life and death.We have to take over these elections before. We cannot allow them to get away with it anymore. Hostile Takeovers are necessary when all our options have been exhausted to resolve matters peacefully have been met with repeated disregard to fair play.

The only way to deal with entrenched corruption that will not play fair is to do a hostile takeover of the Party. The leadership is not the party. The political Power of the Republican party resides in the voters and the people. Not the leadership. I am looking at the Super Tuesday's results and I know there is no support from Romney at the grassroots. Ron Paul is the only man who can beat Obama. I know the voters see this. But the Party will not listen to the will of the voters. They listen to the fat cat financial backers. 

Our choices are getting very limited, My only choice is a hostile take over of the Republican party removing the leadership in power placed their as cronies to keep the political class in power. Time is running out. We cannot allow this to happen anymore. A hostile takeover might be the only option soon. They highjacked our elections to benefit the powerful. When the government no longer corrects injustices and is complicit in covering it up to protect those in power. Then it is time we the people correct this injustice ourselves when the goverment no longer serves the people. It is in our hands and no sense waiting for John Wayne and the Calvary to roll down the hill. We are the Calvary that has to stop their dirty tricks. This is where we can start pushing back against corruption by taking the power away form the hacks and operatives. Peaceful measure do not work anymore. It is time to man up or else. Do you want liberty or slavery? Your choice. Do not let corruption decide for us. The power has always been with us. Now lets use it.

Remove them from power with an hostile takeover and start Grand Jury investigations for vote fraud, treason and every high crime that applies. It is time the these party hacks become accountable.

This is why a hostile takeover is most likely necessary now or the GOP will lead us onto the road to hell with Obama winning a second term.


  1. Tolerating the blatant vote fraud of several if not all of the republican caucuses shows repulsivekins to be lapdogs to criminals and traitors. It will not look good on their resumes when they need to find new jobs next year. All corruption and no contribution is satanism, like chanting "steel, steel, steel" and "plane, plane, plane" and holding up the image of a goat while two jets plow into the World Trade Center.

  2. Well said. The corporate "right-wing"media machine has a helluva lot to do with this too - as they are able to control the subjects given airtime - blacking out - not only Ron Paul's existence - but controlling the debate - saturating the airwaves with distractions - and in the end - achieving their goal - to justify stolen elections.

    On a side note: and you can lemme have it for being a cry baby - but it's hard for me, can't speak for others, but hard for me to read the white letters on the black background on this blog. That said - I might as well add that I enjoy your posts and hope you keep on writing.