Wednesday, March 7, 2012

April 19 2012. I am Calling For a Gun Owners of America Membership Bomb. Our Shot Heard Around the World

Why are we in such a mess in America? It is because of compromising our rights and liberty for a little bit of security. Little do many people know that the anti gun crowd always calls for to be reasonable and compromise telling us we have to give up something. They never have to surrender anything. They get what they want when we compromise. This is why I will not join the NRA because it is controlled opposition that will sell us out and our second Amendment just to get along with the politicians.

I am calling for a membership bomb on April 19, 2012 joining Gun Owners of America. Larry Pratt did not put me up to this. I am saying this of my own accord. I am asking Alex Jones and other Patriot Radio networks to have a 24 marathon for GOA on April 19th doing membership drive for Larry Pratt's organization that is the "No compromise Pro Gun Lobby" It is time we start voting with our wallets, with our feet and join Gun Owners of America. Do not waste your money joining the NRA. Join Gun Owners of America instead.

I really ask Alex Jones because he can have a 24 hour marathon bringing on experts, leaders and historians to talk about the Second Amendment. To talk about its importance to the safety and security of a free state. This is a chance to educate new listeners and people sitting on the fence to join the cause of freedom.  I ask Alex because he has the infrastructure to pull something like this and make a big impact. Having guest on speaking the truth about gun ownership. We can dispel the lie of shotguns have no sporting importance Eric Holder always says.

On April 19, 1775, a few brave men gathered at Lexington Green confronting the British coming for the firearms. This was called the shot heard around the world. We are now seeing gun sales spiking through the roof. That does have the system worried. We also need to send another shot heard around the world and give Gun Owners of America a boost in membership so they can fight for our right to keep and bear arms to guard against a tyrannical goverment.

A true advocate for firearms freedom like Gun Owners of America is needed more then ever. Larry needs our help and support so he can be that no compromise person to stand with our right to keep and bear arms. Larry never sold us out like the NRA did. So April 19th 2012. Join Gun Owners of America. We can have such an impact. This can be the second shot heard around the world. Do you agree?


  1. A person who is unwilling to use a gun, when a gun is needed, is no better off than a person who doesn't own a gun.


  2. It would seem that Mr. Pratt has rallied to the defense of the now-famous Mr. Zimmerman for his shooting of Trayvon Martin.
    It would be hard for me to imagine a more reprehensible position. So, Larry Pratt doesn't represent ME, that's for sure, just as a matter of philosophy.

    As a matter of tactics, it's stupid to join any organization that will have your name on a list of gun-owners. By all means by guns, if you think you should.
    But I wouldn't recommend advertizing the fact that you have them.

    liberty & justice,


  3. Vote, campaign, stand on street corners with signs. Only a change in government will protect the 2nd Amendment. Give the money to Ron Paul and save ALL your endangered rights. And for those not inclined to "keep and bear arms" get ready; because when the guns are gone, the criminals will come for you and all you hold dear. We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately.