Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Texas GOP Pulling Birty Tricks to Stop Ron Paul?

For little over a year. There is has been a fight in the legislature over redrawing the districts for State and Federal representatives. We all know the minorities are crying out the is group of people and this ethnicity will not represented well if the boundaries are drawn out fairly. All claiming disenfranchised for one reason or another.  I am sick and tired of race politics. I wish these state reps fight to protect the individual liberties of all their constituents then just special rights for one group over another.

On Tuesday February 28, 2012, A Federal pan redrawn the districts for the state and federal offices. In this smoke screen. First the Election was supposed to be in early March, The they moved the day to April 6.  Now the new date for the primary election is May 29 or June 29. I believe the GOP used this opportunity to change the rules in how delegates are selected at the statewide convention  as stated on the Texas GOP website as quoted:

Another concern is on the same day this came out also:

This afternoon, the San Antonio three-judge federal panel issued an order setting a May 29th Primary Election and a related administrative calendar for the election. Of particular importance - the order sets a re-opened filing period for the primary ballot, which will commence on Friday morning, March 2nd at 9:00am and runs through Friday, March 9th at 6:00pm

I am just wondering if they are trying to bump Ron Paul off the ballot. I wonder why they keep bumping back the date also. I seen many state pulling out the dirty tricks to deny Ron Paul a victory he deserve. It the Texas Republican party trying to say Ron Paul did not make the ballot in his home state by making all the candidates refile again? Ron Paul will win Texas easily with a nice size of the delegates. I just hope the Texas GOP is not trying to pull a fast one to keep Ron Paul off the ballot using the redistricting of boundaries to change the rules to suit the outcome they want. Texans we need to keep watch or there will be another victory stolen from Dr. No


  1. Republic Party from Bush Sr. up to the present has become a low, down, dirty warmongering Party. As a registered Republican,I will stay in the Party until I give my vote to Ron Paul in the Primary, afterwards, I will immediately switch to be an independent.

    Look at McCain, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich: they are all Israel first warmongers.

    All warmongers are criminal minded traitors - traitors against humanity!

  2. it is a huge conspiracy. look what they did to dennis kucinish in ohio.

    you work for the people well you people will just be taken away and you will essentially layed off.

    maine was huge conspiracy. the only time ron paul won was when the votes were counted in front of a video camera for all to see.

    we need major major major major election reform.

    we need receipts of who we voted for and we need the counting video taped for playback later. they use video tape for the nfl to get the calls right we can't use it for our most important elections.

    this wouldn't be hard to do you. they can call out your ticket and what you voted for in the video. that way you can check and make sure your vote was counted correctly. they should have a ten or two week grace period where if you didn't come forward and say your vote was counted wrong you bring your receipt in and get it resolved.