Tuesday, February 7, 2012

They Fear Individualism: The Real Success Behind the Alternative Media

              For many decades; the controlled mainstream media had a monopoly on the flow of information. When I was young we had threse networks. ABC,CBS,NBC, PBS and NPR. The news shaped the political agenda for the nation. They had no competition reporting the news for a long time. Now thanks to the internet, now they are faced with real competition. AM radio was dead since the Nixon year with the Fairness Doctrine as a way to silence his critics on talk radio. It was until President Reagan lifted the fairness doctrine. This policy change gave rise to talk radio starting with Rush Limbaugh.

              Rush Limbaugh who is a controlled shill for the neo cons. Most of us started out listening to Rush when he first started out until we learned more as time goes went on. He paved the way for patriot talk radio to be in full swing today. Now alternative media is starting to eclipse Rush Limbaugh's audience. Even though Rush was a check valve divert back to thew left. Still he is the controlled opposition with a conservative twist to keep the people inline. He was a springboard bringing forth the alternative media.

             The internet has given rise to citizen journalist who are not constrained by a chief editor or a boss. Freedom of speech and the press at its best. They are their own boss answering only to the readers and free to pursue what the writer desires to post. We are not collectivist, but individualist free to report what the mainstream news media dare not touch or phony neo con radio cover. The internet has exemplified what makes America great because it is people free to express their personal convictions on every issue. In a collectivist society, the individual is subdued by the collective thought with no incentive to excel by their own initiative .

              If you want to see where the individual is attacked, where is there is no incentive to work hard, if they work hard they are discouraged to make an honest effort because there is no reward because everyone is the same. Just go and join a union, there is no incentive to work hard, no matter how much work a person does to stand out. In a collectivist group, there is no such thing as an individual, only the greater good of the group. That is collectivism. Collectivism works well in a family when the group is small working for the best interest of the family and still maintain individual identity . It does not work with large groups of people.

              You look at the main stream media today. It does not matter what channel you are on ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,MSNBC, or FOX. They all read from the same script with the same globalist talking points. There is no individualism in the mainstream controlled media. Journalist are not free to talk about what is real. The information is controlled. This is why they are losing readers and an audience because there is no difference between the networks. They all spew the same propaganda. It does not matter if it comes from a lady who looks like a Barbie doll or a Ken doll pretty boy reading from a teleprompter. Honest journalism in the main stream media does not exist anymore because there is no more distinction between the news channels.

               The reason why the Alternative media is now the dominate source of information is because the power of the individual doing the job the main stream media will not do. It is the freedom of the individual that makes it successful. The individual is a very powerful force the collectivist fear the most. Because they cannot be controlled and restrained. We are breathing down their necks because we are free unlike the controlled press that is restricted and information is censored. The internet is a powerful tool the individual is able to thrive without being restrained by any controlled media. So what is they fear more then the internet. It is the individual they fear the most using the internet. Do you agree?

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  1. The same thing occurs in the scientific and medical arenas. Doctors, for example, are subject to huge pressure not to step out of line and go against "established medical practices" and implement new therapies, even when they know that the old therapy is dangerous or the new therapy is very good.

    Those who create new drugs are collared by their bosses, who decide which drugs may be made depending on how much money will be earned, rather than how much human health will be improved.

    Any time you have a pyramidal structure, with one set of decision makers at the top, and the guys doing the work at the bottom, the same thing happens - innovation is stifled, and the agenda of the few is pursued at the expense of real innovation.