Monday, February 6, 2012

Ladies: Never Trust Husband Government

             It makes me want to puke when I see slimy politicians act like they care more about our wives and children more then the husbands do. The whole culture is working against the family and husbands in general. The trend is working against masculinity as taboo. You see it is sitcoms of the male as an idiot and the wife as a bossy woman that the man is wrong even though he is right. If the woman is wrong, he dare not correct her.You look at goverment policies too have drove a wedge dividing the sexes.

             One law that really has wreaked havoc on the family is the Violence Against Woman Act. Now you have police arresting couples for having a verbal squabble. Police will say the husband or the wife has to go to jail. The couple may not have made the call. When the Police come out. Someone is going to jail even though they never raised a hand to each other.Why, because the police get a bounty from the Federal government for every one they arrest in the name of stopping domestic violence thanks to this law.

              In Florida, The Department of Children and Families will remove the kids from the home for a verbal quarrel between to spouses because in the social workers eyes any argument is emotional trauma to the child. That happens if the Police is called out to a home in the Sunshine State, especially Pinelllas County. If one spouse calls the police or a neighbor calls the police out because of a verbal squabble.m One spouse will go to jail and there is a good chance they will lose their children. For those ladies calling on Husband government to come to the rescue because the husband threatens without any real violence called making a terrorist threat is just words.

            The truth is if a woman decides to invite husband government in to intervene in matters that can be resolved on their own. Here is what is in store for them. If she gets the husband who is the father of the children gets arrested. The father or husband is the breadwinner in the home. He just made a threat that are only words he never acted on. If he got up and walked away to cool off away for the home. There is no need to call the Police. When the system comes in because the wife invites husband government to take care of her because she fears her husband. She invites in her life including social services who invades the privacy of the family.

           The judge will order against the couples wishes can force the husband to stay in jail. He loses his job and there is no income coming in. He can forced by order from the judge not have any contact with the kids or spouse over a fabricated threat against the couple's wishes too. That puts more of a financial strain on everyone if they lose the children to CPS because now wife cannot feed the family of keep the electricity on because of the financial hardship that will follow.. He will lose his guns, now without the husband there to protect the home let alone she has no means of protection. She is more vulnerable without any self defense because the man and his guns are not there. Husband government will not protect her now. Husband government lied to her.

            Do not trust husband government to save the woman form her demonized spouse. They are more trouble then what it is worth. If there is no violence and just words. Wife needs to learn not to fear her man and stop relying on the police because she feels scared every time because of feminist propaganda how men are bad. They never ,mention men are emotionally abused by their spouses either. There is a double standard when it comes to verbal and emotional abuse. The stigmatization of a male abuser is much more severe then a female who verbally and mentally abuses her spouse.

           Domestic violence is a criminal act that should not be ignored. This is a state issue and not a Federal issue. Washington does far more harm then good. Making verbal threats. My parents would have went to jail for a 100 years without parole for every time they threatened me with the belt over my ass if I did not do what I was told. Making a terrorist threat and acting on it are two different things. Just because they say it does not mean they should be in jail if no one was harmed. The Federal government needs to get out of our states and local government with laws like the violence against woman act and the Child Abuse Treatment Protection Act. The Adoption and Safe Families Act made matter worse attacking the family.

           The Government is not a loving husband. The goverment can do more damage to her life more then an abusive spouse can do. They are like a male with a case of the clap telling her what a woman wants to hear just to get into her panties. Once they screw her, her life is never the same. She is left hurt with heartache. Same thing with government saying they will help her if her husband makes her scared because he said a few ill advised words to her or she wants revenge against her spouse lying to the police. Either way she has opened Pandora's box allowing the state into their lives creating more problems for her children and her. Ladies have to learn goverment does not care about her or her family. The Federal goverment needs to stay out of the home and out of our live. When we learn those nine scary words"I'm from the government. I'm here to help you" Just say no to government  even if a couple has a verbal quarrel. Then We need to mind our own business if no one is harmed. Just use common sense before dialing 9-11 calling on husband government.

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  1. This applies to calling on the government for anything! Once they get their fingers into your life/lives, your life is not your own any more.