Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homeland Security Criminalizing Common Sense Living and Everyday Life

              We can tell the US goverment is getting desperate trying to clamp down on the population. They are worse than a paranoid drug addict awake for days on speed think. They are scared of the people. The Government only has the tool of fear they can use to cower us into submission. They are trying send a chilling effect to stop us from speaking out or just living our daily lives. It seems our mundane things we do is now considered possible terrorist activity. I mean normal behavior we do day to day. The only terrorist that exist are the people making up such nonsense inside the goverment. 

             For anyone with half a brain. Please use common sense. Just because we decide to pay cash for a hotel room or buy a lousy cup of coffee at the local convenient store.  It does not mean squat if a person is criminal or not. When  I was a truck driver with a CDL. They tried to train the drivers to look out for Al Quaida. It was a joke, because there was no common sense. Telling hot dog venders to watch for the boogeyman terrorist at a Super Bowl game is asinine. Who the hell has time to look for terrorist when they have to pay attention to the costumers?

           Here what they were say to look for over the years as a possible terrorist. People writing on paper. paying with cash. People using video cameras. People who have road maps in their car. Sleeping bags and camping equipment like a tent. Binoculars, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders and a GPS system. These are all everyday things people use that are not used to carry out acts against innocent people. Only a tyranny will criminalize normal activity to snare the innocent into the system to justify their existence..

          Well I do not care what the FBI and Homeland Security says. I want to be left alone and to mind their own business. Just because I want to keep my life privet and my online activities away from prying eyes does not make me a criminal. What do I have to hide? My dignity, my privacy and my life. It does not make me suspicious of anything. It is none of the government's business what I do. I am not the terrorist. I just want to be left alone. So does rest of America from goverment goons.

          The government;'s war on common sense is coming to a head. The TSA does not use common sense at all. How does an old lady or an infant become a threat to national security?  Questioning and resisting having a person;'s genital area groped is normal behavior. TSA goons are the sick freaks.The government is not normal. They are the terrorist and the criminals who have much to hide they want to keep secret. They are the ones stealing money, property and killing people. They are the ones committing fraud against us, Well, I will keep buying coffee with cash and even pay for a hotel with those useless Federal Reserve notes. It does not make me suspicious or a criminal. I just want the goverment to leave me alone.

          I think the people have had it with the lies and the abuse from this government. They are not keeping us safe by pushing us around. They are only protecting themselves from being brought to justice because many people are on to them. Common sense cannot be outlawed and normal human behavior cannot be made illegal and tyranny cannot be legalized. Homeland Security needs to go. Ron Paul for President!


  1. Realman I know your heart is in the right place, but REALLY, learn to read what you write. I agree the government has become our enemy, but your message gets lost in the bad spelling and grammar. Privet? Come on now, at least run spell check, it will find many of the errors you make us stumble through to get your meaning. Buy MS Office. MS Word will really help you out.
    P.S. If you'll just do this one thing, I promise I'll keep reading your stuff, even if you don't ever reference any sources (which you don't).

    You're a waste of time. MICHAEL, why do you use this guy?

    1. COme and Take. The rule is people should not throw stones who live in glass houses. It sounds like you are a collectivist. Anyone who is a grammar cop has no individuality who is so boring in life. They have no style. I suggest you listen to Steven fry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7E-aoXLZGY yet you might be a socialist collectivist playing Texans because you hate individuality and want the same old tired collectivist rule. This attitude was practived in Soviet Russia were a person was fired from work if they did not speak proper Russian before communism fell. There was the language of the inner party and the outer party of the elites. Sorry but you attack my free speech your not a Texas because Texans respect individuality of people. They are not sticklers tio stupid grammar rules like you are . You are just a collectivist playing a Texan

  2. No, this is not tyranny and this is not even criminals. It's simpler. It's fat, illiterate, incompetent, lazy people hired only thanks to political correctness and desperately making their best to come up with something, anything that might look like justification of their jobs, so they can pay off their credit card debts. They have no education, no skills, no nothing, so they get employed by the big government, which is already paying twice more than private sector and has become the biggest employer and growing. The real jobs requiring real qualifications are being exported from the country, but people need to support their families. This government business is just one step from becoming openly criminal, but more and more people have no other choice than this, or get recruited to the Army which is doing equally criminal, useless, and insane acts, only abroad. With the population becoming more and more dumb every day because of illegal immigration, this is probably the only way the economy can function.

  3. Until the federal government arrests the perps of 9-11, who are domestic and the identities known, this homosexual harassment at airports is just that. If the TSA and DHS Village People Homeland security will not say OUT LOUD who did 9-11 and the other current attacks on the U.S., they are just that, one big gay molestation. They have yet to find a terrorist. At the top, they know they are asking for a complete set of dentures because they know they are fake.
    Janet Napolitano knows she is a fake and a molester. What part of that do people not understand? Obama is not your king. He is your country's top business manager and leader of the military who consent to his sick shid. Obama's HANDLERS control Obama.