Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rick Who? The Winner of the GOP Caucuses in Three States?

I have to say is Rick Who? Is this the same Rick Santorum, the former one term Senator from Pennsylvania? The candidate with no organization or funding to pull off a win in three states in one day.  He won Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. The man who barely shows on the radar in the polls as being a serious contender. A man who cannot generate enough enthusiasm even among the evangelical Christians. How can he win without the ground support or the money? Could it be voter fraud or the establishment cheating?

The former Keystone State one term Senator is a big government politician. He is no conservative. He is trying sell he can manage the bloated bureaucracy better then Obama. He cannot beat Obama because he has too many negatives again him. This is man who tried to make Ron Paul pro gun control and pro abortion, which was not true at all. Ron Paul has stood for life having to deliver over 4000 babies as a medical doctor. He has been an uncompromising supporter for the right to keep and bear arms.

 To say Rick Santorum won three states with no ground support or the funding as Romney and Paul have is very suspicious. The reason is because Ron Paul receiving huge crowds and all the pr polling number and all exit polling numbers comes in last place or third place sound like something is rotten in Denmark. What Rick Santorum stands for is not what the people want. No body wants a war and the phony threat of Islamic terrorist is losing its effect. What about government sponsored terrorism called the bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the FBI, including the FDA, and the USDA? The former Senator never talks about cutting back the size of government that sponsors the real terrorist. Rick would keep this intact.

 The establishment wants Ron Paul kept down as much as possible to break the will of his base and ground support. To discourage the liberty movement that they will not let him win. If the GOP can get away with it. They would have Joseph Stalin win all the delegates in Texas if it were possible. This cheating will not go on much longer. I have a feeling they will not escape the crowds demanding the elections be fair and accurate. There will be a public counting of the votes and not be in secret.

 Rick the loser winning three states who does not have enough funding and grassroots activist smells like the vote was taken away from Ron Paul again. I do not see the tolerance and patience of the grass roots sitting by idly allowing this to happen. The stakes are too high and the price too much to pay to allow the establishment to push us around anymore. It is not about freedom anymore. It is life or death of not just the republic. Nevertheless, our very existence is at stake.

 The gloves must come off now and stop complaining. We are about solutions and not staying in the problem. We cannot allow another loser to steal the victory away from Ron Paul. This election year is about our very own survival. We cannot allow them to cheat anymore; if we do, we get what we deserve.

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