Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pride Always Comes Before the Fall

Communist are idiots and cannot be the sharpest people on earth. They are the most arrogant people who have no clue about how the real world works. Do they think they can play police state over Americans? Gun sales up, because the people being do not like the government pushing them into a corner. They have not a clue that when they sow into the wind, they will reap the whirlwind. No matter how dumbed down the think we are. A core group of people that will not go quietly into the night without a fight. They are determined not to see this beloved republic fall.

The can drug the food and water to make us docile. They can lie all they want on the news. They can have all the confidence in a high tech overlay thinking it will control us and watch our every move. We hear of UN troops are here to do house to house confiscation of guns. There are over one billion guns here. If they took one million a day from the people. It would take hundreds of years to get them all. Foreign troops will have no place to retreat and no safe garrison to fall back to.

People who think they are Gods on this earth thinking they can rule over us will get a rude awakening. The low IQ storm troopers will not be any good. Many who they send out will not come back alive or in one piece? People are at the point knowing they have no choice besides to fight back or be slaves. This not Europe, China, Russia or Cambodia. We are Americans were resistance is in our DNA. Liberty is our birthright. We have a bunch of over confident empty suits who think most of the police and Military will carry out their immoral orders.

The dirty underhanded tricks the enemies of humanity have waged against us only goes so far. They will be defeated, just because it worked in other countries does not mean it will work here. Obama has caused gun sales to surge because they know what he really stands for. They know he wants the guns. The truth is no matter what decree he may impose trying to ban all guns. History has shown that an army has never conquered an armed society.

The may pride themselves of thinking they can get away with it escaping justice. Well they might get a rude awakening. They may try to start a war with Iran or Syria to divert attention away from their thievery. If Russia and China show, force willing to defend the sovereignty of Iran and Syria. The economic Ponzi scheme will be exposed to the people and they will demand the arrest and trial of these robber barons. We have seen how they worked and seen their playbook. Now we know their every move they make before they act.

I do not care if it is the Rockefeller clan, the house of Rothschild, the DuPont’s, the Warburg’s, The Royal families can only push so far. In history, family dynasties have collapsed because they were so wicked from within self-destructed. So corrupt they became blind to reality of true human nature. They have sowed into wickedness; they have planted to \seeds of death and destruction. They will reap the seeds of their own destruction trying to destroy humanity.

Pride always comes from the fall. The king of Babylon fell to the Persians because he prided himself; many kings have fallen in their arrogance. These groups of elites are not different. I firmly believe God sees all they are plotting and is many steps ahead of these fools. He will destroy the wickedness and the evil. Good always triumphed over evil. History always repeats itself even for the corrupt tyrants. No weapon formed against us will prosper. Pride always comes before the fall. No wealth they acquired will save them from divine justice.


  1. Pride? Like the kind of pride that causes you to insult and denounce anyone who would try to help and correct your terrible spelling and grammar?

    What kind of a prideful person would do such a thing? To dismiss without thought people trying to help him? To say to himself, "I will not improve, I am perfect"?

    What kind of a person would have such pride? And what kind of fall are they heading for?

  2. Roland you are an idiot and a shill. Debate the subject matter for once if you have enough intelligence to do so

  3. In the Bible, the book of Proverbs states that,
    "Pride is the only reason for contention" King James version. Pride surely does go before a fall because pride is the belief that you are in control of the situation. Your actions created the results is the belief. The reality is the universe, our environments, things we still do not comprehend have more control over any outcome of our efforts. Belief in God or not, the Universe is bigger than any man woman or child and we humans have much less control than we think. This is most poignantly true for the wealthy elite.