Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pravda! Russian Press Tells the Truth About America More Than Fox News Does

Pravda (правда)- Russian translation for the word "The Truth"

We can no longer demonize Russia for human rights violations anymore. We cannot lambaste them about the lack of freedom of the press. Even though Russia still has, some lingering effects left over from the old Soviet Union. Twenty years later after the iron curtain fell, Russians enduring a puppet leader like Yeltsin almost bringing Russia to ruin. I have to thank God for Prime Minister Putin when he was President of the Russian Federation.  When President Putin of Russia presided over an unstable nation on the brink of collapse. He brought stability to the nation. Listening to someone who is close to me tell me from her experience saying in Russia before Putin took power. People feared the future not knowing what kind of government they would wake up with the next day, I am glad he is running again to stand against Empire America and the European banking establishment.

Under the Soviet Union, Pravda was the propaganda arm of the old Soviet Union. Now it is a lot more free then the American media is. Pravda has reported about the county sheriffs standing up against the out of the control federal government. We will never hear that in the news media. Recently they have reported on the County Sheriff Conference in Las Vegas. We have not heard one report from the media here about this conference. The Russian newspaper Pravda picked up both stories. We Americans will have to thank Russia in the future for their media telling the truth our media dares not report on.

Russia today is the only TV news outlet reporting on the Police abuse on Occupy Wall Street. They are the only ones giving Ron Paul fair coverage and exposing the vote fraud. They cover more about what is really happening here than the New York Times will ever do. They have more of a free press then we do. They are more reliable then Fox News. I wish Judge Andrew Napolitano go to Russia Today and leave Fox Business if he wants to cover the truth Mr. Murdoch will not allow him to talk.  The Russian press is reporting more about the vote fraud here then our own media is. They report more about the Federal Reserve and the shenanigans of the bankers. So much for "we report, you decide"

The Russian state owned media like Russia Today and Pravda might have their own agenda. However, this media coverage coming from Russian might be the mechanism that might bring down the American empire. Many in the Russian government, leaders are concerned about the direction our leadership has taken. They have a lot to lose if they sit idly by and allow us to go under into a dark tyranny with an imploding economy.

Russia does not want a war or to see our economy go under. The Russian Federation is anti New World Order and against the globalist and the bankers. They do not want a hot tyranny like the one they experienced under the Red Terror happen to us. Thanks to the internet and Russian Press printing in English for Americans to read as an alternative news source that is more fair and balanced than Fox news.

Russia; love then or hate them. They might be the only nation that can save America from itself going into a war that will be a disaster. Maybe a show of force by the Russian Military might be the deterrence we need to stop a provocation into a major war Washington and Israel have been trying to start. A war, we Americans do not want. If we stop this diversion, the bankers use to rob the wealth of nations. Then the Banksters will collapse on themselves and face justice. Seeing the oligarchs in jail will make the world a better place.

Russia is tired of the wars and just wants to live in peace. The media in Russia might be one of the forces outside that can bring down the American empire with the Russian media reporting on the truth going on here. God Bless Russian News agency Pravda for reporting the truth in a world of deceit.


  1. Go realman go! Your on a roll buddy!

  2. Jct: I agree. Russia TV is adult compared to mainstream media child play. You'll learn the truth you'll never get to hear on the mainstream media.

  3. 100% in agreement realman. I've been telling anyone that'll listen to tune in to RT. It's easy to distinguish between real news and opinion as well because, when was the last time on MSM that they actually tell you when it's an opinion piece, RT actually does tell you.
    I also especially enjoy the daily life and special sights articles they run. Vlad the Impaler Putin(as he is know to the corrupt western media) is a true Russian patriot who would defend his country by force of arms alongside his countrymen if need be. He is all that most American politicians are not, like Dr Paul he's a statesman. Jim Dunlop.

  4. Сообщения американских СМИ о России - не содержат истины. (Вспомните абсолютный обман Западных СМИ, про войну России и Грузии в 2008 году)

    [Messages of the American mass-media on Russia - do not contain true. (recollect an absolute deceit of the Western mass-media, about war of Russia and Georgia in 2008)]

  5. Well, it's plainly naive to even think that a corrupt country could have an "angel" leading it. Most probable, the leader is the most corrupt prick that you could ever imagine.

    Check out this video and judge for yourself:

    this whole story might sound like a mock up, but it's a real fact that happened in Russia. Everybody in that town knows who mr. Putin really is. People will never forget about that. There is more about that story on wikipedia with extra supporting links.

  6. block111, prove that the twin towers were blown up not by the U.S. government, and I will believe in this video.