Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dissent Against the Government is as American as Apple Pie, It is Patriotic, and not a Mental Illness.Any Questions?

The people who are mentally ill are the people in the goverment. They are the people not in their right mind. People who are control freaks who hate their own lives and life itself. They cannot stand to see people happy or successful in life. They hate seeing love in the homes among families. They hate innocence and purity.They want to control our lives, I mean every facet of our lives. They cannot get a job picking up litter on the side of the road or at a McDonalds scrubbing toilets.

These are the people who cannot understand why people get mad when they grab people's genitals at the airport or question their authority. The do not like people resisting them and questioning what they do. The hate the fact people are buying guns. They do not understand how a farmer can get very upset when this government goons comes on their farm without his consent. In his goon's mind. that farmer should be happy because this goverment agent cares so much about him and only wants to help. The farmer just wants to be left alone. He does not want the government's help. He does not understand reality or human nature. He thinks people should be happy being felt up to keep them safe and not get angry. Well the government thinks we are all mentally ill or terrorist because we do not like what they are doing.

Instead of this government goon reading the Constitution and realizing he is being told to operate outside the law of the land. Instead of learning from this legal document of their legal limits. His bosses call people who challenge them are now terrorist or being mentally ill. They cannot stand for people to record them or expose them on the internet. Instead of being corrected saying no more. They get more hostile. They hate our heroes in history and our founding fathers. They think that controlling our lives is so much better then freedom. How dare we we get angry because we do not need them. They think there is something wrong with us because we have such hostile attitudes against the government.

In their Minds we are terrorist and mentally ill because:

We grow our own food and do not trust the FDA and the USDA to say our food is safe. We do not want to eat GMO crops.

We want to store our own food so we are prepared in a disruption in the supply chain.

We want to have guns and ammo because of civil unrest or just do not trust the goverment to protect us. They hurt us more than help. Ask the wealthy high and dry areas of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. They took their guns

We do not want to be groped at the airports and fried in a full body scanners. We want our personal effects left alone and stop asking personal questions about why we are traveling. It is none of their business.

Because we like to pay cash for coffee and our hotel rooms. We prefer cash because it is privacy and the goverment does not know what we are buying. It is none of their business either.

We believe in God and the Constitution.

We want to End the Federal Reserve Bank.

No more Illegal wars.

No more foreign aid to any nation including Israel

We want to abolish the IRS.
We like to take care of ourselves and do not need their help. We know we are far more capable of dealing with problems. So much better then the goverment can.

So why do they call us bad for standing up for what is good and proven to be a common sense solution?

Common Sense is not a mental illness, it is just something the goverment lacks. If the government had common sense, they would not be searching grandma's diapers at the airports.

Dissent is not a mental illness or an act of terrorism. Dissent is American as apple pie. People like Barrack Obama, John McCain and Janet Napolitano are about as American as Benedict Arnold. So who are the sick ones? Who are the traitors? Who are the real terrorist? It is not us fighting for our survival or our personal dignity. It is the goverment who is mentally ill and the terrorist. Any questions?

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  1. "We believe in God and the Constitution."

    How about if we keep those two separate? Me, I'm not much of a believer in any "god," but I believe 100% in the Constitution.

    "No more Illegal wars."
    LEGAL wars ain't that hot, either. Let's quit those, too.

    "We want to abolish the IRS."
    And the TSA and the DHS and about 9/10 of those "intelligence" agencies, too.