Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Webster Tarpley is Wrong About Ron Paul's Economic Plan is not Austerity to the Bankers Calling Budget Cuts Genocide.

               Author, historian and commentator Webster Tarpley.A frequent guest on the Alex Jones show who is very well versed in history and who is a well known author. He has made many appearances on Russia today. and other media venues. He written many books about President Bush and Obama. I give him credit because he is credible on may things. The sad thing he is a big government solution orientated person who believes that keeping the policies of FDR's New Deal and LBJ's the great society will save the country from ruin. He is very wrong and fails to see that our debt crisis stem from these failed welfare state policies. Not only fiscally ruining this nation, but also undermining the moral pillars of our society. The federal goverment assumed role of family care taker and community charity thanks to all these polices. The church and family now have no place as the moral influence. The welfare and entitlement morality of goverment owes us and can take care of us is the morality of the nation. Instead of asking God for help to make a living. They look to the goverment instead.

               Even though He has a blind spot to how destructive big government policies are since FDR and LBJ. He is spot on the derivative bubble and the zombie bankers which is the main bringing the nation to economic ruin. He is very credible on many things. I marvel when he talks about history. It is just sad to see he has an intellectual blind spot when he fail to see big goverment is not the solution but is the problem. I am not saying he is intellectually dishonest. I do not question his sincerity or integrity. I am just giving him constructive criticism. I was very disappointed when called Ron Paul economic plan to deal with the out of control spending of goverment as genocidal austerity cuts. He said this on his World Crisis Radio show Saturday which you can download the archive from 11-12-11 GCN live and hear it yourself.

               Before Webster says that Ron Paul's economic plan austerity genocidal cuts is not better than Mitt Romney's and the other candidates in the GOP field. Let me tell Webster a history lesson. Back in 1947 when the nation went into recession after World War II. When goverment has expanded and was bloated to a monstrous size. Returning veterans could not find work because the tax system and the bureaucracy was holding back the productive people. The only way to stimulate the economy was slash the size of goverment by eighty percent. Once the people had the goverment off their backs. We need to cut government spending by a trillion dollars and get rid of some of these departments that are just a ball and chain on the productive people in society. So Webster Tarpley, please check back what was done in 1947 when they slashed the size of goverment. Is that genocide or is it common sense. Webster. I like you, but this time you are wrong and Ron Paul is right.



  1. Lone Star ...

    I would say the most critical issue facing America is existence of the Federal Reserve. The next president, hopefully Ron Paul, must destroy the Federal Reserve Bank and eliminate fiat currency. We cannot have a succesful economy until the control of the money supply is returned to the people. If the Federal Reserves survives, the Banksters will maintain their control of America irregardless of whether the government is big or small. Until we kill the Federal Reserve, we will always remain as slaves.

  2. Why do people who seem to understand this country's TRUE history continuously point out the great hope Ron Paul? What in God's name makes you think that this man would be permitted to "fix" anything? Lincoln tried to "fix" the country (Greenback currency). So did Kennedy (proposed a silver-backed currency) as well as Garfield who wanted a Congress issued currency. Somehow, Ron Paul will "fix" everything, and all the power elite will just sit by with their thumbs up their asses... come on people! If RP wins the presidency, he is an insider (ie Bible's false savior), or he will be popped in the dome as soon as he tries to "fix" anything. Just prepare for the collapse and enjoy your time until then.

  3. Yes anonymous, you made the MOST COMMON BLUNDER,
    Frauds like you, tell HALF A STORY,

    Your half the story is, 'betray Ron Paul, the ONLY CHANCE WE MAYBE HAVE'...

    Then the issue comes up, "What should we do then?"


    100% of your advice is... betray the one chance you may have...

    Why would I want to do that?
    You don't explain that part.

    You speak AS THE ENEMY. You are VOICE OF ENEMY.

    They may assassinate Ron Paul.

    Forcing the enemy to act openly as the enemy IS MY GOAL..

    Americans are sleeping giant.
    Only TOTAL ASS FUCKING RAPE, will awake America.

    You made me support Ron Paul EVEN MORE.
    When they murder Paul... we will become that much angrier.

    I wake my thumb from my ass and stuff it in YOUR MOUTH.. suck the shit from my thumb, boy

  4. Simple proof of the principle is the FBI.
    The FBI never had a good reputation.
    The reputation of the FBI today is ROCK BOTTOM ZERO,,

    If someone says the FBI is in town, everyone assumes they are in town PERFORMING TERRORISM with one of their paid agents, so they can arrest patsies.

    The FBI has openly done so much crime, their name now MEANS CRIME.

    Speak speak of the FBI only on the topic of the FBI performing terrorism.

    Is there terrorist threats on your blog? THE FBI PUT THEM THERE.

    Was a car bomb used to frame a man for murder or terrorism? a PAID FBI EMPLOYEE, built, provided, planted the bomb... then got paid $250,000 while innocent people go to prison for a bomb made, provided, and installed by the FBI themselves.

    Better than no chance at all...

    His murder will inspire armies to want to avenge him

  5. Its not that many ways of ruining a country and history have scoors of this, even the way out of this is documented in several countrys and regions thruout the world.

    Look Up and Look Out, Americans, there is Nothing New in this, only the layout.

  6. I do know everything. I am one of the smartest people alive on Earth today. The situation has a short list of key factors for others to worry about. 1) Everyone is not me or my equal. We don't have a world of super genius people. We have a world of less than awesome people. 2) People won't cooperate for a long list of reasons. 3) The enemy is what it is.

    Fortunately, I am smart enough to dumb down this super complex issue into a simple answer for regular people.

    Your world and your life is like preschool. It is like little tony kids. It is like you taking a large number of little kids on a trip to the zoo.

    Because these kids are not sophisticated, what is the ideal way for you to manage all these kids?

    The ideal way: is to fight, struggle, work, do your best to intercept and manage your largest problems as they appear.

    You can't predict and prevent these kids from being kids. They ARE kids. They will be kids. You will have to give your best to catching the problems and shutting these problems down.

    You must fight the good fight.
    Will you win? No. Not in the sense of a lower human's thinking. You don't WIN evolution. you don't win history. Life marches on. Earthquakes, storms, plagues, and many other problems will certainly fall upon you.

    Fight the good fight.
    Will you fix education? NO! but fight for it anyway, every inch you can. Will you win justice? NO! Fight for every inch you can.

    The true answer is not found in EVERYONE. It is found in each individual. The larger more dominant force is the force of stupidity, greed, hatred. Those dark forces happen to be SELF destructive too. They are loaded with their own problems.

    This relationship is all around you and always was. It is in your fiction, your religions, and your cultural stories.

    ONE HERO... manages a large amount of shit world.
    One Jedi manages a large amount of shit in the world.

    ONE YOU, fighting the good fight, corrects a huge amount of shit in this world.

    All of this must and will be. The only real issue is - will you be on one side or the other.

    Feel free to pick. The war will continue EXACTLY as before, regardless of which side you choose. The world is much bigger than you.

    Yes, the ultimate elite enlightened humans like myself and others - we are few. We do have an impossible task before us. Our fighting the good fight, is what keeps the balance. The evil never truly wins.

    Keep your chin up and fight.

  7. I'd really like to be able to read the articles posted on this site, but they are so badly written that I can't get past the first paragraph. Why doesn't the author learn to write properly before he posts any more? He's just embarassing himself.

  8. Yes, Greg, Roland, Paul, now Anonymous. we know who you are. You post that same paragraph daily. DAILY. We know you by your actual fake names, you post it so frequently.

    Actual readers should go through the entire blog and check every single story.

    You will find this anonymous guy: Roland, Greg, Paul and many other names, running this hustle ENDLESSLY.

    Realman has really made the big time.
    He has his own sabotage troll that checks on him multiple times daily.

    Only the VERY BEST Truth Writers get assigned a TROLL AGENT>

  9. Webster Tarpley has a blind spot common to those who believe that government spending can stimulate the economy. While that belief may be true under ideal conditions, governments do not spend wisely. As the governments grow larger and more centralized, the greater the propensity towards inefficiencies, ineffectiveness, corruption, and a multitude of sins (waste, fraud and abuse). The success of FDR is not just his pro-big-government policies, the US was home to many ideas, individuals, industries, natural resources and a host of other factors other than "big government" that made it possible for it to become a port-world-war super-power nation.

    Pissing away more taxpayer dollars into big holes dug by big government is not a solution to any any problem.

  10. Why would anyone reading this care about the size of the government?

    Does the size of government matter? Sure. Yes.
    Does the Earth being hit by an asteroid matter? Sure. Yes.

    Does the government or the asteroid ask what these people want? No. Never.

    The people here have exactly the same amount of control of their government, as they have control over asteroids, the sun, and other galaxies.

    The out of control government, could not care less what people want, think, like, approve of, or anything else.

    The people get zero say on those topics. Oh, and yeah, they did try and protest about it. The media ignored them then the police arrested them.

    Not even one person ever who reads this blog will have even the slightest say about the size of the government, where the tax money will go, or what wars the government will start.

    We also would like the FBI to stop building and planting bombs so they can arrest patsies. The FBI also does not care at all, 'what we want or like.'

  11. Hey Anonymous,

    I'm not Greg, Paul, or Anonymous. I'm Roland. Always have been. I point out Realman's awful writing because his writing is awful. Is it so hard to believe that more than one person in the world agrees that it is awful?

    I think you're missing the point here, when you insult us for pointing out his terrible writing. No one here has ever said he is wrong, so he should stop writing. On the contrary, many people LIKE what he has to say. They just want him to say it better.

    Most people come to this page via whatreallyhappened. They are in the market to hear what Realman is saying. They just want him to say it better. These people aren't detractors, they are supporters! They just want him to do better.

    I'm the same. I disagree with Realman quite a bit. I think he's wrong a lot. I'm on his blog, and he is on mine, and we disagree on a lot of things, which is fine.

    But frankly, his (lack of) writing ability gets in the way. It makes it difficult for him to respond to my blog. And it makes it difficult for him on his own blog. He's losing readers due to his inability to write clearly. And you people excusing him are no help.

    How would you, reader, have done in school if you were allowed to write this way? Or if your fellow classmates not only excused your terrible writing, but told you the teacher was wrong for trying to correct it!

    Why do you people coddle him?

  12. Roland Paul Greg,
    You are lying.


    1) You come back EVERY DAY! If it was so bad, STOP COMING HERE.

    2) You reason you are telling him you don't like his writing. LIAR! Saying it 1 time would be saying it. Saying 500 times is harassment.

    3) You want him to have more readers. LIAR! You are always negative. You come here as an antagonist, LIKE NOW. You attack and harass people to help them? That is your good lie?

    That is what I dislike about you most Roland-Paul-Greg...

    You are such a 2-bit liar. I actually like skilled liars. Sophistry, the Art of War - something to admire.

    You suck at it. You are an incompetent liar.

    More proof? The greatest proof of all is, will we have to go over this AGAIN? Like tomorrow?


    The more you harass him, the greater my love for him is. The reasons are VASTLY over your head.

    Simple ideas I doubt you can grasp:
    When you BURN A BOOK, I read that book.
    When you say, 'That topic of history is closed to debate' like the Holohoax or the Protocols of Zion.. I look into it MORE.


    I'm beyond super intelligent, so I understand how the world works.

    Your EMOTIONAL NEEDS, are so ultra stupid, so beyond cosmic is being a blundering fuck up - that when YOU HAVE AN EMOTIONAL NEED, I always do the reverse. It means someone of MY SPECIES, programmed your idiot slave ass with an emotional need. It means something true you could not handle scarred you.

    Why are you a STALKER a realman? I could not care less. You are a loser lowlife scumbag. Your pain is real. Take you for example: you are far too stupid to know how you work. YOU DON'T KNOW. You don't even know.

    You are so inferior, we can't even HAVE a debate.

    We can't debate that his grammar does not matter. You can't think enough to keep up.

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    Here you are, right now!
    Of what value is your mediocre writing skills?
    Answer is: you are of no value.

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    Nothing gets in your way Roland-greg-paul..
    You are a lower human.
    You exist to REINFORCE things that were already you. You are incapable of growth or change.
    Higher humans seek to unlearn themselves to progress to higher levels.

    You seek to gather reasons why what you already thought is more true.

    Your ability to write MEANS NOTHING, because you never have or will write anything.

    You are so stupid.. you actually believe.. that you a WHINING COMPLAINER is valuable.

    (This is some free advice, it is always why you can't get any pussy) [Women really hate the way you do nothing but complain and make negative comments. She says she likes a car, or a picture or anything.. then you chime in what you hate about it and what is wrong with it] People don't like you because all you can do is play Captain Obvious.

    Realman is an important writer.
    Realman makes people think.
    Realman has issues to draw people's attention to.

    You: Roland-greg-paul... WHINE LIKE A PUSSY..
    even worse, you are so fucking dumb, you actually think PUSSY WHINING is a form of intellectual.

    See you again tomorrow whining Roland...
    You will be back to repeat your old whinging.. again

  13. I think you are right about Tarpley.

  14. Roland Paul Greg,

    First of all, I think your shtick is getting annoying. The over-the-top-crazy character is funny but a little goes a long way. It's getting old.

    But please watch as I counter your "lies" point by point. You are in italics.

    Well first, I'm just Roland. Says so right there in my post. I have no need to create any additional persona. And is it really so hard to believe that more than one person finds his childish writing childish?

    1) You come back EVERY DAY! If it was so bad, STOP COMING HERE.
    I come here because I like it. Because it is a literary train wreck. I read whatreallyhappened, and often I will see a headline so incomprehensible that it can only come from one man. But really I come here every day just to see how low he can go. I like reading, in general. I like well written articles, and I like reading...other. My mother-in-law is an English teacher, and sometimes I send her these articles, just to share the wealth as it were.

    2) You reason you are telling him you don't like his writing. LIAR! Saying it 1 time would be saying it. Saying 500 times is harassment.
    If Realman views my pointing out his terrible writing as harassment, all he has to do is ask me to stop posting, and I will. He can do so here, or at my blog, of which he is a member.

    However, even if he does ask me to stop, I will never ask the same of him. No one on MY blog will be asked to stop commenting because they are criticizing me. I WELCOME honest debate. Intelligent debate. And yes, I even welcome your suggestions on my spelling and grammar.

    You want him to have more readers. LIAR!

    I never said I wanted him to have more readers. I pointed out that HE wants more readers, because he is trying to monetize this blog, but that he will find it very difficult to gain more readers if he continues to write like a nine year-old.

    And I stick by it. I wish him all success or whatever, but frankly I don't see it happening as long as he refuses to improve, and continues to listen to yes men like you.

  15. Roland, Paul, Greg, Dave....

    You are a known 'voice of the enemy'.

    I told you, you would COME BACK FOREVER..
    I told you.

    I actually typed 'again' 14 times in a row.

    Then you 'enlighten us' you will come back again..


    I told you, what you would do, moron.
    I TOLD YOU, what you think, do, want, and behave.

    I don't need you, to confirm you.
    You are easily read.
    You are far too small to need to participate.
    Everything you think or do is known in advance.