Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ron Paul Allowed Only 89 Seconds Shows Us Why Old Media is Dying and the Alternative Media is Rising

             It is did not surprise me Congressmen Ron Paul only got 89 seconds of debate time. This only proves why the old dinosaur media is losing readers and an audience. This kind of audacity shows why they are losing credibility with the readers. Even the phony conservative talk radio is losing their listeners is because they do not report what people need to know. They cloak neoconservative ideology as true conservatism The spell is breaking of the phony left right paradigm thanks to the alternative media and bloggers. The rising independent journalism now covers issues the main stream media at one time dared not touch are now are forced to report now to maintain credibility just to compete with the alternative media.

              Now we hear news shows talk about he Federal Reserve Bank, The Builderburger Group and the International Bankers. The news media has been forced to report about the  dangers of vaccines and abuses of child protective services. They have been forced to talk about content they would suppress years ago. The cannot compete any longer with the independent citizen journalist. People with video cameras and other technology has allowed this alternative media force to rival the dinosaur media for readers and an audience. The old political media establishment now has to face facts about the way things were done and how they must do things to just stay competitive if they want to exist.

             When the debate was on last weekend when Congressman Ron Paul appeared in the debates was only given 89 seconds while loser Romney and the other globalist candidates had more time shows the bias in the media. This old media bias will not work in the age of the internet. They can try to censor us and shut the web down. People are looking for alternative means to take the place of the internet as we know to communicate and get the word out if they use draconian means of censorship. This bias may have worked 25 years ago, but it will not work today thanks to the alternative media. If the old guard media knows what they have to do to survive to stay relevant. They cannot show anymore bias anymore. Maybe they will think twice next time before they decide to give Ron Paul 89 seconds because if they will not treat Dr. No fair. When it is time for them to make their case. They might not get the forum to make their case. Not even 89 senconds What goes around comes around. Is that what we call karma?


  1. Geez, would you please proof read your writings before posting. To not do so discredits your work, which is spot on.

  2. Lone Star ...

    Here is what also happened in 1947.

  3. Lone Star ...

    I would say the most critical issue facing America is existence of the Federal Reserve. The next president, hopefully Ron Paul, must destroy the Federal Reserve Bank and eliminate fiat currency. We cannot have a succesful economy until the control of the money supply is returned to the people. If the Federal Reserves survives, the Banksters will maintain their control of America irregardless of whether the government is big or small. Until we kill the Federal Reserve, we will always remain as slaves.

  4. Anonymous,
    The pot calling the kettle black. Is it in vogue to split infinitives?


  6. Peter? Roland? Greg? You are that well known FBI voice of the enemy provacateur, - You have been spotted again.

    1st your grammar Nazi bullshit

    Your idea of the armed take over of a tv studio, YOU USED THAT BEFORE

    Yes, the FBI wants loyal Americans to seem terrorists on tv. THATS YOUR JOB

    Fuck your grammar bullshit.
    FUCK YOUR FBI, loser

  7. Ron Paul is like 911 Truth:

    Here is the model at work:
    Phase 1: The whole controlled media, government, establishment begins the game at full-power LYING AGAINST YOU!

    So, at Phase 1: you had the whole mafia government/media blasting: There is no 911 inside job, or there is no Ron Paul. This is reality.

    Phase 2: The Truth grows Anyway.
    Simple as that. The game began with their full media apparatus in attack mode, but the truth GREW ANYWAY.. a little each day.

    Day 1: you had 99.9% believed in the Gov conspiracy theory of 911. Day 2 it was 99%. Day 12 it was 98%. Here we are these years later, it is down to 37% or something.

    The issue of Ron Paul popularity GROWING regardless of what the TV lies.. that is a done deal

    It has always grown. It will continue to grow. No other parameters are at work. The media will keep lying. Ron Paul will continue to grow anyway as he has done anyway.

    The real battle now: is other forms of corruption. You ALREADY DID, win in popularity.

    Will he get the nomination? No.
    Ron Paul can have 100% Republican support, they won't give it to him. It is RIGGED. You know it is RIGGED. They will simply rig it according to orders coming down from Israel. Protocol Lords of Israel HAND PICK who wins, and they won't pick Paul.

    The election: When Paul runs independent - they are going to stuff the ballots like a mother fucker.

    What the Ron Paul movement needs now: start preparing for a 3rd party ticket. NOT POSSIBLE to get past the phony rigged selection for the party. You need EXIT POLLS! To fight the ballot stuffing. You need a large 'REGISTER TO VOTE! OCCUPY THE ELECTION! OCCUPY THE VOTE!'

    Many many intellectuals DON'T VOTE because the system is rigged. You want those people to vote as a WAR EFFORT! Fight to take back America from Zionism.

  8. It's soooo obvious the "old" media is realy just the Jewish/Israeli media. They want to marginalize Ron Paul because he does not support Israeli aggression. ALL of the other Dems and Repubs do. They are nothing but Jewish puppets controlled from Tel Aviv.

  9. Great Idea. Occupy the polling places. Exit poll the voters. Each and every voter. Ron Pauls' political organization HAS to be in place before the GOP convention. There will be no time to build one and compete after the banksters nominate their candidate. A third party without a massive Ron Paul movement guarantees an Obama win.