Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Super Committee is Another Name for the USSR's Supreme Soviet King George's Privy Council.

            As history shows time and time again. When decision are made in secret, what results openly can be a disaster for the people. The super committee is nothing new and is just another name repeating the same old game of corrupt tyrants. This super congress is no more than 6 US representatives and 6 US Senators who are in the mist of fellow globalist of both parties meeting in secret were the elected repetitiveness of the people cannot sit in on these secret meetings to oversee it. There is no record or any minutes of the meeting.The only people beside these six Senators and House members are lobbyist who seek the steal American wealth. This is repugnant to any representative republic and every free society.

            These super secret committees are never good. That is when corruption flourishes in the darkness with no light shined on the deeds behind closed doors. This super committee is nothing new. Just because they changed the name to the SUPER CONGRESS. Which means no matter what they call l themselves. We are all screwed if we let them have their way. Historically this is nothing new. In the old Soviet Union. It was called the Supreme Soviet. This group of entrenched people in Parliament decided in secret how to oppress the Russian people openly. King George the III had what he called the Privy council which was the Kings must trusted advisers helping to Monarch decide how to screw the early American colonist.

            Now we face today the same threat as we did before we threw the British army out of the colonies during the war of Independence. This Super Congress poses a threat to our freedoms like never before. The day before Thanksgiving they have to vote on 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts for the next 10 years, which are not really cuts; but reduction in the increase spending. There is still an increase, just not as much as projected. But still an increase. It is a joke. Now the goverment faces another shut down and I wish they just close all the doors and leave. They are doing nothing good anymore. While this controversy of a goverment shutdown looms again. They all should just shut down and go home. Just give us the keys and we will take over. I would like to know what slide of hand distraction will they pull in the super committee to steal our wealth and our freedom.

             We hear Gerald Celente being robbed blind of a lot of money in his account trying to buy gold on contract. He gets screwed to help the Goldman Sachs gang. I wonder since the members of congress cannot get access to these secret meetings. The lobbyist of the money junkies. I wonder did the super congress exempt these gangster bankers from the laws against theft. This super congress is super corrupt. There is nothing good that will come out of it. This is why the states and the people need to resist the actions of the super committee because it is not lawful, it is illegal and it is unconstitutional. Call it the Privy committee, Supreme Soviet or the Super Congress. It is still a bad idea and must be disbanded. Yesterday, today, and the future. I will settle for gridlock over a super congress any day. Do you agree?


  1. I have never heard of this before. Where can I find out more info?

  2. That 'continuity of government' leak back during Iran Contra is a valuable lesson in how bad things are.

    We as a rule complain about the outrageous corruption we know about.

    I know for a fact, there is a long, long list of 'secret' laws we are never even told about.

    The actual 'in writing' security agreements we have with Israel must be mind-blowing.

    Not a secret we have a law to supply Israel oil.
    So, when Israel attacks Iran, and oil supplies dry up. Americans pay ANYTHING <-- any thing, no matter how much money, to make sure Israel gets a full supply of oil. Israel gets their oil first, then Americans.

    I'm sure that agreement is but one of hundreds.

    Do I think they made agreements that these criminals ARE 'too big to jail'? Fuck yeah they did.

  3. jews are responsiable you all know what needs to be done


    DO IT!

  4. Should we just 'do it' Roland-Greg-Paul?
    Is it time to talk about terrorism and genocide?
    Sorry, you need FBI employees for terror chat.
    Only honest people of high moral character here.

  5. The Super Committee can only bring suggestions to Congress for a vote. Their recommendations are not binding. Are they?

  6. Congress is failing America. If you’ve had enough, go here to see how the Founding Fathers can help us make history: