Thursday, November 3, 2011

War is the Health of the State to Build an Empire. The Excuse for Tyranny at Home

               The US government is sick, what they are engaged in is not healthy. We have duel citizen Israelis who are madman trying to beat the war drums to attack Iran who has never attacked anyone. They need a distraction from the financial depression and the new bank of the world. Greece might turn into a anti banker revolt like Iceland did. The globalist have much to lose without a distraction to divert attention away from what they are really doing. The US government is now a puppet for the international banking cartel to impose its will on the world. The EU is about the collapse, and the anti banker insurrection. The internationalist are in trouble. 

              Our country is not healthy because we have parasitic class who control the people we elect to office. They respond to this group of the ruling elite, not to the will of the people. The people do not want anymore wars. They want the troops to come home now. We want our borders secured. They are growing very suspicious of the Federal Reserve. People want the immigration laws enforced. They people are tired seeing the criminals in government and in the corporate world walk free. The president is ramming an agenda down the people throats that will destroy the well being and the livelihoods of many Americans who depend on their skill or trade for a living. We want the out of control government spending stopped and our debt problem start to be solved. The people have had it with both parties in congress doing nothing. They are tired of the powerful protecting themselves. The people do not trust the government anymore and have lost all faith in them. They people are tired of the two party system, they want true fundamental change now.

              We are seeing the rise in the alternative media making in roads. The internet is the dominate to bring the information the old main stream media were the gatekeepers withholding this from the people. Rep. Ron Paul has a really good chance to win the GOP nomination who is anti Federal Reserve and Anti war. We have occupy America gaining momentum where even the political establishment and the foundations can no longer co-opt the movement no mater how many hacks they send in. The public is aware now of false flag attacks.The agent provocateurs are being caught exposing the system trying to demonize the peaceful protesters. The system is in a panic, in need of a diversion because the people in power are not mentally fit to hold office.

               How does the government respond this oppostion?They say paying cash for a hotel room is now suspicious. Our children cannot have street corner lemonade stands. The goverment is trying to shut down the web as we know it. At the airport we get groped in the name of a phony enemy. Our free speech is threatened with our privacy because of the patriot act. All because we are at war with a fabled enemy that has no country or boundary. The are beating the war drums on Iran and Syria after we destroyed Libya. They need a war for a diversion because war is the health of the state because the state is not in good shape. It needs a war to hold onto power they are losing daily because the people see right through them. People are no longer buying the goverment line anymore. We do not want anymore wars, Leave Iran alone and the rest the of the world. War is the health of the state. any questions?


  1. "War is the health of the State", should be attributed to Randolph Bourne. Google him. War is also the destruction of civil society. See

  2. Yes I agree with your point nice information sharing thanks for all.

  3. It is a great scam. It is like being a government ghost hunter. 1) To keep you safe from ghosts, I can ignore all your rights, break into your home, even kidnap you. 2) Your tax money has to pay me top dollar to investigate every hint of ghosts. I set up my own paranoid society who see ghosts everywhere. Business is good. 3) My success as a ghost hunter is assured. When there are no ghosts at all, that means I saved you from them. When I need to show on tv I caught a ghost, it turns out my own agents manufactured the event from its very conception.

    Perfect judeo business model. They get paid for producing nothing and at the same time, their personal authority to screw you over is unlimited. Unlimited power and unlimited income - all paid for by you, in return for them doing nothing.

    Nothing solves over production like war. If you made the perfect wrench, everyone has a wrench so you have no one to sell a wrench to. You made the perfect bomb, you just start another war for profit, and blow it up, then build another. You can never produce too much over priced war junk. The junk has a exit under your own control. Too much supply? Invent your own demand. They actually can't stop. The entire business cycle requires war to consume your manufactured goods. Peace is the enemy. Peace ends war manufacturing.