Thursday, November 3, 2011

County Sheriffs Standing up for the Constituion Against the Federal Government


  1. I was getting tired of shaking my fist and hearing crickets. This is good.

  2. She's right that our rights are unalienable; however, she didn't go far enough to state that the Constitution by law grants the sheriff the highest law authority on the lands of the Republic of the United States of America. It is the only elected law enforcement office in the land. More importantly is the responsibility and duty of the Sheriff, deputies and citizens residing in the county, of legal age to repulse, arrest, or defend against any foreign or domestic act of war, violence, coercion, fraud, slavery, treason, murder, theft,etc., against a citizen as an individual or citizenry of the county as a whole. Each resident of the age of 18 or older not a convicted felon maybe deputized and armed by a Sheriff only. NO other elected, appointed or contrived position has such authority or power. It is the Constitutional law of the land. It is the very basis of the thin blue line between vigilantes, government encroachment, private property disputes and so on, and an individual's unalienable rights. Take the money your county shells out to the feds and keep it home. Redevelop a county of smart, understanding, confident citizens who know and respect their Sheriff; but more importantly the Sheriff respecting the rights of the citizen and their rights to personal property.

    If you aren't electing your Sheriffs by this litmus test first and foremost you lose before you vote. Elect the individual as your Sheriff by the fruit of their understanding and compassion. An unarmed Sheriff with smart, trained and armed deputies coupled with smart and potentially armed citizens is a Sheriff worth a good look and a county any human could be proud to call home.



  3. You have some good posts on your blog, but man do you need to run spell check and learn proper grammar and sentence structure. Keep spittin' truth though my friend.

  4. Anonymous, your writing isn't any good either. Your conjunctions are crap. Don't use 'and' repeatedly. If you have a list, use commas. How interesting, you don't fix you; you fix everyone else. How typical of you.

  5. I can't believe the attorney is unable to link cattle fecal runoff and water quality. It does not matter if her cattle were over 100 miles away. Water travels, that's why they call it "runoff". Watch