Friday, November 4, 2011

Agent Provocateurs Posing as Patriots At Occupy Oakland?

                The nation was outraged hearing about former Marine Scott Olson was severely wounded by a rubber bullet at occupy Oakland. This is not the first time Oakland Police was in the hot seat for questionable tactics with the shooting of man on the subway platform already cuffed and not a threat to no one. When the Sheriffs department done an investigation saying there was no wrongdoing, when Scott Olson  sustains a wound with a rubber bullet in the head wound as the video footage shows. The police were in the wrong. Even a blind man can see it.

                With all these incidents plaguing the Oakland PD, it is not good at all for them. They have to find a way to save face some how. I was watching freedom watch and seeing the rioting in Oakland shutting down the ports. I watched Freedom Watch last night seeing the video footage of Occupy Oakland showing chaos everywhere. I looked very closely seeing two people with their heads covered waving the "Don't Tread on me" flag and the American Peace flag seeing the fires burning in the back ground. They made sure the media covered it seeing a masked person wave that flag people know to be in use by the Tea Party. Are they trying to demonize the tea party movement being blamed for the riots.

                 The US government is losing public relations war with the people.  They have to demonize the opposition some how some way. They tried it demonizing patriots with the shooting of Congresswomen Gabriel Giffords and tried to make the gun owners look bad with operation fast and furious. No phony polls and propaganda works anymore. The only way they think they can save face is the send in troublemakers into the crowd to destroy property to make the peaceful protesters look bad. We need to keep watch for these agent provocateurs and intercept them before they try to destroy property. They are getting into desperation mode. Have those video cameras ready and document when we see these thugs try to start trouble. We are winning, let us not let up our guard. Keep watch.


  1. There’s no doubt that these masked protestors are agent provocateurs. They’re either Oakland or FBI, or a combination of the two. It’s the old COINTELPRO from the 1960s, but it won’t work this time.

    This uprising that is taking place before the eyes of the world is the steam that has been trapped inside the American people for decades. In fact, the entire world is erupting against the tyranny, oppression, and brutalization by the existing governments of the world. This is only the beginning. There’s no going back now.

  2. I disagree 100%. Sure, some of the people breaking windows may be agents provocateur, but some are certainly just pissed off people.

    Trapped steam gets blown off in all sorts of ways. And personally, I applaud that. Although I'd rather they throw rocks at the police than store windows, but at least they have the balls to do something more than form a drum circle.

  3. An representative provocateur is the well-used method of using undercover government or law enforcement to become a member of a dissenting team or demonstrate as a way to pressure others.

  4. Roland, you stink of being one yourself. I noticed it before, and you keep getting worse.
    That's the problem with people like you, SO EASY TO SPOT. So weak minded. So transparent. You've been made. Don't shame yourself with babble. Nothing you can say can fix it. Bad liars only seem worse when the lie harder faster when caught. The funny part? I will bet cash, you are SO STUPID, that even while being told this by name, you Roland will think, "it's a bluff... they didn't spot me." LOL. You're spotted.

  5. "Roland, you stink of being one yourself."

    Yawn. This always happens. Because you don't have the guts to do anything, anyone that does must be a "government agent". It's pathetic.

    Check out my blog. I've been preaching the IRA/Sinn Féin type solution for years. Because it works! Lexington and Concord are famous because it started the American revolution. The revolution started when people stopped being victims and began to fight back.

    I'm all for it. It's time we stopped being nothing but targets for the system to beat on. That being said, breaking shop windows is petty and pointless. Hopefully with the combination of effective non-violent protest, and effective direct action, we can change the system.

    If you personally don't have the stones to do something direct, then that's fine- you know your limitations. But join the peaceful protest then. Don't use your cowardice as an excuse to do nothing.

  6. Yes, Roland you are one. No, it doesn't always happen. I will casually destroy your lies. Like, could it happen to me? No. Why? I don't SPEAK FOR THE ENEMY, then say, "Oh, I say this as your friend."

    YOU DO.

    You speak for the enemy. You defended Jewish banking. You supported masked criminals being on TV smashing things, so the police can justify their violence. BUT THEN... you say this as our friend.

    Roland, which is not your name. What is it? Gary? Greg or something? You are one.

    I spotted you the 1st time and every time.
    Go speak for the enemy somewhere else.
    Nothing you can say can save you.


    Yeah, you lose.
    You want to win?
    All you need to do... is speak for the enemy as 'our friend' and no one notice. GOOD LUCK. You'll need it.

    Hit the bricks, Roland. From now on, when you comment, what will follow is the reminder for everyone that you are already a KNOWN sock puppet enemy agent. You got owned, boy.

  7. i'm a black-clad anarchist and proud of it.

    i watched 200+ of us attack a wells fargo - you think the cops put together that many undercovers?

    we're fucking it up for you. fucking it up for the fake-ass leftists. fucking it up for the cops, and fucking it up for the banks. those of you cursing us today will be down there smashing the banks yourselves the day they announce the banks are closed and your ATM card doesnt work anymore.

    armchair patriots can sit around and talk shit easily. wave your fucking flags and talk your fucking shit. but you do nothing but sit there. you do nothing but continue to vote for the filth who got us here. you do nothing but join the amred forces and kill 100% innocent people - and then you cast aspersions at the people who are doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing.

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  9. Hey Roland. If you're into a real revolution, the best way is to start killing cops anonymously. No one has to know. Start now.

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    I do pity you. Look how casually you are exposed. Even during the conversation of mocking how bad a job you do, your reaction is - to think you are clever and people are fooled. Roland.. if you are clever and people are fooled... why is the topic in the room, about you being caught and you being mocked for your blunders? In your master plan to fool everyone with your cleverness.. was part of your plan for you to get caught and then deny it? I don't think that was your plan, now was it?

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  11. Well anonymous, you may have convinced me. You clearly know much more about sucking than I do.

  12. Roland says"Check out my blog. I've been preaching the IRA/Sinn Féin type solution for years."

    In reality, you have probably studied the IRA/Sinn Fein for years because they are a prime example of a cointel type organization. Half of their members were British intelligence and paid agent provocateurs. They convinced the world that the Irish were horrible terrorist murderers. First they would bomb a British pub and then they would use their complete domination of the world's media to condemn the Irish. Whenever things would calm down the British (IRA) would murder some innocents. You have exposed yourself.