Monday, November 21, 2011

Texas: Secede Now to Survive or Submit To Tyrants.

                 Texas needs wake up now! This government out of Washington DC is moving fast to put the screws to us to take our freedoms away. There is no time to wait for the next session of the Texas legislator to convene. I am not holding my breath waiting for Rick Perry to stand up for Texans. We should not sit idle anymore and allow the TSA to grope us at airports and bus stations. We should not tolerate border patrol checkpoints one hundred miles inland that harass Americans and lets the illegal aliens to go free.

                  If the Republic of Texas is going to survive, Texans must be willing to break that ball and chain called the Washington DC wrapped around our necks. Texas does not need Washington's help. We do not need homeland security or the TSA. We fought against Highway checkpoints in the Texas house and senate. Now with no law. The TSA is going to set up highway checkpoints on out interstates looking to grope and search people on the side of the roads. This is not Texas, this is not our character as Texans to tolerate this. If the Obama White House does not listen to the people and does not care about state rights and sovereignty. Than we have no choice.

                  This US Government has now become destructive to its own ends. It seeks to protect its own power from the people. It has hired a bunch of agents to go to our ranchers and family farms to shut them down, hamper production and to take of the fruits of their labors. Texas use to be a major electricity producer selling power all the way as far to the state of Kansas. Now the EPA has shut down coal powered plants all over Texas causing rolling blackouts last Winter. We have most of our oil wells capped that are ready to be brought to refineries we cannot extract and we cannot drill off our own shores because EPA rules make impossible to get a permit.

                  Washington is the problem, it is broken beyond repair. Ron Paul elected President will not last for long if that is possible. He is very limited in what he can do. The only solution is for Texas to go its separate ways and politically divorce itself from Washington DC. I am tired of being abused by Washington DC. The US government is the abuser we need to leave, get a divorce to survive and keep our personal dignity intact. Our leaders have failed us to enhance their own wallets with insider trading voting on bills good for them and bad for us. We have a central banking system that has the economy in a choke hold that is very hard to break free of. We are involved in foreign entanglements like NATO, The UN and with Israel that is becoming a liability to the safety and security of all Texans. We have failed to heed the Father of our country's warning concerning having entangling alliances that weaken us and not strengthen us.

                   We are treated like criminals to go fly at an airport or to go to national park. We are subject to unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause or a search warrant just to travel. We are subjected to show our papers at highway checkpoints. At the same time illegal aliens can drive with no license ,stickers or insurance with impunity putting the public safety at risk because they are responsible for many drunk driving fatalities in Texas.There is no reason to stay in the union. It will take forever to repeal one hundred years of bad laws. Asa Texas, we need a fresh start and a clean slate.

                    For me I say to Washington and the White House and many Texans will feel the same way. That is to the Obama White House and the Congress. They can go to hell. When Texas is free and the White House threatens a Naval blockade in the Gulf, and cutting off all the roads to a no fly zone. Well ,he can not starve us out and make run. Texans will say bring it on. It is time the tyrants face Texas justice.


  1. Get it on the 2012 ballot. We can vote to secede. Anyone who doesn't support a free Texas can move to DC.

  2. Just don't get a demagogue like Rick McLaren was running the movement! Or Archie Lowe or any of those other tools....

  3. Hey your spelling was much better on this post..You could still use a little work on your sentence structures.I suggest Little Brown Handbook.. Standard Freshman textbook on English.

  4. @Anonymous: 'Standard Freshman textbook on English.' is a sentence fragment.

  5. Why not re-affilate with Mexico, which very well
    may be the land of the future..

  6. Why not join with Mexico is because evolution is real. No, not 'new creationism' of atheists; I mean real evolution. The ethnic gene pool typical of what is being called 'the Mexican' is a mediocre breed of human.

    A simple example would be heading off the lies the new creationists would use against this fact, like, "The 'not Mexican' gene pool of the Olmecs, Maya, and Aztecs were rather intelligent, therefore the people in Mexico now are intelligent'. Sadly, the people there now are not those ancient peoples.

    And I do agree with you, in my heart, in my special Easter Bunny place; it would be 'nice and happy' if evolution was not true, and human behavior came from love and positive feelings. Sadly, in the real world, behavior is mostly in your genes and intelligence is mostly in your genes.

    The only thing wrong with Mexico is that it is full of Mexicans. It is not a 'land of hardship'. It is a plentiful land full of mediocre breeds of people.

    I like to live among my own kind. My people went to the moon. My people made science fiction for generations. THEN my people took in lesser breeds of humans.

    Needless to say, 2001 a Space Odyssey is not here. We can't build super science and baby sit degenerates.

    Texas needs to be White or it will be just another shit hole.


    That is the difference between adult and child, smart and stupid. Little stupid children people believe the universe is 'happy fun time place'

    It isn't.

  7. The above "anon" post is correct...Our kind created Western Civilization! The pre-Adamic races merely contaminate it now & the jew is still hell bent on insuring its complete destruction!
    While I endorse & applaud the blog-master for his courage & the above "anon" poster for his writing the truth...y'all are gonna have to do it w/ violence & outright revolution....there is no other way out!!!!!!!!!!
    Every attempt at forming groups/PACs etc...will merely be compromised, as the enemy's modus operandi centers around (1st)infiltration & (2nd)destruction/splintering from within. They're very good at it too.

    (Deep sigh)...if only enough real (GOD-fearing) men would contemplate resurrecting the Confederacy, read its Declaration of Independence & its Constitution, they would realize that we rebels had it right from the beginning...especially w/ regards to STATES RIGHTS & the sovereign man!
    Lastly remember this, DC views us as the enemy domestic & we are slated for the "re-education camps or slaughter"..........."For by their deeds ye shall know them".

  8. I am becoming convinced that the author of this website is an absolute idiot. I am fourth generation Texan from European stock. I know what Texan means.

    I was there at the last meeting of the Republic of Texas when Mclaren and Lowe with half of the council went into dead lock with the other half of the council over an unlawful act to cut Texas into five feudal states instead of keeping it as one nation. As the only citizen of Texas present I broke that deadlock in favor of keeping Texas whole. I witnessed first hand the corruption that tore that council apart. The Mclaren and Lowe types are still there, still waiting like wolves watching the sheep.

    And I watched the next Republic of Texas “government” come into existence, soft, liberal with no backbone at all. It is pathetic.

    The Chinese communists have a tremendous investment in Texas oil. Does anyone think that they won’t bring their military on shore to secure that investment? Does anyone think that the Russian communists won’t have their boys in the fray? Does anyone think that the Vatican won’t have their bankers and assassins at the party? Does anyone think that D. C. won’t try a military take over to truly own Texas by conquest? Does anyone think that twenty million Mexican nationals would not rise up at the opportunity to reunite Texas with Mexico? It goes on and on and on!

    Texas must remain in the organic union of States. We must have an alliance with the good men and women of the other sovereign States if we and they are to survive the next few years. The tenth amendment of the organic united States constitution is sufficient if it is enforced from within each State.

    The author of this website may mean well, but he does not think clearly. Or he may not mean well. I don’t know.

  9. There would be about 25 million less texans in 6 weeks or sooner. Ya'll think your bank accounts won't be emptied , your transportation system shut down and your power grid "mysteriously" failing. So go on with your bad selves show us how its done, make the world a better place by removin texasstardism from the gene pool. Please please secede and don't send your poor and unwanted into neighboring states , the ghetto motels are full.

  10. Anonymous Why waste your time, I know I read this blog because it is very well written and truth is at it's heart. You on the other hand I seldom read because your not able to interest people on your own. Well believe me it isn't working here either. If I was a cop I would write you a ticket for being a pathetic loser and interfering with a statesman and his work. Then tell you to have a nice day.

  11. Will the author of this website please use a time stamp so that comments can be referenced when commenting. It would help the sharing of ideas.

  12. If Texas has broke ties with the United States in 1960,
    What would America be like?
    John Kennedy would be alive so would his brother so Las Vegas would not exist.Oil companies would not marry up with the CIA to over throw democratic elected governments all over the world.
    The bush family would have to use another state to claim as their shield.
    The Hunt family would not have started the AFL there would be no dallas that I really like.

  13. Maybe if Texas does Alaska can shrug off it's swarm of California imported liberals and do the same thing.

  14. nice blog.. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  15. States were supposed to be their own mini countries in a lot of sense. Now we only care about the "president" (king) because we are made to believe we live in a unified dictatorship. The states only response this far down the hole is to secede OBVIOUSLY. Would you stick with a job that eventually became so bad it didn't even make it possible to pay your bills? No, you would SECEDE.

    Good job at collecting disinformation haters.

  16. No, it needs to stay as difficult as possible for people to comment to one another because it is like a mental obstacle course, which in truth is not really all that difficult to negotiate, but it does discourage the less capable from participation and I like it when people who can't think are excluded since they will only hurl insults about the writer while making a specific point of not refuting even one single point made in the comment itself; such is how inferior minds react when they lose an argument.

  17. Quit sucking Rick Perry's diseased cock, you TRAITORS

  18. Texas leaving the union is perfect.
    I can picture a million pro-Israel liberals standing at the border crying out, "I really am leaving! Don't try and stop me! Stop trying to hold me back!"

    Not one person would try and hold you back.
    Leave FASTER!